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Welcome to the undercarriage section, If you are purchasing three or more items please contact us for discounted delivery charges.  Please be sure to check this section on a regular basis as new products are added weekly.

Wheel 1 outside

Wheel 1 inside

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Wheel 2 inside

Spitfire main wheels (pg1 U/C)

This is a pair of restored Spitfire main wheels. They have been restored to static quality with good tyres which both hold air and good working bearings.

Wheel 2 outside

Please note these are heavy please contact me for a shipping quote before purchase.

Out of stock

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WWI RFC Wheel (pg1 U/C)

This is a superb piece from WWI over 100 years old its an original wheel from the first military aircraft to fight in the skies over the Western Front. Its an extremely well made piece and allot of thought has gone into making it strong enough to withstand the impact of landing. Made by Palmer complete with its original wheel bearing. In use it would have had a cover usually canvas to reduce drag and improve its aerodynamic quality's. This particular wheel seems to have an unusually large number of spokes and is very heavily built so may be from one of the larger types operated.

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WWI RFC Palmer Aero Wheels and axle (pg1 U/C)

This is the first complete set of wheels and axle from a WWI RFC aircraft to be sold on this website. Extremely rare in good all round original condition. The tyre were completely rotten but I have them if required by the purchaser.

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This item is large and heavy  buyers please contact me for shipping costs.

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FW 190 main wheel (pg1 U/C)

Here we have a superb main wheel from a FW 190 as you can see its in excellent condition complete with a good tyre and the wheel cover.

These are extremely rare especially in this condition. Please enlarge the pictures.



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Out of stock more wanted contact me

This item is large and heavy  buyers please contact me for shipping costs.

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 Click on the pictures to enlarge them

Click on the pictures to enlarge them

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Spitfire undercarriage selector  (pg1 cont)

This is a superb addition to our replica Spitfire parts range a top quality reproduction of the Spitfire undercarriage selector made from original drawings exactly to scale. Please note this is not airworthy and is for display only. Used on all Mk's of Spitfire . All parts are metal except the cover plate and knob.


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This can be supplied as shown as a complete unit or without the chain and guard.

Available in the controls section link here

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Spitfire pintel/Axle(pg1 U/C)

This is an original Pintel/axle for the Spitfire. In nice original condition certainly serviceable for a static .


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This item is heavy over seas buyers please contact me for a shipping quote

Lancaster prototype tail leg *(pg1 U/C)

Here a Lancaster tail leg. It came with a label which says fourth prototype Lancaster Boscombe down.

Avro 683 Lancaster prototype BT308, shortly after the first flight at Manchester, 9 January

 This raises a bit of a mystery because the fourth prototype was never built , however perhaps this leg was never used and hence it survived at Boscombe down.



Seen in situ above in the Lancaster.

Avro Type 683 Lancaster: Initial order of four planned prototypes ordered under Contract No.B.135521/40.

The first aircraft (BT308) used a Manchester airframe, modified for the installation of four Merlin X engines.

The second (DG595) was to be representative of the initial Lancaster Mk.I production model. The third (DT810) had Bristol Hercules VI radial engines installed and became the Lancaster Mk.II prototype airframe.

 The fourth and final prototype (BT812) was never built.

Bolton Paul Defiant Tail wheel(pg1 U/C)

Here we have a tail wheel for the Bolton Paul Defiant  The wheel is in good condition and the tyre is inflated.

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The long period which passed between the first conception of the Defiant turret fighter and its operational acceptance impaired its usefulness. The delays in production, which resulted in only three aircraft being delivered before the outbreak of war, meant that it could not be used in 1940 in its originally planned role-that of standing defensive patrols and was forced into action as an interceptor alongside the Spitfire and Hurricane.



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Spitfire PR.XIX Tail wheel (pg1 U/C)

Here we have a tail wheel for the Griffon Engine Photo Reconnaissance Spitfire. It was also used on the Seafire XVII

This Carries the Dunlop Drawing Number AHO18551

 The wheel is in an ok condition however there is a small tear in the tyre as seen in the Photo

Click on the picture's to enlarge.

The Mk XIX was the last and most successful photographic reconnaissance variant of the Spitfire. It combined features of the Mk XI with the Griffon engine of the Mk XIV. After the first 25 were produced, later aircraft were also fitted with the pressurised cabin of the Mk X and the fuel capacity was increased to 256 gallons, three-and-a-half times that of the original Spitfire

The first Mk XIXs entered service in May 1944, and by the end of the war the type had virtually replaced the earlier Mk XI. A total of 225 were built with production ceasing in early 1946, but they were used in front line RAF service until April 1954.

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Lancaster Undercarriage strut (p1 U/C)



 Lancaster FM102 was test flown in Apr.1945; flown to England in May; held at #32(MU); returned to Canada on 9.8.45; converted to 10MR about 1949; went into service with #2 O.T.U. at Greenwood in 1950;

Used by #404(MR) during 1951-52; returned to O.T.U. and crashed half way between Chicoutimi and Quebec City on 22.July 1952 killing 9 persons.

Collided mid-air with a "swarming" RCAF DH Vampire.

The forward fuselage and tail broke apart after impact.

The cockpit burned out but the engines and wings survived although little remains today.

 The tail section wasn't located until the 1970's,located only 900 yards away from the main wreckage, it was SCRAPPED! by a dealer in 1992


A nice original tail wheel Dunlop AHO 5007/2

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Westland Whirlwind tail wheel (p1 U/C)

Also fits the Blenheim,

and the Typhoon.

  Stamped with Dunlop ref no:

AHO 5007/2


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Typhoon main wheel Wheel (p1 U/C)

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Main wheel for the Hawker Typhoon in good original condition.

Out of stock more required contact me

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Spitfire undercarriage selector

This is a very rare Spitfire undercarriage selector used for lowering and raising the undercarriage.  All the gearing works and the lever moves freely, the valve block is corroded see pictures but the valve in the block does move in and out so the internals appear to be OK and other than the corrosion on the side the block appears in excellent condition..  This piece is extremely rare and the first I have had for sale.


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Seen in situ in a Spitfire under.

Out of Stock More Wanted Contact Us

Original Spitfire Undercarriage lever (pg1 UC)

Here we an original Spitfire undercarriage lever with some internal parts. It has some corrosion but would be perfect for a static rebuild or as a pattern. Very rare item complete units are like gold dust and worth many thousands of pounds.

Out of Stock More Wanted Contact Us

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Spitfire Undercarriage lever 2 (pg1 UC)


Here is an original Spitfire undercarriage lever in good condition.

Out of Stock More Wanted Contact Us

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Spitfire Undercarriage lock (pg1 UC)

Here is an original Spitfire undercarriage lock it in excellent condition it forms part of the Spitfires main undercarriage.

Part number 356 26 59

356 is the Spitfire MK 21, 22 and 24  shown under, the last Spitfire series made and fitted with a Griffon Engine

Luftwaffe Wheel chocks (p1 U/C)

Here is a pair of wartime wheel cocks as used by the Luftwaffe, these are not perfect and have been restored but both still function folding up and down for storage.

Seen above chocking a FW 190

£300 the pair


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Hawker Hurricane undercarriage legs (pg1 UC)

Hawker Hurricane undercarriage legs restored to a very high standard for static use.

Out of stock more wanted contact me

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Spitfire undercarriage leg (pg1 UC)

This is a complete Spitfire undercarriage leg, it has been restored to display or static use, it has some pitting but has no filler what so ever, its all metal.


Avro Anson rear tail leg (pg1 UC)

This is a complete tail leg from an avro Anson it is in excellent condition and appears serviceable subject to checks for flying.

The Avro Anson was slow, cold and noisy and is the most famous British aircrew trainer of all time. Used in huge numbers, 'Faithful Annie' is remembered with affection by most of Royal Air Force-trained multi-engine aircrew of World War Two.

The Anson I began life in the mid-1930s as a coastal reconnaissance aircraft. Although an advanced design at the time, rapid improvements in aircraft performance meant that the Anson was hopelessly outclassed when war broke out in September 1939


Contact me for shipping over seas

Tail leg (pg1 UC)

Undercarriage tail leg in original condition. With a good clean and some paint should look like new, I do not know what aircraft this belonged to I was told it was for a Hurricane as it came included with our Hurricane project but I do not believe this is the case. If any customers have any ideas please contact me.




Meteor U/C leg(p1 U/C)

A really nice Meteor under carriage Leg. Complete in good condition although not flyable without a complete overhaul. Perfect for a static or display item. The only RAF jet aircraft to see active service in WW2.


Mosquito Brake drum (p1 U/C)

This is a brake drum for the mosquito main wheel. It appears to be in excellent condition and has its original airbag still in place. This item could be serviceable subject to the required checks.


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Original Spitfire Wheel cover (pg1 UC)

This is a rare original Spitfire wheel cover. These are not standard fittings on Spitfires, this was recently discovered in Australia and they were probably fitted in extreme environments to reduce the  dust or dirt getting into the wheel bearings and brakes. Seen under fitted to a MK.

Out of Stock More Wanted Contact Us

Beaufort Undercarriage Pump(p1 U/C)

He we have a functional manual hydraulic pump from a Beaufort, in nice clean condition used in emergency's to operate the undercarriage. The Bristol Beaufort was one of a series of aircraft  It was designed in response to two Air Ministry specifications issued in 1935. M.15/35 called for a torpedo-bomber and G.24/35 for a general reconnaissance and bomber aircraft. The Beaufort went on to perform well as a torpedo-bomber. It was Coastal Command’s main torpedo bomber from 1940 to 1943, when it was replaced by torpedo armed Beaufighters (itself developed from the Beaufort). Six home squadrons and three in the Middle East would eventually use the Beaufort.


These are heavy you can collect but otherwise contact us before purchases for an accurate shipping cost.

Fairey Swordfish wheels (pg1 UC)

Here we have a pair of Fairey  Swordfish main wheels and tyres. They are in excellent condition with no heavy corrosion. Included are two pintles, possibly the actual pintles and bearings are original but have been cut and brackets added for use on a trailer post war.

The Fairey Swordfish, the legendary ‘Stringbag’, was a Torpedo Spotter Reconnaissance biplane dive-bomber which went into service with the Fleet Air Arm pre-war in 1936. Initially, Swordfishes operated from the large fleet carriers. Later Swordfishes operated from escort carriers, and were very effective against U-boats. The nickname Stringbag indicated the versatility of the Swordfish, which could carry an unlikely combination of loads, but also referred to its jungle of bracing wires, which belonged to a past age. The Swordfish remained operational until the end of the war, gaining the distinction of being the last biplane to see active service.


Tyres are 7.50 X 10. 1/4

Serial number apppears to be LF 180373/1

These are heavy you can collect but otherwise contact us before purchases for an accurate shipping cost.

Spitfire/Hurricane main wheels (pg1 UC)

Here is a pair of main wheels for the Spitfire and or Hurricane. The hubs are in good shape with no heavy corrosion, the tyres are not great one has a large tear and is US. The wheels have some remnants of light blue paint and they be from a photo recon PRU Spitfire.

Shown above and below a PRU Spit note the colour on the hub under is a close match.


Avro Anson U/C Pump (pg 3 cont SP)

This a really nice undercarriage pump for the Avro Anson. It is still attached to a piece of the original airframe. The Anson was one of the first aircraft designed with retractable undercarriage which was raised manually by vigorous pumping of this lever. I believe this is from a later model and was probably retained as a back up to hydraulic failure. Even the very early spitfire U/C was raised in this way and old films show a characteristic wobble after take off as the Pilot struggles to pump the U/C up while maintaining control of the aircraft. This unit is currently seized but this should be rectified by a strip down.

Find this in the controls section

Vickers Varsity Retracting undercarriage leg part (pg1 UC)

Part numbers visible are 

 64616 285

VK 5322      KL 8

64816 254

VK 7927 KU3

The inspectors stamp appears to be WRS


Click on the picture to enlarge .


Hydraulic U/C Hand Pump (pg1 UC)

Here is an Hydraulic Undercarriage Hand Pump

Ref: 27Q/30058

It is in Good Condition with the Original Part Label

Manufactured By British Messier


Click on the picture to enlarge .

Dunlop Aircraft Tube 24x7 25.12 (pg1 UC)

Here we have a Dunlop Aircraft Tube

This is 24x7 25.12

It has Reference Number 27A/2220

£ 39

Click on the pictures to enlarge .

Seen in situ in the Spitfire above.

Spitfire blow down bottle (pg1 UC)

Along with many of its systems the undercarriage in a Spitfire was raised and lowered using air. If this system became damaged the Spitfire had a back up system which would lower the wheels just once for emergency landings.

The bottle shown was used to operate the emergency blow down.

As far as I can establish these particular bottles were unique to the Spitfire and not made for any other aircraft.

This bottle have been used and are no longer pressurised so are ok to ship.



Click on the pictures to enlarge .


Everything shown in the pictures is supplied.

Spitfire emergency undercarriage blow down control (pg1 UC)

This is a reproduction Spitfire emergency undercarriage blow down control fitted to all MKs of Spitfire and mounted on the lower right of the cockpit..

 In an emergency if the hydraulic system had been damage this part would lower the wheels one time using compressed gas. This piece is made exactly to scale and comes complete as shown.

Please note the bottle is not interchangeable with the original bottle shown above but we are currently having some valve units shown which will take the original bottle. This unit is a reproduction and is not functional or suitable for flying aircraft it is only for display.

Seen in Situ Below

£ 575

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Spitfire emergency undercarriage blow down control 2 (pg1 UC)

As promised this fits the original bottles as advertised above.

£ 475


Click on the picture to enlarge .

£ 275

Spitfire Tail Leg (pg1 UC)

Here we have a Tail Leg From a Supermarine Spitfire

This was Recovered from Holland by Aviation Experts

Seen in Situ Below

Click on the pictures to enlarge .

Spitfire Tail Leg 2 * (pg1 UC)

Here is another original Spitfire tail leg in really nice original condition. These are much harder to find than the main undercarriage legs and rarely if ever appear in this condition.

 Please enlarge the pictures left to assess its overall condition.

Seen in Situ Below

£ 1275

Click on the picture to enlarge

Spitfire Tail Leg 3 *(pg1 UC)

Here we have a Tail Leg From a Supermarine Spitfire

£ 275

Click on the picture to enlarge

BF109G Tail Wheel Tire (pg1 UC)

Here we have a Tail Wheel Tyre From a BF109G

350x135 SPORN 8-8104C-4

£ 195

Click on the picture to enlarge

Seen in Situ Below


B17 Undercarriage Leg (pg1 UC)

Here we have an Undercarriage Leg from a B17 "Flying Fortress"

This is in a Nice Original Condition

It is Located in Holland and Can be Delivered to Mainland Europe at Cost

The B-17 began operations in World War II with the Royal Air Force in 1941 (but was not successful), and in the Southwest Pacific with the U.S. Army. The 19th Bombardment Group had deployed to Clark Field in the Philippines a few weeks before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor as the first of a planned heavy bomber buildup in the Pacific. Half of the group's B-17s were wiped out on 8 December 1941 when they were caught on the ground during refueling and rearming for a planned attack on Japanese airfields on Formosa. The small force of B-17s operated against the Japanese invasion force until they were withdrawn to Darwin, in Australia's Northern Territory. In early 1942, the 7th Bombardment Group began arriving in Java with a mixed force of B-17s and LB-30/B-24s.After the defeat in Java, the 19th withdrew to Australia where it continued in combat until it was sent back home by Gen. George C. Kenney when he arrived in Australia in mid-1942. In July 1942, the first USAAF B-17s were sent to England to join Eighth Air Force. Later that year two groups moved to Algeria to join Twelfth Air Force for operations in North Africa. The B-17s were primarily involved in the daylight precision strategic bombing campaign against German targets ranging from U-boat pens, docks, warehouses and airfields to industrial targets such as aircraft factories. In the campaign against German aircraft forces in preparation for the invasion of France, B-17 and B-24 raids were directed against German aircraft production while their presence drew the Luftwaffe fighters into battle with Allied fighters.

Early models proved to be unsuitable for combat use over Europe and it was the B-17E that was first successfully used by the USAAF. The defence expected from bombers operating in close formation alone did not prove effective and the bombers needed fighter escorts to operate successfully.

During World War II, the B-17 equipped 32 overseas combat groups, inventory peaking in August 1944 at 4,574 USAAF aircraft worldwideB-17s dropped 580,631 metric tons of bombs on European targets

Due to the Weight of this Item Please Contact Us for a Delivery Quote


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Click Here to see this in Pilot Equipment

Harvard/ T-6 Texan Hydraulic Hand Pump (pg 1 Pilot)

Here we have a Hydraulic Hand Pump as used in the North American T-6 Texan Trainer Aircraft

It is located to the LHS of the Pilot next to the Seat

It is used as an alternative to the Power Driven Hydraulic System to operate the Hydraulic Pump that controls the undercarriage and Brakes

Part Number 55-58024-2

The Handle does not move so sold for display only

Seen Below in Situ on the LHS of the Cockpit



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