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What's New 5

Welcome to the What's New section, every new addition to the website will be listed here. If you are purchasing three or more items please contact us for discounted delivery charges.  Please be sure to check What's New on a regular basis as new items are added daily. 

Please note Pre War 1939 and 1940 dated instruments have been moved to a new page if the links under do not take you to the instrument you are looking for check the new page

If you want to be kept updated about "What's New" by email click on this link and I will add you to our mailing list. Every time new items are listed you will receive an email with details and links.

Items listed before 28/09/09 on next page

Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Gun turret trigger (pg1 Arm)

1940 Gunners safety belt (pg1 Arm)


Ammo Pouch (pg1 Arm)

.303 Ammo belt(pg3 arm)

480 MPH ASI Spitfire 2 (pg 4 ins)

Directional indicator (pg 4 ins)

Watch Holder (pg12 ins)

Blind flying panel rectangular (pg 21 ins) 

Blind flying panel Curved top (pg 21 ins) 

Oil Pressure gauge MK XII b 3(pg5 ins)

Spitfire Gun Sight Dimmer switch (pg1 ele)

Button with cover (pg1 ele)

Triple switch box (pg1 elec)

Fuse Box (pg1 ele)

Socket AM 5C1044 (pg2 ele)

Socket AM 5C1042 (pg2 ele)

P11 Compass (pg10 ins)


FN 4 Turret cupola (pg1 arm)


F5 Hawker Siddeley Hunter control stick (class 1)

Mk IA Turn &Slip Indicator (pg7 ins)


Typhoon/Tempest ASI (pg12 ins)

Mk 19 Spitfire Windscreen (pg1 can)


Spitfire Canopy 2 (pg1 can)

Spitfire Canopy 3 (pg1 can)

Original Spitfire Canopy 4 (pg1 can)

Spitfire Canopy 5 (pg1 can)

Spitfire Canopy 6(pg1 can)

Spitfire Canopy 1 (pg1 can)

118 Squadron Pistol Holster (pg1 Arm)

Halifax Fuel Gauge (pg 15 ins)

Halifax Fuel Gauge 2 (pg 15 ins)

Wellington Fuel Gauge (pg 15 ins)

RAAF Fuel Gauge(pg 15 ins)

Link Trainer panel (pg 21 ins) 

Spitfire Control Column Top (pg1 cont)

Reflector Gun sight Turret (pg1gun)

Reflector Gunsight Plug (pg1 gun)


Update 9/10/09 Hydraulics completed prop now spins from 0 to 800 RPM see page 4


50 Call Browning MG  (pg1 arm)

Hispano Aero Engine (pg1 Class)


RFC WWI Altimeter (ins 23)

Hurricane/Spitfire tail light (pg1 light)


Spitfire Turn and slip (pg1 ins)

P8 Compass (pg1 ins)

Mk XIII Altimeter (pg2ins)

Triple Brake Gauge 3,4 and 5  (pg3 ins)


Reproduction Spitfire U/C indicator (pg1ins)

P10 Compass in box (pg6 ins)

P8 Compass 2 (pg1 ins)

Early Spitfire Rev Counter (pg7 ins)

Spitfire RPM Mk IX G (pg7 ins)

Climb and Descend indicator  (pg 8 ins)

Climb and Descend indicator 2 (pg 8 ins)

Fuel Pressure gauge (pg 8 ins)

Yellow Oil Temp Gauge 12v 1 (pg8 ins)

550 MPH ASI (pg8 ins)


16Lb Boost gauge dated 1939 1 (pg 23 ins)

16Lb Boost gauge dated 1940 4 (pg 23 ins)

Radiator Temp Gauge with capillary 1939 (pg 23 ins)

Fuel Pressure gauge with capillary 1940 (pg 23 ins)

Fuel Pressure gauge long cap (pg10 ins)

Short capillary Yellow Oil pressure gauge (pg10 ins)

Lancaster Turret Emergency Rotation valve 2 (pg1 Arm)

Lancaster Bomb Computer (pg1 Arm)

USAF Gun Turret Control Valve (pg4 arm)

De Havilland Hornet Fuel gauge (pg10 ins)


Radio radar Switch (pg3 rad)

Pilots harness (pg2 pilot)


Wellington Fuel Gauge (pg5 ins)

Mosquito  Fuel gauge (pg5 ins)

Lancaster Fuel gauge 2 (pg5 ins)

Lancastrian Fuel gauge 3 (pg5 ins)

Lancaster overload tank gauge (pg5 ins)

8 day Clock (pg7 ins)

White faced ASI(pg5 ins)

MK II Reflector Gunsight 2 (pg1 Gun)

Ace Maker Giro Gunsight (pg1 gunsight)

The Wedding of Wayne and Debbie Chivers 24th of  October 2009 (click here)


Spitfire Rocker Gun Button (pg2 arm)

Reproduction MK V Spitfire onwards spade grip (pg1 cont)

Harvard Spade grip (pg1 cont)

Original Hurricane/Whirlwind Spade Grip 2 (pg2 cont)


5 way switch (pg1 ele)

Mk 1 Vickers Wellington Front Gunners seat and Turret Perspex (pg4 arm)


Hurricane U/C Selector assembly (pg2 cont)

Airspeed Oxford/Mosquito Control Column and yoke(pg2 cont)

Updated 17/11/09

Merlin XX restoration update Here

Radar Indicating unit (pg3 rad)

USAF Radio Selector (pg3 rad)

USAF Dolls Eye (pg3 rad)

Updated 18/11/09

Original Spitfire Spade grip(pg1 cont)

Bristol Blenheim/Bolingbroke (pg2 cont)

Bristol Blenheim/Bolingbroke Control Column (pg2 cont)

Updated 20/11/09

Altimeter for Glider (pg11 ins)

Fuel Flow Meter (pg11 ins)

Boost gauge 24Lbs 2(pg11 ins)

Village Inn Cathode Ray tube and control box (pg3 gun)

Updated 23/11/09

Spitfire Gunsight bulb holder (pg1 light)

Updated 24/11/09

Camera counter (pg3 elec)

Spit etc inertia cut-out 2 mint (pg3 ele)

Spitfire fuse Box (pg3 ele)

Spitfire Cut-out accumulator (pg 3 ele)

Dummy Stowage (pg3 ele)

Updated 26/11/09

Spitfire Fuel gauge bracket (pg1 fuel)

Pilots harness 2-6 (pg2 pilot)

Hurricane Undercarriage change over switch (pg3 ele)

Undercarriage change over switch 2 (pg3 ele)

Bomb Jettison switch cover (pg3 ele)

Blind flying panel Curved top (pg 21 ins) 

Updated 30/11/09

Bristol Centaurus Cylinder(pg1 pwr)

Bomber Pilot Seat harness 1 (pg3 Pilot)

Pilots harness 7 (pg2 pilot)

Typhoon/Tempest Floor panels(pg1 air)

Typhoon/ Tempest Windscreen assembly (pg1 air)

TR9 Receiver (pg 1 rad)

R.F Unit 2 for Gee B (pg1 rad)

Updated 04/12/09

V1 Flying Bomb tail (pg1 Rock)

1133 Radio Dyno power unit (pg3 rad)

Type R1125 Beam approach  (pg3 rad)

Rolls Royce Merlin Engine plate 2 (pg1 Pwr)

Seat Harness recoil unit (pg2 pilot equ)

MK VIII A Oxygen Regulator 1940 (pg 23 ins)

P12 Compass(pg12 ins)

Merlin Pilots notes (pg1 pilot)

Hawker Typhoon Throttle components (pg1 cont)

Hawker Typhoon Radiator shutter control (pg1 cont)

Updated 07/12/09

Lancaster Bomb selector (pg1 arm)

Updated 14/12/09

20Lb Boost gauge(pg9 ins)

MK VIII A Oxy Regulator 1939 (pg 23 ins)

Updated 4/12/10

Mk 111/A Reflector Gunsight (pg2 Gun)

24Lb Boost gauge(pg3 ins)

Updated 5/1/10

Battle Of Britain Oval Gunsight (pg2 Gun)

Cambera Bomb Rack (pg2arm)

MK X Oxygen regulator (pg12 ins)

Bomber Pilot seat harness 4 (pg3 Pilot)

Updated 27/01/10

P8 Compass (pg1 ins)

P8 Compass 2 (pg1 ins)

Canadian Fuel gauge (pg2 ins)

Kollsman Altimeter (pg2ins)

XIII D Altimeter C (pg2 ins)

Triple Brake Gauge 6 (pg3 ins)

Triple Brake Gauge 7 (pg3 ins)

14 Gallon Fuel gauge with capillary (pg4 ins)

Directional indicator 2 (pg 4 ins)

Luftwaffe Clock(pg5 ins)

 Climb and descend indicator 3 (pg5ins)

Mosquito/Spitfire 400 MPH(pg6 ins)

Mk XIV Spitfire Original fuel gauge (pg6 ins)

Mk 21/22 Spitfire Original fuel gauge (pg6 ins)

ORIGINAL 37 Gallon Spitfire Fuel gauge (pg6 ins)

Mk IA Turn &Slip Indicator 2 (pg7 ins)

Early Spitfire Rev Counter mint (pg7 ins)

Flexible RPM drive 1 (pg7 ins)

Updated 28/01/10

Air Temp Gauge  (pg 23ins)

MK IXB Rev Counter Gauge (pg 23ins)

16Lb Boost gauge dated 1939 3 (pg 23 ins)

16Lb Boost gauge dated 1938 4 (pg 23 ins)

240 ASI dated 1940 A (pg23 ins)

Round Fuel pressure gauge 1939 (ins 23)

Black Rad Temp gauge with capillary (pg9 ins)

Short capillary Yellow Oil pressure gauge 3, 4 and 5 (pg10 ins)

Radar Power Supply unit (pg2 rad)

Lancaster Bomb Computer 2 (pg1 Arm)

Lancaster Bomb pre selector 2 (pg2 arm)

Avro Lincoln Turret cupola  (pg3 arm)

Updated 31/01/10

Seafire Prop Blade 2 (pg1 prop)

Updated 1st February 2010

Mint Boxed on/off switches (pg2 ele)

Spitfire Starter Button covers (pg2 ele)

Early Bomb selector (pg4 arm)

Updated 2nd February 2010

Coarse and speed computer 1940 (pg3 pilot equip)

Seafire Prop Blade 2 (pg1 prop)

Irvin Fighter Pilot Parachute (pg1 pilot)

US Navy Bomb Hoist (pg4 arm)

Hurricane control Column (pg1 cont)

Village Inn Cathode Ray tube, control box and starter unit (pg3 gun)

Updated 2nd February 2010

Original Spitfire trim gauge (pg1 instruments)

Yes that right its an original Spitfire trim gauge

Updated 6th February 2010

1940 Battle of Britain dated Bomb mount (pg1 arm)

Updated 5th March 2010

400 Knots ASI(pg23 ins)

Luftwaffe Clock 2 (pg5 ins)

8 day Clock (pg7 ins)

P12 Compass 2 (pg12 ins)

Rolls Royce Merlin Engine plate (pg1 Pwr)

Original Spitfire/Hurricane engine plate (pg1 pwr)

Updated 6th March 2010

Brake grip attachment bolt (pg1 cont)

Updated 12th March 2010

Hawker Hurricane Fuel gauge (pg 6 ins)

Original Spitfire trim unit (pg1cont)

Updated 20th April 2010


 Bi Plane Spade Grip (pg1 Controls)

Battle of Britain Lysander grip (pg1 cont)

Mosquito Brake lever (pg1 controls)

Fleet Air Arm undercarriage indicator (pg2ins)

MK VII Spitfire Master switch (pg1 ele)

Original Spitfire cockpit light  (pg 1 lighting)

Drone station receiver box (pg1 Lighting)

Lancaster Bomb Jettison Lamp unit (pg1 lighting)

Battle of Britain Aircraft recognition AP 1764 (pg1 pilot)

IFF destruction push button covers (pg1 ele)

Updated 6th May 2010

See the prop on our Spitfire finally turning Click here

T4 Bombsight(pg4 arm)

Lancaster Bomb Aimer auto pilot (pg4 arm)

Rolls Royce Merlin Engine plate 2 (pg1 Pwr)

Rolls Royce Merlin Engine plate 3 (pg1 Pwr)

Battle of Britain dated scramble bell (pg1 misc)

Blind flying panel fittings (pg 21 ins) 

Original Blind flying panel brackets (pg 21 ins) 

Original Brake warning label (pg 21 ins) 

Bristol Sprockets (pg1 Pwr)

Mosquito undercarriage indicator (pg2 ins)

Updated 3rd June 2010

Latest events in 2010 attended by EN398 click for info and pictures.

Updated 6th July 2010

En309 at RAF Waddington Air show 3rd and 4th July 2010

Click for pictures

Updated 7th July 2010

Mosquito/Spitfire 480 MPH(pg6 ins)

Original Spitfire flap lever (pg2 cont)

Original Early Battle of France and Britain Hurricane spade grip (pg2 cont)

English Electric Lightning Grip (pg2 cont)

Updated 13th July 2010

Skid indicator MKIII (pg3 ele)

Connection unit 5c/1876 (pg4 ele)

Type R  Dimmer switch (pg4 ele)

Shakelton Four engine fuel priming switch (pg4 ele)

9 inch flare release control (pg4 ele)

9 inch flare release control (pg4 ele)

24 volt AC Generator (pg4 ele)

Type H Fuse box (pg4 ele)

Heavy Duty Plug 5C/486 (pg ele)

Heavy Duty switch (pg ele)

Large starter switch 5C/695(pg4 ele)

Twin lever Bendix Magneto ignition switch (pg4 ele)

Bomb Release switch and cable (pg4 ele)

Resistance relay box 5D/1165(pg4 ele)

A/M 5C/1034 Socket (pg4 ele)

Resistor 12 and 24 volts (pg4 ele)

Type TD-2 rotary switch (pg4 ele)

Updated 28th July 2010

Here are some pictures from the 2010 War and Piece Show.

Spitfire Mirror(pg1 Can)

1938 12 Hr Clock(pg23 ins)

Mk II Spitfire fuel cover (pg1 fuel SP)

Hurricane P2985 Piston and Rod (pg1 Pwr)

Seafire Seat Mount (pg1 air SP)

Reflector Rocket Mk II Gun Sight (pg1 Gun)

Updated 29th July 2010

8Lb Boost gauge (pg 4 ins)

 Climb and descend indicator 4 (pg5ins)

 Spitfire Rev Counter 3 (pg7 ins)

8 day Clock (pg7 ins)

Blank spring loaded switch cover (pg1 ele)

Original Spitfire Pilots notes (pg1 pilot)

Original Dakota Pilots notes (pg1 Pilot)

Updated 30th July 2010

Reproduction Oval Gun sight top (pg2 Gun)

Hurricane P2985 Cam shaft (pg1 Pwr)

31 pieces of Hurricane P2985 Merlin engine listed in the relics section

Updated 3rd August 2010

1940 Fuel Pressure sender (pg1 Fuel SP)

1940 dated Pesco Fuel Pump (pg1 fuel SP)

1942 dated Pesco Fuel Pump (pg1 fuel SP)

 Pesco Vacuum pump (pg1 fuel SP)

Updated 4th August 2010

Formica cable pulleys (pg 3 cont SP) 

Avro Anson U/C Pump (pg 3 cont SP)

Telexflex lever 1 (pg3 cont SP)

Telexflex lever 2 (pg3 cont SP)

CSU Unit Standard DH Prop (cont pg3 SP)

Standard Dunlop Brake control (pg3 cont SP)

Updated 17th August 2010

Spitfire Pito tube (pg1 ins SP)

Dive and Flap indicator (pg 4 ins)

Mk IA Turn &Slip Indicator 2 (pg7 ins)

Mae West life preserver 2 (pg2 Pilot)

Fighter Pilot Dummy parachute (pg3 Pilot)

Bomb Distributor(pg3 Arm)

Village Inn control (pg1 gun sight)

Updated 23rd August 2010

Spitfire U/C indicator (pg1ins)

Oil Pressure gauge (pg1 ins)

Mk IA Turn &Slip Indicator 3 (pg7 ins)

Smiths Altimeter (pg7 ins)

Directional Gyro Mk1. (3 pg20 ins)

Hawker Hurricane panel (pg21 ins)

Hawker Hurricane full size cockpit (pg1 air)

Vickers Wellington Prop Blade (pg1 prop)

Damyns Hall 2010

Updated 26th August 2010

Gibson Girl (pg3 rad)

1940 Fuel Trap Early Spitfire(pg1 Fuel SP)

Landing Light 2 (pg1 light)

Repro Spitfire Trim wheel (pg1 cont)

Spitfire Rudder trim tab (pg1 cont)

Teleflex control 2 (pg1 cont SP)

Updated 7th September 2010

P8 Compass 1 (pg1 ins)

P8 Compass 2 (pg1 ins)

Spitfire Rev Counter 4 (pg7 ins)

Spitfire Rev Counter 5 (pg7 ins)

Battle of Britain Spitfire Pito Tube (pg1 ins)

Spitfire Oxygen Valve 1 (pg1oxy)

Battle of France Irvin Flying leggings (pg2 pilot)

This is a collection of original wartime aircraft identification silhouettes. They are all in generally good condition although some are damaged at the edges please see the pictures. There is only one copy of each shown and that is the one you will receive on purchase. Typically these were used by aircrew to familiarise themselves with the aircraft they fought in and with.

Fairey Battle silhouette (pg3 pilot)

BF 109 silhouette (pg3 pilot)

BF 110 silhouette (pg3 pilot)

Blenheim IV silhouette (pg3 pilot)

FW 200 silhouette(pg3 pilot)

Defiant silhouette  (pg3 pilot)

DO 17 silhouette (pg3 pilot)

HE III silhouette  (pg3 pilot)

HE 115  silhouette  (pg3 pilot)

Ju88  silhouette (pg3 pilot)

Lysander  (pg3 pilot)

Manchester  silhouette  (pg3 pilot)

Stirling silhouette (pg3 pilot)

Swordfish silhouette  (pg3 pilot)

Tiger Moth silhouette  (pg3 pilot)

Whirlwind  silhouette  (pg3 pilot)

Whitley silhouette  (pg3 pilot)

Updated 8th September 2010

Spitfire Beam approach aerial 2 (pg3 rad)

Military Odesy 2010 click here

Updated 13th September 2010

Spitfire Documents and plans from Vickers Armstrong Technical Representative (pg1 misc)

Updated 15th September 2010

Mk II Reflector Oval Gunsight (pg2 Gun)

 Bi Plane Spade Grip (pg1 Controls)

Original Spitfire Spade grip(pg1 cont)

Updated 23rd September 2010

480 MPH ASI Spitfire (pg 4 ins)

Signed display stand and .303 Browning (pg3arm)

Updated 24th September 2010

Spitfire camera gun counter(pg2 cont)

Bomb Aimer/Navigators stop watch  (ins 23)

Updated 28th September 2010

Bofors anti aircraft sight ring (pg1 arm)

20MM Anti aircraft Gun Sight Mount (pg1 arm)

Complete Gunsight Mount, range pin and sight ring (pg1 arm)

Gunsight Anti aircraft ring (pg1 arm)

Updated 14th October 2010

1939 Clock(pg23 ins)

50 Call Anti Aircraft Mount(pg1 arm)

German Aces Montage 1 (pg2 misc)

German Aces Montage 2 (pg2 misc)

8 day Clock (pg7 ins)

Updated 20th October 2010

Kollsman Altimeter 2 (pg2ins)

Miles Master Throttle (pg4 cont)

480 MPH ASI Spitfire 2 (pg 4 ins)

Climb and Descend indicator 2 (pg 23 ins)

Junkers JU 88 Seat (pg1 pilot)

MK VIII Oxygen control valve (pg1 relic)

Updated 24th October 2010

Original Browning Mk II 303 machine gun 1(pg4 arm)

Original Browning Mk II 303 machine gun 2(pg4 arm)

Original Browning Mk II 303 machine gun 3(pg4 arm)

Working R1155 Radio and power unit (pg1 rad)

Updated 1st November 2010

Griffon Exhaust stubs (pg1 pwr) (pg1 pwr)

Le Rhone 110hp rotary engine (pg1 pwr)

Nieuport 17 Replica (pg1 air)

Updated 23rd December 2010

Sorry I haven't listed anything for a while been very busy making space for a new aircraft . Have just acquired the last remaining Hurricane built for the battle of Britain Film in 1969. Look out for a new page following its restoration in the new year. Have lots of exciting new items waiting to be listed. Hope you all have a great Christmas.

Hawker Typhoon Throttle box (pg1 cont)

Reproduction Spitfire U/C indicator Mk II (pg1ins)

Merlin Rocker Covers (pg2 pwr)

Spare Square Glass for MK II  Gunsight (pg2 Gun)

Hurricane Compass Card Holder (pg3 ins)

Spitfire RPM Mk IX G 2 (pg7 ins)




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