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Ground /Flight Switch(Pg6 ele)

Used when starting heavy bombers such as the Lancaster and Halifax ect. Once running the switch is thrown and the aircrafts own generators take over. Extremely rare A/M Crown in functional condition.



Compass Corrector(Pg6 ele)

Compass corrector as fitted to all allied aircraft.

This fits to the underside of the compass tray in everything from Spitfires to Lancaster's. MINT still sealed in their boxes.

35 each


Supercharger switch(Pg6 ele)

 Very rare hard to find supercharger and fuel switches. Fits in the spitfire panel on the supercharger plate and below the fuel gauge.

A/M 5c/531

25 each

Lancaster Rotary switch(pg6 ele)

A WW2 RAF  Rotary switch used on the Lancaster main instrument panel to operate the Landing lights. Nice A/M crown marked so pre 1943.


Spitfire 2 Way Switch(Pg6 ele)

Nice original 2 way switch, nice A/M crown manufactured pre end of 1944. As used by Spitfires and practically all RAF Wartime aircraft.


A/M 5C/868 Connector(Pg6 ele)

Early mint condition, supplied in their original grease proof paper. Bakelite connector box, nice A/M crown manufactured pre end of 1944.


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Rheostat Type H(Pg6 ele)

Has some paint loss but the needle turns and otherwise appears in good condition. Rheostat type h was used by fleet Air Arm aircraft to dim navigation lights.




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