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What's New 7

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What's new 7 runs from 16th January 2012 to the 9th of May 2013 for all new listings after this date use What's new 8

Welcome to the What's New section, every new addition to the website will be listed here. If you are purchasing three or more items please contact us for discounted delivery charges.  Please be sure to check What's New on a regular basis as new items are added daily. 

The 2nd annual Battle of Britain Living history festival 2012 coming soon in June 2012 please email me to be kept up to date with show details or wish to attend as a trader or re enactor. Follow this link to last years show.

This years show will include an SAS desert battle with the Joseph Kennedy memorial Hurricane link painted in desert Colours and equipped as a Tank buster with 40mm cannons.

  • Scenes from last years show.

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    Items listed before  23rd December 2011 on next page

    What's new 2012

    Updated 16th January 2012

    Naval Fighter Pilots medal and log book collection (pg1 Pilot)

    RFC Embroidered handkerchief (pg1 Pilot)

    MK IX Spitfire Fuel Cock (pg1 fuel)

    Hawker Hurricane landing light set (pg1 lighting)

    Heavy Bomber chart board lamp (pg1 lighting)

    Fairburn Sykes knife (pg1 SAS)

    Compton Webb SAS cap (pg1 SAS)

    WW1 GUARDS BDE Depot Caterham Presentation Framed Photo (pg1 SAS)

    Updated 17th January 2012

     Remote Contactor (pg1 ins)

    P8 Spitfire Compass (pg1 ins)

    550 MPH ASI 2 (pg8 ins)

    8 Day Clock (pg1 ins)

    Lancaster DR and LR main instrument panel bracket  (pg 21 ins) 

    RAF Mintons brush holder (pg1 Pilot)

    Updated 18th January 2012

    Three Cylinder Lawrence of New York Radial engine model (pg1 pwr)

    SAS/8th army Desert Holster and compass pouch (pg1 SAS)

    The 2nd Battle of Britain living History Festival June 9th and 10th 2012

    Updated 18th January 2012

    Sign up for updates by email link

    Updated 19th January 2012

    Percival Prince control yoke (pg1 cont)

    This years Band has just been confirmed for the Saturday night party for the 2012 show

     Moonlight Serenade Orchestra UK

    See Battle of Britain living history show

    Updated 29th January 2012

    Gibson Girl & aerial kite set (pg2 Rad)

    Spitfire Mirror(pg1 Can)

    Spitfire camera gun 2 counter(pg2 cont)

    Observers and Gunners log and sight book (pg1 Pilot)

    Halifax/Hampton Aileron parking brake (pg2 controls)

    Boxed P11 Compass 2  (pg1 ins)

    480 MPH ASI Spitfire 3 (pg 4 ins)

    Beam Approach 2 (pg20 ins)

    MK VIII B Oxygen Regulator 1939 (pg 23 ins)

    Howard MK II Sun compass (pg1 SAS arm)

    Morse training aid (pg1 rad)

    Wartime aircraft identification card set (pg3 Pilot)

    Updated 2nd February 2012

    Luftwaffe CO2 tanks (pg1oxy)

    Lancaster/Mosquito prop feature covers (pg3 ele)

    Luftwaffe Wheel chocks (p1 U/C)

    Spitfire undercarriage leg (pg1 UC)

    Short Sunderland Bomb rack control (pg5 cont)

    Short Sunderland Motor control (pg5 cont)

    Reflector Gunsight plug and bulb holder (pg1 Gun)

    MK II Spare Gun Sight lens in box (pg1 Gun)

    Reflector Gunsight Glass holder(pg1 Gun)

    De Havilland Vampire seat (pg1 Pilot)

    RAF Egypt souvenir (pg1 misc)

    Updated 16th February 2012

    Spitfire MK I Mirror (pg1 Can)

    1930s Lewis camera gun (pg1 arm)

    WWI Aerial Flechette Dart RFC (pg1 arm)

    RFC WWI flare gun (pg2 arm)

    WWII flare gun  (pg2 arm)

    Film Prop MG  (pg2 arm)

    1937 Clock (pg23 ins)

    Vickers Fuel Cock (pg1 fuel)

    Shell vintage aviation fuel can (pg1 fuel)

    480 MPH ASI Spitfire 4 (pg 4 ins)

    RPM Mk IX G 4 LHD (pg7 ins)

    German Wehrmacht Afrika Korps dust goggles (pg1 SAS)

    Updated 29th February 2012

    Spitfire tail lens (pg1 light)

    8 Day Clock (pg1 ins)

    24Hr rim wound Clock(pg1 ins)

    20mm Ammunition Counter (pg1 ins)

    Beam Approach 2 (pg20 ins)

    Morse training aid 2 (pg1 rad)

    P40  Bomb release (pg2 Arm)

    RAF simple ring Gunsight (pg2 Gun)

    Stereoscope viewer (pg1 misc)

    Updated 22nd March

    Original Spitfire U/C indicator (pg1 ins)

    .303 Ammunition Counter(pg1 ins)

    WWI Spade grip pg1 cont

    Original C47 Dakota Panels and labels (pg 21 ins)

    Pre war RAF Levies in Iraq collection (pg1 misc)

    Retracting undercarriage leg part (pg1 UC)

    Spitfire Pito tube IV (pg1 ins)

    Vickers Fuel Cock 2 (pg1 fuel)

    Spitfire Fuel push button  (pg1 fuel)

    Jumo Engine cylinder liner (pg1 pwr)

    Aircrew thermos flask 3(pg1 Pilot)

    Mae west survival tether(pg1 Pilot)

    Spitfire Undercarriage indicator face(pg8 ins)

    Avro Anson 35 gallon fuel gauge (pg6 ins)

    Beam Approach 3 (pg20 ins)

    Bren Gun Webbing (pg1 SAS)

    Spitfire Fighter type Oil temp pressure (pg 17 ins)

    Oxygen mask microphone (pg1 Pilot)

    Updated 23rd March

    Named 1st Pattern Original Denison airborne Smock (pg1 SAS)

    Hurricane Compass Tray (pg1 air)

    P8 Spitfire Compass 2 with race history (pg1 ins)

    TR9 radio complete remote set  (pg 1 rad)

    Updated 3rd April 2012

    Spitfire Round mirror stalk (pg1 Can)

    Mk I/II Spitfire Mirror stalk(pg1 Can)

    Spitfire AH 8400 Spade grip (pg1 cont)

    L33 Zeppelin Propeller with clock (pg1 RFC prop)

    Updated 4th April 2012

    V1 Flying Bomb tail (pg1 Rock)

    Fritz flying bomb elevator (pg1 Rock)

    Original Spitfire Gun Button 2 (pg2 arm)

    Miles master throttle 2 (pg4 cont)

    P38 Lightening trench art (pg1 misc)

    Updated 24th April 2012

    Rolls Royce Merlin (pg1 Pwr)

    Aero Screen (pg1 Can)

    WW I windscreen frame  (pg1 Can)

    Spitfire low back fairing (pg1 Can)

    USAF Throttle box (pg1 controls)

    Spitfire armoured screen part (pg1 Can)

    Updated 25th April 2012

    Hurricane P2985 Merlin camshaft assembly (pg1 relics)

    Hurricane P2985 Head with valves (pg1 relics)

    Hurricane P2985 Merlin part 25(pg1 relics)

    Hurricane P2985 Merlin part 26 crank shell (pg1 relics)

    Hurricane P2985 Merlin part 27 (pg1 relics)

    Hurricane P2985 Merlin part 28 (pg1 relics)

    Hurricane P2985 Merlin part 29 (pg1 relics)

    JU 88 drift sight bracket shot down 27th September 1940 (pg1 relics)

    Updated 26th April 2012

      Spitfire Pito tube V (pg1 ins)

    Fairchild 24 Propeller (pg1 prop)

    Spitfire front cowling (pg1 air)

    RAF ASR/MTB Compass and binnacle (pg12 ins)

    Mk IA Turn &Slip Indicator 4 (pg7 ins)

    Updated 2nd May  2012

    Luftwaffe Pilot Lotbar Mothes Flying suit (pg1 Pilot)

    Luftwaffe Pilot Lotbar Mothes wrist compass(pg1 Pilot)

    Updated 4th May  2012

    Airspeed Oxford throttle box (pg5 cont)

    Fighter/Spitfire Magneto switch 2 (page 1 elec)

    Climb and descend indicator 5 (pg5ins)

    Hurricane airframe parts 1 to 10 (pg2 Air)

    Updated 14th May  2012

    Hurricane airframe parts 11 to 21  (pg2 Air)

    Original P51 Mustang panel (pg21 ins)

     100% accurate reproduction labels for the FW 190 (pg21 ins)

    Updated 27th June  2012

    Merlin Rocker Covers (pg2 pwr)

    P51 Mustang Merlin Exhaust stubs (pg2 pwr)

    Oxford/Spitfire MK I 45 gallon fuel gauge (pg6 ins)

    Avro Anson rear tail leg (pg1 UC)

    Updated 29th June  2012

    Hurricane Part 22  (pg2 Air)  Part  Nos A76456

    Hurricane Part 23  (pg2 Air)   Part  Nos A32491

    Hurricane Part 24 (pg2 Air)  Part  Nos A705

    Hurricane Part 25 (pg2 Air)  Part  Nos A73196

    Hurricane Part 26 (pg2 Air)  Part  Nos B 73571 B73572 B75569 B73568

    Hurricane Part 27 (pg2 Air)   Part  Nos A76543

    Hurricane Part 28   (pg2 Air)  Part  Nos A72671 two brackets

    Hurricane Part 29 (pg2 Air) Part  Nos A72671 two brackets

    Hurricane Part 30 (pg2 Air) Part  Nos A72313 three brackets

    Hurricane Part 31 (pg2 Air) Part  Nos A213

    Hurricane Part 32 (pg2 Air)  Part  Nos A723141 four brackets

    Hurricane Part 33 (pg2 Air)   Hurricane fuselage heavy duty brace approximately 34" long has light surface corrosion.

    Hurricane Part 34 (pg2 Air) Hurricane fuselage heavy duty brace approximately 38 1/2" long both adjusters in good condition . Still has original paint and only a small amount of corrosion on the adjusting nuts.

    Hurricane Part 35 (pg2 Air) Hurricane fuselage heavy duty brace approximately 38" long both adjusters are broken.

    Hurricane Part 36 (pg2 Air)  Hurricane fuselage heavy duty brace approximately 25 1/2" long some light corrosion.

    Hurricane Part 37 (pg2 Air)  Hurricane fuselage heavy duty brace approximately 27" long some light to medium corrosion some area's pitted.

    Hurricane Part 38 (pg2 Air)   Hurricane fuselage heavy duty brace approximately 28 1/2" long heavy corrosion most area pitted.

    Hurricane Part 39  (pg2 Air)   Hurricane original panel. Approx 6 1/2" by 4 1/2" some light surface corrosion and original paint.

    Hurricane Part 39  (pg2 Air)  Hurricane original rib. Approx 10 1/2" long.

    Hurricane Part 40 (pg2 Air)  Hurricane original panel. Approx 9" by 9" some  original paint.

    Hurricane Part 41 (pg2 Air)  Hurricane original rib. Approx 5" long.

    Hurricane Part 42 (pg2 Air)  Hurricane original panel. Approx 9" by 9" has various cracks and damage

    Hurricane Part 43 (pg2 Air)  Hurricane reproduction panel Approx 9" by 9"

    Hurricane Part 44(pg2 Air) Hurricane reproduction panel Approx 15" by 10"

    Hurricane Part 45  (pg2 Air) Hurricane reproduction panel Approx 18" by 10"

    Hurricane Part 46 (pg2 Air)  Hurricane original rib. Approx 10 1/2" long.  has some slight damage.

    Hurricane Part 47 (pg2 Air) Hurricane original access panel. Approx 4 1/2" 4 1/2 "

    Hurricane Part 48 (pg2 Air)  Hurricane original panel with brackets. Approx 23" by 4 1/2"  has one small crack.

    Hurricane Part 49(pg2 Air) Hurricane original part A73172

    Hurricane Part 50 (pg2 Air)  Hurricane original part 57516 05

    Hurricane Part 51 (pg2 Air) Hurricane original part 720361 engine mount some damage.

    Hurricane Part 52 (pg2 Air) Hurricane original panel. Approx 13 1/2" by 9" has  some damage. Port wing leading edge gun fairing

    Hurricane Part 53  (pg2 Air) Hurricane original part 720361 engine mount some damage.

    Hurricane Part 54 (pg2 Air) Hurricane original panel. Approx 7" by 5" some  original paint.


    Updated 3rd July 2012

    New for 2013 For Hire The Spitfire Spares Mk IX Spitfire and The 2nd Tactical Air Force (2nd TAF) link here

    Merlin parts from Lancaster JB659 (pg1 relics)

    Part 1 supercharger casing(pg1 relics)

    Part 2 inlet tube (pg1 relics)

    Part 3 Crank case (pg1 relics)

    Part 4 Crank case (pg1 relics)

    Part 5  inlet tube (pg1 relics)

    Part 6 Head (pg1 relics)

    Part 7 cam follower(pg1 relics)

    Part 8 cam follower (pg1 relics)

    Updated 5th July 2012

    Merlin parts from Lancaster JB659 (pg1 relics)

    Part 9  drive (pg1 relics)

    Part 10 Head  (pg1 relics)

    Part 11 crank case (pg1 relics)

    Part 12 crank case  (pg1 relics)

    Part 14   (pg1 relics)

    Battle of France Hurricane escape door (pg1 air)

    Updated 19th July 2012

    P40  Bomb release (pg2 Arm)

    Lancaster Z Friendly Fire Equipment boxed 2 (pg3 gun)

    Mounting for Giro Gunsight 2 (pg3 gun)

    Updated 20th July 2012

    JU 88 silhouette (pg3 pilot)

    RAF Kit bag 1940(pg3 pilot)

    Hurricane rudder pedal support  (pg2 air)

    Hurricane Part 55  (pg2 air)

    Hawker Typhoon Valve (pg5 cont)

    Updated 24th September 2012

    Battle of Britain telephone exchange (pg1 rad)

    Bomb Distributor 12 volt (pg3 Arm)

    Morse Key 2 (pg 1 rad)

    Lancaster J type switch 2 (pg3 rad)

     Airpath standby compass(pg1 ins)

    Climb and descend indicator 6 (pg5ins)

    RFC WWI Type V compass (pg23 ins)

    420 Knots ASI 2  (pg5ins)

    Rocket firing Reflector Gunsight Glass holder(pg1 Gun)

    Updated 9th October 2012

    Merlin parts from Lancaster JB659Parts 15 to 34 (pg1 relics)

    Rheostat Type H(Pg6 ele)

    Av Gas Fuel gauge (pg16ins)

    Oil Pressure gauge USAF (pg16ins)

    Oil Pressure Sender unit (pg16ins)

    Flap position indicator  (pg16ins)

    Milliamperes 10A/3091 (pg16ins)

    Smiths 70 gallon fuel gauge (pg16ins)

    Smiths 20 gallon fuel gauge (pg16ins)

    Wartime Morse Light(pg1 light)

    Wartime Morse Light amber lens (pg1 light)

    Ultra violet cockpit light dimmer switch (pg1 light)

    Ultra violet cockpit light(pg1 light)

    Updated 10th October 2012

    MK IX Spitfire Fuel Cock (pg1 fuel)

    Test Equipment (pg1 misc)

    Socket and plug AM 5CY/3002 (pg2 ele)

    Fuse box Type C (pg2 ele)

    Updated 11th October 2012

    Plate adapter 5C/4205 (pg16ins)

    Updated 15th October 2012

    2 Lb Vickers AA shell fired at Ypres 1916 amazing story (pg1 Arm)

    WWI German  Flechette  (pg1 Arm)

    V2 Fuel injection mixing unit with history (pg1 Rocket)

    Lancaster P4 Compass (pg1 ins)

    Updated 31st October 2012

    Grumman Avenger altitude switch (pg16 ins)

    Pre WWII Sextant for open cockpit aircraft (pg16 ins)

    Beaufighter windscreen wiper control (pg2 ele)

    Multipoint changeover switch   (pg2 ele)

    Oil Shutter control Bristol Hercules (pg1 cont)

    Spitfire throttle reproduction parts (pg1 cont)

    KI- Gass  Spitfire(pg1 fuel)

    Handley page Hastings auto pilot control to named aircraft (pg1 cont)

    Updated 7th November 2012

    Original Spitfire rudder horn balance weight  (pg1 air)

    KI- Gass 4 (pg1 fuel)

    Triple Brake Gauge 2 (pg3 ins)

    Mk 21/22 Spitfire Original fuel gauge (pg6 ins)

    Boost gauge 24Lbs (pg11 ins)

    Pilot notes Page 1 Pilot Equipment

    Stirling Pilots Notes

    Lysander Pilots Notes

    Harvard Pilots Notes

    Mitchell Pilots Notes

    Mustang Pilots Notes

    Seafire Pilots Notes

    Whirlwind Pilots Notes

    Updated 8th November 2012

    8 Day Clock (pg1 ins)

    Fuel Trap 2 (pg1 Fuel)

    Rebecca Aerial AN-148 Lancaster/Beaufighter (pg2 rad)

    B17 568th Bomber Squadron airframe Relic (pg1 rel)

    Updated 22nd November 2012

    Dynamotor DA-3A(pg3 rad)

    Ground crew oil pump (pg 3 Misc)

    Pilot notes Page 1 Pilot Equipment

    Blenheim Pilots notes

    Battle of Britain Original Browning Mk II 303 machine gun 1(pg4 arm)

    Battle of Britain Original Browning Mk II 303 machine gun 2(pg4 arm)

    1941 Original Browning Mk II 303 machine gun 3(pg4 arm)

    Updated 4th December 2012

    P8 Compass Boxed (pg1 ins)

    400 MPH ASI Spitfire/Hurricane (pg 4 ins)

    Complete original Hurricane control Column (pg1 cont)

    Early Merlin Exhaust Stub 2 to 6 (pg1 Pwr)

    Vickers Fuel Cock 3 (pg1 fuel)

    Updated 10th December 2012

    Original Spitfire trim gauge (pg1 instruments)

    Spitfire Seat Harness recoil unit (pg2 pilot equ)

    Plotter MINT unused (pg2 pilot equ)

    Important information about contacting Us at Spitfire Spares click on this link.

    Updated 13th December 2012

    Solid bronze Hurricane spade grip (pg1 cont)

    Original Mk I Spitfire Ammunition feed chute (pg1 air)

    Original Mk IX Spitfire Service tank bracket(pg1 air)

    Updated 22nd January 2013

    Mk I Projector Gunsight (pg1 Gun)

    KI- Gass 5 (pg1 fuel)

    Smiths eight day time of trip clock (pg1 ins)

    1939 Fuel transfer pump (pg1 fuel)

    Swordfish 160 MPH ASI  (pg2ins)

    Type 0.6 Compass (pg2ins)

    Updated 24th January 2013

    Russian 37-mm automatic anti-aircraft Gunsight (61-K) 1939 model (pg 1 Gunsight)

    Spitfire rim wound clock (pg1 ins)

    Original Spitfire Wheel cover (pg1 UC)

    B17 Flying Fortress Mk 18 Giro Gunsight (pg1 Gun)

    Updated 19th February 2013

    Mk II Reflector Night Fighter Gunsight (pg1 Gun)

    Mk II Reflector Oval Gunsight 2 (pg1 Gun)

    Tall Boy Bomb Scale Model  (pg2 arm)

    Mk II Astro compass (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 35)

    Smiths eight day time of trip clock (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 25)

    Smiths 8 day Clock (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 34)

    600 MPH  ASI (pg 2 ins ASI 33)

    250 Lb Mk I Bomb (pg2 arm)

    B 25 Static Gunsight (pg1 Gun)

    Lancaster navigators window (pg1 air)

    Spitfire Seat Harness recoil unit (pg2 pilot equ)

    Important News: The instrument pages are currently being updated to make the things you are looking for easier to find, during this update you can continue to use the existing pages as normal but the new pages generally in alphabetical order can be found by following the link under or using the normal parts for sale or drop down bar.

    Instruments home


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    Updated 20th February 2013

     Page 7 Directional indicators

    Page 8 Fuel gauges

    Battle of Britain Omega Watch 6B/159 (pg1 ins)

    Updated 21st February 2013

    Lancaster Control Yoke (pg1 Controls)

    Tempest M II & V Fuel gauge (Instruments pg 8 Fuel gauges 50)

    Updated 22nd February 2013

     Page 9 Flap Indicators

     Page 10 Brake Gauges

    Page 11 Oxygen gauges

    Updated 25th February 2013

    Pressure gauges

    Page 12 Instruments

    Updated 8th March 2013

     Page13 Revolution Counters  

    Sign up now for email updates on this years Battle of Britain living history show 14th and 15th September 2013 WSR Field's Norton Fitzwarren Taunton Somerset UK.

    Link to previous Battle of Britain living history shows

    Avro Anson fuel gauge named aircraft (Instruments pg 8 Fuel gauges 51)

    Rim wound one day clock (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 35)

      Spitfire Rudder Pedals(pg3 cont)

    FW 190 /BF 109 Rudder pedal set (pg3 cont)

    Updated 26th March 2013

    New instrument pages added

    Page 14 temperature gauges  

    Page 15 Turn and slip and artificial Horizon 

    Page 16 Undercarriage indicators

    7 New additional Flap gauges listed   Page 9 Flap Indicators 

    All under fuel gauges listed here Page 8 Fuel gauges  

    Avro Anson fuel gauge  (Instruments pg 8 Fuel gauges 52)

    Spitfire 37 gallon fuel gauge  (Instruments pg 8 Fuel gauges 53)

    Fuel Meter   (Instruments pg 8 Fuel gauges 54)

    Vickers Wellington Front Tank Fuel gauge  (Instruments pg 8 Fuel gauges 55)

    Lancaster Fuel gauge  (Instruments pg 8 Fuel gauges 56)

    AV GAS Fuel gauge (Instruments pg 8 Fuel gauges 57)

    Fairey Barracuda fuel gauge   (Instruments pg 8 Fuel gauges 58)

    Long range Mosquito fuel gauge (Instruments pg 8 Fuel gauges 59)

    11 new brake gauges added on Page 10 Brake Gauges 

    Updated 27th March 2013

    16 New additions to the Instruments Oxygen gauge page 11

    Updated 28th March 2013

    Lancaster Aerial 1(pg 1 radio)

    Lancaster Aerial 2(pg 1 radio)

    Lancaster Throttle part (pg2 cont)

    Messerschmitt BF 108 Engine (pg1 pwr)

    Updated 2nd April 2013

    Lancaster Control Yoke signed by Veterans (pg1 cont)

    Mk 1 Vickers Wellington Front Gunners seat and Turret Perspex (pg4 arm)

    Rolls Royce Merlin (pg1 Pwr)

    Selling on be half of a customer Price reduced to 27,200 sensible offers may be considered.

     Remote Contactor (pg1 instruments)

    Updated 3rd April 2013

    All listed on  instruments page12 Pressure gauges

    Desynn type oil pressure gauge (instruments page12 Pressure gauges 26)

    Desynn type Fuel pressure gauge (instruments page12 Pressure gauges 27)

    Capillary type pressure gauge  (instruments page12 Pressure gauges 28)

    Pressure sender unit  (instruments page12 Pressure gauges 29)

    Pressure sender unit  (instruments page12 Pressure gauges 30)

    Hydraulic pressure gauge (instruments page12 Pressure gauges 31)

    Long capillary oil pressure gauge. (instruments page12 Pressure gauges 32)

    Fuel pressure gauge. (instruments page12 Pressure gauges 33)

    All listed on Page 14 temp gauges

    Oil Temp Gauge capillary type. (Page 14 temp gauges 15)

    Cylinder head temp gauge (Page 14 temp gauges 16)

    All listed on Instruments page 15 Turn and slip

    US Turn and Slip (Instruments page 15 Turn and slip 12 )

    US Turn and Slip (Instruments page 15 Turn and slip 13 )

    MK I A Turn and Slip (Instruments page 15 Turn and slip 14)

    Updated 8th April 2013

    Trim and Volt and Ammeter pages now listed.

     Page 17 Trim gauges 

     Page 18 Volt and Ammeter

    Updated 9th April 2013

    Marconi RFC WWI communication exchange (pg 1 rad)

    Smiths 8 day Clock (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 34)

    Pilots harness (pg2 pilot)

    Avro Anson Control Yoke (pg1 cont)

    Rolls Royce Merlin Valve from a P 51 Mustang  (pg1 Pwr)

    Updated 10th April 2013

    Fairey Swordfish rudder pedals (pg1 Controls)

    F 24 Spitfire Spade grip (pg1 Controls)

    Vickers Fuel cock (pg1 fuel)

    Spitfire tank filler and cap (pg1 fuel)

    Bomb Distributor 12 volt 2 (pg3 Arm)

    Spitfire Rudder trim chain  (pg1 cont)

    Spitfire Elevator trim chain  (pg1 cont)

    MK IX Bubble Sextant (pg3 Pilot)

    Aldis signalling lamp  (pg3 Pilot)

    Updated 12th April 2013

    Remote contactor clockwork unit (pg 1 instruments)

    Hawker Hurricane instrument panel (pg21ins)

    Spitfire Mk1/11 Instrument panel (pg21ins)

    Hurricane seat adjuster (pg1 air)

    Spitfire Blind flying panel complete with instruments (pg 21 ins) 

    K Gass twin engine (pg1 Fuel)

    Updated 15th April 2013

    Spitfire Spade grip (pg1 cont)

    Mk I Hurricane spade grip (pg1 cont)

    Seafire Aerial Tuner (page 4 radio)

    Amplifier Type A 1134 for TR 9 F (page 4 radio)

    Radar/Radio power unit (page 4 radio)

    R/T control unit Type 289 (page 4 radio)

    Type MT-51C Bendix Remote control Radio unit (page 4 radio)

    Type 192 plug-board (page 4 radio)

    Avro Anson Seat (pg1 Pilot)

    D Day C 47 Dakota door with History (pg1 air)

    Updated 16th April 2013

    Hurricane /Harvard grip (pg1 cont)

    Hawker Typhoon Control grip (pg1 cont)

    Updated 29th April 2013

    Boeing B 17 Flying Fortress control column and yoke (pg1 cont)

    Updated 30th April 2013

     Climb and descend indicator  Mk IB (Instruments pg 5 Climb and descend 10)

    5 New rev counters listed nos 27 to 31 (Pg 13 Instruments Rev Counter )

    10 New compasses listed nos 37 to 47  (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks )

    5 New altimeters listed nos 23 to 27 (Ins pg3 Altimeter ) 

    Updated 3rd May 2013

    Original WWI RFC MK II 259 Compass (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 48)

    BF 108 Complete aircraft  (pg1 air)

    Updated 7th May 2013

    Original Spitfire U/C indicator (Page16 Undercarriage indicators 1)

    Lancaster Altimeter (Ins pg3 Altimeter 28) 

    Ammeter 10 amps (Instruments 18 Volt and Ammeter 12)

    Two new Climb and descend indicators 11 and 12 added (Instruments pg 5 Climb and descend 11)

    MK I A Directional indicator  (Instruments pg 7 directional indicators and Art Horizon 7)

    Mint Artificial Horizon (Instruments pg 7 directional indicators and Art Horizon 7)

    Four new rev counters listed  nos 33 to 36 Rev Counter (Pg 13 Instruments Rev Counter 33)

    Updated 8th May 2013

    Brown Oil Temp gauge (Page 14 temp gauges 17)

    WWI RFC Prop blades (pg1 prop)

    Wartime RAF Microphone (pg 2 rad)

    Wartime RAF hand held Microphone  (pg 2 rad)

    RAF Wartime headset (pg 2 rad)

    Oxygen Mask microphone  (pg 2 rad)

    B17 front turret control (pg1 Arm)

    Updated 9th May 2013

    Lancaster labels (pg21 ins)

    Lancaster MK III Merlin Fuel booster pump MK I (pg1 Fuel)




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