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Welcome to the What's New section, every new addition to the website will be listed here. If you are purchasing three or more items please contact us for discounted delivery charges.  Please be sure to check What's New on a regular basis as new items are added daily. 

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What's new 8 starts from 10 May 2013 for previous new listings this link What's new page 7

2013 is the 70th anniversary of the famous 617 Squadron Dambuster raid.

Updated 10th May 2013

  Spitfire Rudder Pedals (pg3 cont)

PRU Spitfire hydrostatic fuel gauge (Instruments pg 8 Fuel gauges 60)

WWI RFC SE5A (pg1 controls)

P38 Piston (pg 1 Relics)

8Lb Boost Gauge  (Instruments page 4 Boost gauge 40)

Lancaster Bomb selector (pg1 arm)

 P38 Lightening flap trim (Instruments 17 Trim gauge 8)

(Instruments 17 Trim gauge 9)

Ignition test switch (page 1 elec)

Fighter/Spitfire Magneto switch 2 (page 1 elec)

Updated 13th May 2013

WWI RFC Wheel (pg1 U/C)

Typhoon/Tempest canopy (pg1 Can)

25 Lb Fighter Bomber Bomb (pg2 arm)

20Lb Practice bomb (pg2 arm)

Original Spitfire Gun Button (pg2 arm)

Belly, Aux and Main Fuel cock (pg1 fuel)

Signal Corps radio control box Bc-450-A (pg4 Rad)

Merlin Con Rod (pg1 Pwr)

Updated 14th May 2013

Spitfire Spade grip AH 8068 (pg1 cont)

Spitfire control column top (pg1 cont)

Original Spitfire Rocker Gun Button (pg2 arm)

Updated 3rd June 2013

RFC WWI Altimeter (Ins pg3 Altimeter 2 ) 

Spitfire undercarriage selector (pg1 cont)

Spitfire reproduction undercarriage indicators (Page16 Undercarriage indicators 13)

Updated 10th June 2013

Original Hurricane Pilot seat Pg1 Pilot)

3.5 inch M20 Bazooka Sight (pg1 SAS)

Dunkirk Little ship Devon Girl porthole's and cleats (pg1 misc)

MK I Vickers .303 Water-cooled machine gun on tripod. (pg 1 SAS)

Updated 28th June 2013

Mk II Reflector Reflector Gunsight signed by Jonnie Johnson (pg1 Gun)

B17 Fuel selector (Instruments pg 8 Fuel gauges 62)

Updated 16th July 2013

Vought Corsair throttle Quadrant (pg1 cont)

MK VIII C Oxy Regulator dated 1941 (pg11 Oxygen gauges 2)

Updated 23rd September 2013

Wartime Japanese aircraft compass (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 5)

Original Spitfire trim gauge (Instruments 17 Trim gauge 1)

Original Blind flying panel  (pg 21 ins) 

Mk II  Gunsight (pg1 Gun)

Hawker Hurricane Control grip (pg1 cont)

Updated 27th September 2013

Hurricane control column top (pg1 cont)

Typhoon main wheel Wheel (p1 U/C)

Voltmeter 20 volts (Instruments 18 Volt and Ammeter 13)

Triple Brake Gauge (Instruments pg 10 Brake gauges 14 )

Early Spitfire Rev Counter 1940 (Pg 13 Instruments Rev Counter 37)

Early round Oil Temp Gauge (Page 14 temp gauges 18)

Early round Radiator Temp Gauge (Page 14 temp gauges 18)

Mk I Dated 1940 Artificial Horizon (Instruments pg 7 directional indicators and Art Horizon 9)

Mk V Spitfire cowling relic (pg1 relics)

1000 Lb G Type Bomb hoist (pg4 arm)

Pictures from this years Battle of Britain living history show link

Updated 16th October 2013

Spitfire Spares visit to Arnhem 2013 link

Spitfire Mk IX MJ 170 (pg 2 relic nos 1 to 20)

Updated 21st October 2013

Original Luftwaffe Labels (pg 21 Instruments)

Hawker Typhoon Relics  (pg 2 relic nos 22 to 33)

Hawker Sea Fury panel  (pg 2 relic nos 34)

FW 190 instrument panel  (pg 2 relic nos 35)

Updated 22nd October 2013

Arnhem Dakota C 47 nos 42-100896 gear unit (pg 1 controls)

 Halifax Control Yoke (pg 1 controls)

Luftwaffe WWII ammeter (Instruments 18 Volt and Ammeter 14)

WWII Luftwaffe Climb and descend (Instruments pg 5 Climb and descend 4)

Luftwaffe He 219 A JU 88 air temp gauge (Page 14 temp gauges 20)

Luftwaffe FW 200 Dual engine and exhaust temp gauge  (Page 14 temp gauges 20)

Me 262 He 162 Fuel pressure gauge (instruments page12 Pressure gauges 34)

Updated 23rd October 2013

B17 servo unit type 15601-1-A (pg2 cont)

FW 190 Harness strap (pg 2 pilot)

Pilot Seat harness 8 (pg 2 pilot)

Deelen airfield Luftwaffe landing marker (pg1 misc)

B17 Master compass auto pilot (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 2)

Original Boxed WWI RFC MK II 259 Compass (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 2)

BF 109 Luftwaffe oxygen valve (pg1 oxy)

FW 190 Luftwaffe oxygen valve(pg1 oxy)

Hawker Typhoon leading edge light cover 1 (pg1 air)

Hawker Typhoon leading edge light cover 2 (pg1 light)

Updated 25th October 2013

Stuka JU 87 altimeter (Ins pg3 Altimeter 1 ) 

Short Stirling head and piston from Arnhem (pg 2 relic nos 36)

BF 109 De Icing switch (pg 3 cont)

 Luftwaffe FW190 A 8 pilot's parachute backpack part (pg1Pilot Equipment)

FW 190 Arnhem relic (pg 2 relic nos 37)

Updated 28th October 2013

V2 A5 Rocket rudder  (pg1 Rocket)

V1 tail unit (pg1 Rocket)

V1 Giro auto pilot mounting tray(pg1 Rocket)

FW 190/BF 109 relic with fuel filter (pg 2 relic nos 37)

BF 110 radio antena insulator (pg 2 relic nos 39)

Browning .30 calibre MG 1938  (pg1 Arm)

Updated 29th October 2013

Original Spitfire frame parts 1-25 (pg 2 air)

Updated 30th October 2013

The Acacialaan Arhem chair The Bridge to far (pg1 misc)

Hawker Typhoon Seat Armour Arnhem (pg1Pilot Equipment)

FW 190 main wheel (pg1 U/C)

Updated 31st October 2013

.303 and 30 calibre bullet linking tool (pg1 Arm)

.303 30 calibre cleaning Kit  and spares (pg1 Arm)

V1 Igniter unit (Pg1 Rocket)

Updated 12th November 2013

Vickers Wellington Bomb release gear (pg2 arm)

Spitfire reproduction airframe parts 1 to 8 (pg 2 air)

Original Spitfire airframe 26 (pg 2 air)

Short Stirling head from Arnhem (pg 2 relic nos 40)

Updated 14th November 2013

V1 Rocket Relics from our Trip to  Arnhem

V1 Height Controller (pg1 Rocket)

V1 Wiring (pg1 Rocket)

V1 Pressure Distributor 2 (pg1 Rocket)

V1 Pressure Distributor 1 (pg1 Rocket)

V1 Height Setting  (pg1 Rocket)

V1 Tray Piece  (pg1 Rocket)

V1 Engine Pipe  (pg1 Rocket)

V1 Fuel Filter  (pg1 Rocket)

V1 Wooden Nose Cone Cover Fragment  (pg1 Rocket)

V1 Aileron Spring  (pg1 Rocket)

V1 Regulator  (pg1 Rocket)

Updated 15th November 2013

Original Spitfire Canopy (pg1 canopy)

Luftwaffe master compass/giro (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 26)

V1 Rocket motor intake (pg1 Rocket)

V1 Giro auto pilot mounting tray 2 (pg1 Rocket)

V1  Engine part 3(pg1 Rocket)

V1  Rocket skin (pg1 Rocket)

V1  Engine part 4 (pg1 Rocket)

Updated 15th November 2013

Typhoon  60Lb Rocket (pg1 arm)

Typhoon Rocket attachment bracket (pg1 arm)

Rocket rail attachment 1  (pg1 arm)

Rocket rail attachment 2  (pg1 arm)

Rocket rail attachment 2  (pg1 arm)

Mk II Rocket rail  (pg1 arm)

Updated 5th December 2013

WWI RFC Aero Altimeter (Ins pg3 Altimeter 29) 

Original MK VII Spitfire Wing tip (pg1 air)

Updated 10th December 2013

Spitfire De icing pump(pg1 controls)

Vickers Fuel Cock 3 (pg1 fuel)

Updated 17th December 2013

Original WWI RFC Aircraft Type Lewis Gun Manual (pg1 manuals)

December 2013 Jets and Post war aircraft pages are back.

We have a huge stock of Early Jet and post war aircraft parts in stock these are now being listed over the coming weeks a few pages are now available for inspection.

Click the link under

RAF Portable Telephone exchange  (pg1 rad)

Merlin Piston and Conrod A (pg1 pwr)

Updated 28th December 2013

 Grumman Hellcat Pressure gauge (instruments page12 Pressure gauges 35)

Updated 2nd January 2014

97 Squadron 1941 Pattern flying boots (pg1Pilot Equipment)

BF 108 Complete aircraft  (pg1 air)

Price reduced


Including the engine and prop see this link for the engine.

Updated 8th January 2014

Hurricane Aileron Control drum (Pg1 cont)

Spitfire Harness release (pg2 cont)

Updated 9th January 2014

Original Supermarine type 224 F7/30 Seat part (pg 2 air)

Original Spitfire seat part (pg 2 air)

Reproduction Spitfire seat part (pg 2 air)

Updated 20th January 2014

Limited Edition Print signed by Eleven RAF Battle of Britain Fighter Pilots (pg1 misc)

RAF Kings crown Car badge (pg1 misc)

Updated 21st January 2014

Complete Lancaster Bomb aimers panel (pg1 arm)

400 MPH ASI Spitfire/Hurricane (pg 2 ins Ref ASI 1)

Updated 24th January 2014

RAF Fighter Pilots K  Type  Dinghy   27c/1927 (pg1 Pilot)

Updated 28th January 2014

CH-47 Release Mechanism (Jet Airframe)

Flight Refuelling Ltd Float Switch (Jet Fuel)

Fuel Vent Valve (Jet Fuel)

De Havilland Cold Air Unit (Jet Miscellaneous)

Flow Control Valve (Jet Miscellaneous)

AGM-12 Missile Control Grip (Jet Arm)

Fluid Pressure Switch (Jet Electrical)

General Electric Relay Switch (Jet Electrical)

Frequency Control Unit (Jet Rad)

Westland Scout/Wasp Artificial Horizon Mk.5 (Jet Instruments)

Updated 30th January 2014

Fuse Box (Jet Electrical)

Transformer (Jet Electrical)

Plessey  Relay (Jet Electrical)

Klixon Circuit Breaker (Jet Electrical)

Circuit Breaker (Jet Electrical)

Radar/Radio Socket (Jet Rad)

Radio Anti Vibration Mount (Jet Rad)

Updated 03 February 2014

Pilots Seat pack parachute  (pg1 Pilot)

Updated 10th February 2014

Hurricane Control Column (pg1 Controls)

Instruments Aeronautical Engineering series (pg 1 manuals)

Updated 12th February 2014

BBMF Lancaster wing spar (pg1 air)

Original Hurricane Merlin XX plate (pg1 pwr)

1937 Spitfire/Hurricane Clock (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 33)

Updated 3rd March 2014

Battle of Britain Signed limited edition print of 92 Squadron Spitfires (pg1 Misc)

Framed Print of Mk IX Spitfires of 611 Squadron (pg1 Misc)

Limited Edition Battle of Britain scene print Head to head (pg1 Misc)

Bolton Paul Defiant Night fighter print (pg1 Misc)

Ypres WWI 6lbTank Shell case (pg1 SAS)

Ypres 1907 Pattern British Bayonet (pg1 SAS)

Ypres WWI British wire cutters (pg1 SAS)

Ypres WWI 18 Lb Shell case  1 (pg1 SAS)

Hooge Crater 18Lb Shell cap 1 (pg1 SAS)

Ypres Shrapnel Soldier (pg1 SAS)

Trench Tool 1945 (pg1 SAS)

Updated 4th March 2014

Pitman's Ground Gen For Airmen (pg3 pilot)

Pitman's Air Training Mathematics  (pg3 pilot)

Pitman's The Aeroplane Simply Explained (pg3 pilot)

Pitman's Camouflage Simply Explained (pg3 pilot)

Pitman's Flying Simply Explained (pg3 pilot)

Elementary Flying Training (pg3 pilot)

Aircraft Identification Friend or Foe? (pg3 pilot)

Aircraft Recognition (pg3 pilot)

German and Italian Aircraft How to Spot Them (pg3 pilot)

British Aircraft How to Spot Them (pg3 pilot)

R.A.F Parade: A War Record of Achievement (pg3 pilot)

BBC at War (pg3 pilot)

Original Castle Bromwich Spitfire factory Entertainment minutes book (pg1 Misc)

Spot them in the Air (pg3 pilot)

Air Training Corps Gazette (pg3 pilot)

Air Sea Rescue (pg3 pilot)

Bartholomew Aircraft in Action (pg3 pilot)

Britain's Wonderful Fighting Forces (pg3 pilot)

Updated 5th March 2014

Rotor Tutor Morse Indicator (pg3 pilot)

WWII Aero Modeller No. 81(pg3 pilot)

WWII Aero Modeller No. 82(pg3 pilot)

WWII Aero Modeller No. 83(pg3 pilot)

WWII Aero Modeller No. 84(pg3 pilot)

WWII Aero Modeller No. 86(pg3 pilot)

WWII Aero Modeller No. 88(pg3 pilot)

WWII Aero Modeller No. 91(pg3 pilot)

WWIIAero Modeller No. 92(pg3 pilot)

An A.B.C of Model Aircraft Construction(pg3 pilot)

Base Unit for Whip Type Aerial (pg 2 rad)

Updated 6th March 2014

The electrical Pages have now been re organised to make parts easier to find check them out on this link

Landing light motor control (pg1 lighting)

Lancaster Beam approach Switch (pg4 Rad)

Glass areal insulator  (pg4 Rad)

Compass corrector (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 48)

De-icing Pump Motor ( Nos 12 Electrical Misc pg 1)

Lancaster Aircraft Suppressor ( Nos 13 Electrical Misc pg 1)

Fire Suppression Time Delay Switch ( Nos 23 Electrical Misc pg 1)

Fire Detection Unit ( Nos 24 Electrical Misc pg 1)

Voltage Regulator ( Nos 25 Electrical Misc pg 1)

Clear Receiver Box (pg1 lighting)

D-Day Commemorative Zippo Lighter (pg1 misc)

Mk II Reflector Gunsight (pg1 Gun)

Trench art 3"Inch Howitzer shell ash tray (Pg 1 SAS)

Trench art 75mm M8 Shell shell ash tray (Pg 1 SAS)

Trench Art Brass Book ends (pg2 misc)

Trench Art Spitfire on stand (pg2 misc)

Trench Art Spitfire on stand 2 (pg2 misc)

Updated 11th March 2014

Mk.2 Brodie Helmet (pg 1 SAS)

Battle of Britain MG15 Gunners Tool Kit Case (pg1Pilot Equipment)

Buying from us is now easier you can check out straight through PayPal with no form to fill in.

Updated 14th March 2014

We now have a search facility.


You can also check out straight to PayPal without having to fill in a form.

Updated 24th March 2014

Spitfire AR 403 seat Armour  (pg1Pilot Equipment)

Original Fighter Pilot drawing 1  (pg1 misc)

Original Fighter Pilot drawing 2   (pg1 misc)

Original Wartime 1 note  (pg1 misc)

Spitfire control column chain guards (pg3 cont)

Mk II Giro Gunsight Sun Shield (pg1 Gun)

Spitfire fuel filter (pg1 fuel)

 Fuel cock 27F/1991  (pg1 fuel)

Three way Fuel cock  (pg1 fuel)

Vickers Fuel cock 2  (pg1 fuel)

Updated 1st April 2014

Mk II Oval top Barr and Stroud Ltd Reflector  Gunsight (pg1 Gun)

Spitfire Undercarriage lever 2 (pg1 UC)

Boeing B17 Flying Fortress rudder pedals  (pg2 controls)

Hawker Typhoon seat frame (pg2 controls)

Spitfire Undercarriage lock (pg1 UC)

1930s Twin Magneto switch 5C/341 (nos 60 page 2 ele)

1930s magneto switch 5C/625 (Nos 59 Electrical switches (nos 61 page 2 ele)

Oil Thermometer transmitter 6A/1089 ( Nos 27 Electrical Misc pg 1)

Boeing B17 Flying Fortress navigators seat (pg1 Pilot)

You can now pay with Credit or debit card via our shopping cart.

Updated 4th April 2014

90% Complete Crash damaged B17 Sperry ball Turret for restoration for sale contact us for details

New Relics page 3

Seafire Mk III NN 618 Catapult Hook (pg 3 relic nos 1)

Seafire Mk III NN 618 Gun Breach (pg 3 relic nos 2)

Bristol Blenheim R3912 Carburettor (pg 3 relic nos 3)

Bristol Blenheim R3912 generator (pg 3 relic nos 3)

Bristol Blenheim R3912 K Gass (pg 3 relic nos 4)

Bristol Blenheim R3912 Magneto (pg 3 relic nos 5)

Lancaster Main Wing Spar (pg 3 relic nos 6)

Updated 8th April 2014

P47 Thunderbolt Razor Back canopy frame (pg1 can)

Mosquito MM 150 Merlin cam follower (pg 3 relic nos 8)

Mosquito MM 150 Merlin Piston and rod (pg 3 relic nos 9)

Mosquito MM 150 Merlin Piston and block  and rod (pg 3 relic nos 10)

Mosquito RF 966 piston and rod (pg 3 relic nos 11)

Updated 23rd April 2014

B17 Flying Fortress 8 Ball III The 303rd BG Wing section  (pg1 air)

B17 Flying Fortress ball Turret parts 1 to 9 (Pg 5 Armaments)

Updated 7th May 2014

Battle of France Hurricane escape door and Original Pilots Log book (pg1 air)

Oxygen Regulator (pg11 Oxygen gauges 34)

Instructors Air Speed Indicator (pg 2 ins ASI 37)

3 Way Switch (Nos 63 Electrical switches page 2 ele)

RAAF CAC Wirraway Spade Grip (pg5 cont)

B 17 flying Fortress Ball Turret Part 10-16 (pg5 Armaments )

Updated 8th May 2014

B 17 flying Fortress Ball Turret Part 17-19 (pg5 Armaments )

Oxygen Diluter Demand Regulator (pg11 Oxygen gauges 35)

Spare Parts for Gyro Gunsight Mark 2 Dated 1944 (pg1 Gun)

Storage Box for Mk 11C Gunsight (pg1 Gun)

Updated 9th May 2014

B 17 flying Fortress Ball Turret Part 20 - 23 (pg5 Armaments )

C 47 Dakota door from Arnhem (pg1 air)

Updated 12th May 2014

B17 Flying Fortress K4 Automatic Ball Turret Gunsight (pg3 gun) 

Automatic Computing Gunsight manual for K-3 K-4 and K 9 (pg3 gun)

 Auto Pilot Oil reservoir A/M 6H/1250  (pg2 cont)

B 17 flying Fortress Ball Turret  (pg5 Armaments )

B 17 flying Fortress Ball Turret Part 24 - 30 (pg5 Armaments )

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