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The Spitfire Spares Mk IX Spitfire

Welcome to the Spitfire Spares Full scale  replica page

Latest events in 2010 attended by EN398

Damyns Hall 2010

This is a fantastic show with some of the most impressive flying displays of the season attended both by Spitfire and Hurricane. On the Saturday a Spitfire put on a superb fully aerobatic display. Also attended by a B17, Lancaster, C47 and numerous other flyers including some WWI aircraft. In addition there are lots of Military trade stands and loads of Military Vehicles.

Military Odesy 2010

Once again a fantastic show with a full range of displays from Vikings to Vietnam.

Under Cyril Howard a veteran of the wartime merchant navy, He has some amazing stories to tell.

He once received training on loading a four pounder gun on an armed merchantman, not having been on very many ships he wore studded boots. The ship had metal decks and as part of a four man team he was handed a live shell to pass to the loader. Once cradled in his arms he promptly slipped on the metal deck and fell flat on his back the shell still cradled in his arms.

Having found he could not move He looked around for help, no surprise when he found the deck empty the entire gun having run for cover. Once they realised the shell wasn't going to explode they helped Cyril back to his feet.

On another ship a ship mate decided to dry his large underpants on the rigging. There was a stiff breeze blowing and the pants gradually slid up the rigging until reaching the crows nest. Cyril could see the Captain fuming on the bridge at flying an unofficial white flag. he sent immediate orders to who ever was responsible to get them down. The unfortunate sailor proceeded to climb the mast but half way up froze in fear as the ship was rocking violently. Another crew member went aloft to bring him down.

Once again an attempt was made to retrieve the pants, a stick was used to dislodge them which it did. Unfortunately the wind caught them and splatted them hard right onto the bridge window where the Captain was turning purple with rage.

Pilots of 402 Squadron

Harris from Sharp enjoys a start up.

Rifleman Harris with 402 Squadron Pilots and crew chief

Just received this by email hot off the press. Pilots get all the Girls!!!!!!!!!!!





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