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Pre WWII Sextant for open cockpit aircraft (pg16 ins)

This is a stunning and rare piece dating from before the WWII. Manufactured by the link aviation company. It was used by the military and airlines until sometime in the 1940's. It was last of a line of aircraft sextants whose design was influenced by use in open cockpit aircraft. Celestial altitudes are measured by reference to an artificial bubble horizon. The bubble is electrically lighted by standard C size batteries. The sextant is unique in that it has two different optical paths  that can be used. in one the observer looks down into the sextant and sees the reflected image of the star over head. This is the mode used for open cockpits. In the other mode the observer holds the sextant at arms length and sees the bubble reflected on a glass surface as an illuminated ring against the night sky Readings are taken from a vernier scale.


A contacting altimeter gives a warning or signal at a pre determined height. The Mk 111A  shown here was standard equipment in a number of Fleet air arm dive bombers.


Mk 111 A Altimeter pg 16 ins


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Grumman Avenger altitude switch (pg16 ins)

Here we have a mint condition altitude limit switch. This aircraft used as a torpedo by both the RAF and USAF famously during the intense carrier battles of the Pacific war. This instrument  assisted in attaining the correct height for torpedo drops.

The Avenger entered U.S. service in 1942, and first saw action during the Battle of Midway. Despite losing five of the six Avengers on its combat debut, it survived in service to become one of the outstanding torpedo bombers of WWII .

Grumman Avenger in US Service


Grumman Avenger in RAF Service


Lancaster Eng Temp

Wartime MkX Lancaster pilot aux panel

engine temperature gauge .Needs a clean

ingood condition.



180 Gallon Fuel Gauge (pg16 ins)

180 Gallon fuel gauge by Smiths.


Milliampmeter (pg16ins)

Good Condition



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Av Gas Fuel gauge (pg16ins)

Nice condition Av Gas 212 gallon fuel gauge.





Time delay (pg16ins)

A nice little time delay switch, clockwork  motor works perfectly.

A/M 5CW/5501



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Oil Pressure gauge USAF (pg16ins)

A USAF pressure gauge



Northern Engineering and MFG co



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Oil Pressure Sender unit (pg16ins)

Oil pressure sender unit

Dated 1944

A/M 6A/1961



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Flap position indicator (pg16ins)

Mint condition Flap position indicator type A. Used by Mosquitoes.


 24 volt 144/FL



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Milliamperes 10A/3091 (pg16ins)

Good condition appears servicable.




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Smiths 70 gallon fuel gauge (pg16ins)

1414 FG


24 Volt



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Smiths 20 gallon fuel gauge (pg16ins)

1091 FG

24 Volt



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Plate adapter 5C/4205 (pg16ins)

Plate adapter used to convert instrument panels to use different instruments. The Mk I Spitfire had a plate like this to convert from the large early boost gauges to the standard wartime 2 inch versions.

5C/ 4205



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