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Welcome To


The 3rd Battle of Britain living History Show August 31st to 1st September 2013

Sign up for updates by email link

The site is WSRA Fields Norton Fitzwarren Taunton TA4 1BH

How to find us link

We welcome Re enactors and Displays, Military Vehicles, Steam engines and Vintage agricultural Vehicles, Classic cars, wartime scale modellers and traders.

Free entry to the show for the above with free camping, entertainment and concessions.

If you wish to attend this years show please email me or contact me on 07540530645

Applications forms for 2013 show can now be downloaded from the links shown under

Re Enactors Form LINK

Military Vehicle Form LINK

Trade Stand Form LINK

Trade stands cost 80 for the weekend unless you have agreed a concession

If you are unable to download these forms or are not sure which one you should fill in please contact me with your name and address and one will be sent by post.

The 3rd Battle of Britain Living History display program.

 10am show gates open and close at 6pm 1940's music will be played throughout the day.

Events in the main Arena

Weapons display

Military Vehicle Parade

Main Event Spitfire scramble with simulated airfield invasion supported by special effects

Large Scale Model tank Display

New For 2014

Next years show will offer prizes for the best living history display 

100 for first 

50 for second place 

25 for third. 

We will also be giving prizes for the best military Vehicle. The winners will be selected by public vote. You car pass number will be displayed and the public will use this number to vote. To ensure we get the public voting one will also get a prize for selecting the winner, the winning ticket to be drawn from a hat

Just a few pictures from this years show many more to be uploaded. Sorry I would love to give credit to the people who took them but have so many they have got muddled if you spot your picture email me and i will give you credit. If anyone has more they what posted use the same link to send them to me.

Email me

Three Planes Ready to Scramble at a moments notice...

Jasmine Ballardie, Taunton.

Looking out For Danger on the Horizon

Jasmine Ballardie, Taunton.

Enemy Aircraft Make light work of the Airfield Fuel Supply

Arthur Cook, Blitz and Peaces

Flight Crew Preparing the Planes for a Night Time Escort

Monique Bass, Battle4Europe

A Surprise Visit From the Steam Engine

Pilot Richard Bass Ready for Take Off

Monique Bass, Battle4Europe

Getting Everything Ready for the Pilots

Monique Bass, Battle4Europe

Air Vice Marshall Has a Encouraging Word with the Pilots

All Back Safe and Sound after a Successful Flight

1/6 Scale Tanks Show that they are just as powerful as their larger counterparts

Jasmine Ballardie, Taunton.

German Tank Showing What it can do During the Display 

Jasmine Ballardie, Taunton.

They may be Small but the are Defiantly Still Mighty

Jasmine Ballardie, Taunton.

Checking On Repairs With the Ground Crew

Monique Bass, Battle4Europe

Blitz and Peaces do Laurel and Hardy

Jasmine Ballardie, Taunton.

Flight Engineer Checks all is ok before takeoff

Richard Pentney, Taunton

A Fine Example of Russian Engineering 

Jasmine Ballardie, Taunton.

Pilots Resting Back at Base

Monique Bass, Battle4Europe

A Large Selection of Armored Vehicles Patrol the Arena 

Jasmine Ballardie, Taunton


The Crowd Looks on in Amazement as the Stukas Attack

Another near Miss

Servicemen and Women always have time for the local rag


A German War Display

Jasmine Ballardie, Taunton.

Bedford RL 

Jasmine Ballardie, Taunton.


Look at all that Fire!!!

Reporting Back to base 

Jasmine Ballardie, Taunton.

American and Australian Soldiers working together in France

Jasmine Ballardie, Taunton.


A Good Serviceman always keeps his kit handy

Jasmine Ballardie, Taunton.


USMC are always on Hand

Jasmine Ballardie, Taunton.


All the Tools set out for the Field Hospital

Jasmine Ballardie, Taunton.

A Very Deadly MG42 and Panzerschreck Rocket Launcher Showing the Might of the German Army

Jasmine Ballardie, Taunton.


1942 Willys Jeep Painted in Desert SAS Colors Complete with Vickers K Machine Guns  

Jasmine Ballardie, Taunton.

Going Through the Repair Checklist for the Hurricane

Monique Bass, Battle4Europe


Anticipation Before the Main Event


The Reenactments are in Full Swing Throughout the Day



Laying Down Covering Fire for the Russian Troops


Even though there's a war on there is still time for a dance or two


Reo M35 With Owner Graham Adlam During Military Vehicle Display



In the Russian Camp Order is Maintained throughout the Day


 Saturday night 1940's party 

This years entertainment on Saturday night after the show closes will be for Exhibitors, traders and staff with concessions in the Beer tent

 Spitfire start ups. 

Spitfire start ups. These can be booked through Richard Bass at the Spitfire RAF display. Please note there is a charge of 35 to cover fuel and maintenance. The 27Ltr Rolls Royce engine  engine burns between 1 to 1 1/2 gallons a minute of 100 octane aviation fuel. You will be able to sit in the cockpit for around 20 minutes and start up and run the engine for two minutes. This is the maximum time it can be run before it starts to over heat. There are limited slots as the engine takes a long time to cool down so booking times are approximate. First come first served. 

Dicky Bass and the battle for Europe crew will be setting up their display around the Spitfire at this years show.

All re enactors, displays and military vehicle owners will be admitted free to the show, camping and evening party. You must have booked in and must be part of a display, walk in re enactors who are not booked in should apply for tickets.

map with new location now available for download on how to find us link under

How to find us link

Show Rules health and safety link


Lastly we hope you enjoy www.SpitfireSpares.com and look forward to hearing from you.

Graham Adlam
Spitfires Spares
Site owner




Videos from previous shows

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