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What's New 4

Welcome to the What's New section, every new addition to the website will be listed here. If you are purchasing three or more items please contact us for discounted delivery charges.  Please be sure to check What's New on a regular basis as new items are added daily. 

Please note Pre War 1939 and 1940 dated instruments have been moved to a new page if the links under do not take you to the instrument you are looking for check the new page

Items listed before 21/01/09 on next page

Updated January 21st 2009

Spitfire/Hurricane engine plate (pg1 pwr)

Boxed Climb and descend indicator (pg5ins)

Oil Pressure gauge sender unit (pg5 ins)

Navigation light spare lenses (pg1 light)

Lancaster panel plan (pg1 air)


Westland Whirlwind Mod Plate (pg1 air)


1939 8 Day Clock(pg1 ins)

Climb and descend indicator 2 (pg5ins)

KI- Gass 1a Spitfire(pg1 fuel)

Spinner and back Plate(pg1 prop)


New page added

Rockets and Flying Bombs

This area of WWII aviation collecting is about as rare as it gets.

 Their are very few survivors of the V1 and V2 bearing this in mind surviving parts are rare.

It will include a selection of  models, and replicas as well as I hope some artefacts from the real weapons.   Pg1 Fly Bomb

Battle of Britain Spitfire Seat (pg1 Pilot)

New Oil Temp gauge 24v (pg4 ins)

480 MPH ASI Spitfire (pg 4 ins)

Dive and Flap indicator (pg 4 ins)

160MPH ASI Fairey Swordfish (pg5 ins)

Mosquito B IV Fuel gauge (pg5 ins)

Lancaster 500 gallon fuel gauge(pg5 ins)

V1 Scale model launch ramp(pg1 Rocket)

V1 Scale model(pg1 Rocket)

Hotspur Glider Leading edge (pg 1air)


Here we have series of reference books put together by Alan Hulme. These really are superb and I refer to them constantly to identify parts. They are the best set of reference manuals I have come across and a must for the serious collector. These are originals supplied to Spitfire Spares by Alan. Currently I only have one set of each so its first come first served.

Please note these are hard copies not CDs

Air Navigation Section III

FN 20A Turret

FN 50 Turret

Air Navigation Section III GEE

GEE MK II airborne Equipment

Instruments the Holly Grail for Spitfire Spares

Mk 14 Bombsight

Aircraft equipment Armament and Oxygen

All on reference page 1

FN-50 Mid Upper Lancaster Turret canopy (pg1 arm)

D F Aerial (pg 2 rad)

Vickers Varsity four Blade Spinner (pg1 prop)


MK I/II Spitfire panel (pg 21 ins) 


KI- Gass 1a Spitfire(pg1 fuel)

16Lb Boost gauge 1940 (pg 4 ins)

Oil Temp Gauge (pg 4 ins)

8Lb Boost gauge 1940 (pg6 ins)

Spitfire Oil Pressure gauge (pg6 ins)

Altimeter dated 1939 (pg6 ins)

MK1A Turn and Slip indicator  (pg6 ins)

Turn and Slip indicator 2 (pg6 ins)

Morse Key (pg 1 rad)

Magneto Switch bomber type (pg1 ele)

Starter Button with cover (pg1 ele)

Fire extinguisher Button and cover (pg 1 ele)

Bomb Test switch and cover (pg 1 ele)

Jettison Button and cover (pg 1 ele)


Rolls Royce 20/25 Carburettor (pg2 pwr)


35 Gallon Fuel gauge (pg6 ins)


Vickers Wellington Bomb Doors panel (pg1 arm)

303 Ammunition counter (pg9 ins)

Harness release(pg2 cont)


NEW the construction page click here


Vickers Wellington Cockpit labels (pg21 ins)

New relics page

Pilot's oxygen bottle cradle (pg1 Rel)

Lancaster Visual indicator (pg1 ins)


Lancaster overload Fuel gauge (pg5 ins)

Ammo Counter G Turret(pg9ins)

Fuel Pressure gauge (pg9 ins)

Radiator Temp Gauge 1942  (pg9 ins)

480 MPH Spitfire ASI (pg9 ins)

32Lb Boost gauge(pg9 ins)

Dornier DO 217 prop boss (pg1 rel)

Morse Key 1 (pg 1 rad)


Oxygen mask (pg1 pilot)

Victory bell (pg1 rel)


NEW Battle of France and Britain page


Hire a Flying Spitfire or Hurricane click here


Spitfire trim gauge (pg1 instruments)

Vickers Wellington U/C Leg label pg1 UC)

Throttle Box(pg1 controls)

ASI 320 MPH 2 (pg23 ins)


WWI RFC Clinometer (pg4 ins)


Dornier DO 217 Hawser (pg1 rel)

B17 Azimuth hand Ball Turret control (pg1 rel)

B17 Bomb Release mechanism 1 (pg1 rel)

B17 Magneto part (pg1 rel)

B17 Trailing Aerial (pg1 rel)

B17 Relic (pg1 rel)


Hurricane/Spitfire tail light lense (pg1 light)


Avro Anson Flap indicator (pg 4 ins)

Spitfire 400 MPH ASI (pg7 ins)

Hampden Rev Counter (pg7 ins)

Altimeter Mk XIII (pg8 ins)

P11 Compass (pg10 ins)

Bomb Indicator (pg10 ins)

Fuel pressure gauge long cap (pg10 ins)

Fuel Pressure gauge short cap (pg10 ins)

Oil Pressure gauge brown(pg11 ins)

Oil Pressure gauge yellow(pg11 ins)

Oil Pressure gauge sender unit (pg5 ins)

Oil Pressure gauge MK XIIc (pg5 ins)

Oil Pressure gauge MK XIIc 2(pg5 ins)


Mosquito Undercarriage indicator (pg3 ins)

 Lamp Test (pg3 ins)

Spitfire Gun Sight Dimmer switch (pg1 ele)

Hawker Typhoon fuel tank selector (pg1 fuel)


Dakota Yoke attachments (pg2 cont)

Heavy Bomber camera control (pg2 cont)

Lancaster Autopilot indicator (pg 4 ins)

Spitfire camera gun counter(pg2 cont)


I have located the missing meters for my TR9 added 3rd April 2009 (pg1 rad)

 IFF Set up (pg3 rad)

TR9D Control Lever 2 (pg 1 rad)

Seafire Radio Tuner 2 (pg3 rad)

Late Spitfire Radio Tuner (pg3 rad)

Spitfire Beam approach aerial (pg3 rad)

FN 82 50 call Browning cocking lever(pg1 arm)


Beaufighter Teleflex control (pg1 cont)

Supermarine attacker grip and yoke (pg1 controls)

Pedal modification for Stirling (pg2 cont)


B17 armoured windscreen frames (pg1 air)

B17 armoured Co Pilots sliding window frame (pg1 air)

Mounting for Giro Gunsight (pg1 gun) 

Reproduction Oval Gunsight top (pg2 Gun)

Spare Glass for Oval Gunsight (pg2 Gun)

Twin Magneto switch and frame (pg1 ele)

Rotax Heated Glove switch (pg1 ele)

37 Gallon converted Spitfire fuel gauge (pg6 ins)

New instruments Service (Construction page 1)


Gun Harmoniser(pg1 Gun)


8 Day aviation clock from 1930s (pg23 ins)

Climb & Descend(pg6 ins)

Spitfire 8 day clock (pg 6 ins)

Torpedo depth setting gear (pg6 ins)

Climb and descend indicator(pg7 ins)

Spitfire Pilot Training Instruments (pg11 ins)

1940 Climb and descend indicator 2(pg23 ins)

Airspeed Contact unit 1939 (pg23 ins)

Lancaster master compass (pg3 ins)


Beaufighter Exhaust (pg1 pwr)

Lancaster DS Compass switch (pg2 Rad)

Air Gunners training aid(pg1 Arm)

G45 camera Gun(pg1 arm)

1940 Battle of Britain dated Bomb mount (pg1 arm)

Mk VIII Goggles(pg1 Pilot)

Pilots harness (pg2 pilot)

Piston Provost Throttle (pg1 controls)

Typhoon Tempest Undercarriage indicator (pg12 ins)


Green/Blue Navigation Lights (pg 1 Light)

Navigation light spare lenses (pg1 light)

Red Navigation Lights (pg 1 Light)

Mosquito Window (pg1 air)


Blenheim control lever 2 (pg3 cont

Lancaster suction cock (pg4 cont)

20mm Ammunition Counter (pg1 ins)

Altimeter 2 1939(pg23 ins)

Avro Anson Fuel cock (pg1 Fuel)


Altimeter Mk XIII 1936 (pg23 ins)

320 MPH ASI 1940 (pg23 ins)

Astrodome (pg1 canopy)


Repro flap valve for Spitfire panel (pg2 cont)


B24 Liberator Engine Mount (pg1 Pwr)

Merlin XX Valve (pg1 pwr)


New Pictures of Our Replica Spitfire click here


Updated the Replica Mk IX page


RFC 1914 Map Board (pg1 pilot)

Prismatic Gunsight (pg1 gun)

Spitfire Gunsight bulb holder (pg1 light)

Mustang 8 day clock (pg 6 ins)

Rad Temp Gauge (pg12 ins)


Fighter Pilot Parachute (pg1 pilot)

Spitfire radio tuner (pg1 rad)

Watch Holder (pg12 ins)

Fuel Tank Selector (pg1 fuel)

1913 dated Pump (pg1 Fuel)

Dambuster 617 Squadron Flying Suit (pg1 Pilot)


Original De Havilland Mosquito engineers panel (pg 21 ins) 


Classified adds for Customers click here

New for July 2009

Are you fed up with paying huge fees to EBay and not realising the full value of you investment?

If so we have an alternative for you. At Spitfire spares we get offered many valuable items and as much as I would love to buy them all funds aren't always available.

For the benefit of ourselves our customers I have decided to offer this service.

We will advertise your item for sale on this page. Number one its FREE, you can have as many pictures as you like FREE. You Add will run for as long as it takes to sell FREE.

All you have to do is send us an email with a description and pictures cropped to 300 wide, some items may merit bigger pictures and we can hyperlink these if required. 

You tell us what you want for the part and we will add a bit on to cover our costs. When the item is purchased you will be paid by Paypal, cheque or bank transfer, including a payment for postage.

 If you are a new customer then we will require a scan of the postal receipt before releasing the funds.

All items must be sent by recorded delivery no exceptions.

We will vet all adds and reserve the right to refuse to list if we feel the description is incorrect or misleading. Unlike EBay we won't advertise every aircraft part as coming from a Spitfire.

Of coarse if you want to sell an item immediately we will still consider its purchase.

Contact us with your add by clicking here

I wish to sell a part immediately contact US

We hope you find this service useful


Flying Officer (Pilot)  COOK, ROY JAMES
Awards: D F M
Lancaster Squadron 655.

This is a tribute to Flying Officer Roy James Cook a Lancaster Pilot who gave his life for his Country and Commonwealth on 28th January 1944 aged only 22 years old.

click here

11th August 2009


Lots of new stock now received and will be added shortly along with pictures of our Spitfire at its latest event at Upminster Essex.

Our MK IX EN398 Spitfire at Upminster Essex 8th and 9th of August 2009

14th August 2009

Original Hurricane undercarriage indicator (pg2ins)

Triple Brake Gauge(pg3 ins)

Triple Brake Gauge 2 (pg3 ins)

24Lb Boost gauge(pg3 ins)

400 Knots ASI  (pg 4 ins)

Lancaster 500 gallon fuel gauge(pg5 ins) multiples available

Lancaster overload Fuel gauge (pg5 ins) multiples available

American Climb and Descend (pg7 ins)

8 day Clock (pg7 ins)

ASI 320 MPH Mk IXD (pg23 ins)

32Lb Boost Gauge 1 (pg9 ins)

Early Merlin Exhaust Stub (pg1 Pwr)

17th August 2009

Bomb Distributor(pg3 Arm)

Deactivated .38 Webley MK IV (pg3 arm)

 Target Towing RPM Gauge Mk XIV (pg3 ins)

Halifax Mk 1,2 or 3 fuel Gauge (pg11 ins)

Typhoon A.S.I. 600 MPH (pg 15ins)

Rolls Royce Merlin Engine plate (pg1 Pwr)

MK 1B Climb and Descend indicator (pg16ins)

Reflector Gunsight MkII A (pg1 Gun)

MK I Projector Gun sight B(pg1 gun)

Battle of Britain MK II Reflector Gunsight (pg1 Gun)

18th August 2009

Original Spitfire Canopy (pg1 canopy)

TR9 C Radio Set (pg1 rad)

Morse Key 1 (pg 1 rad)

Bristol Blenheim Throttle (pg2 cont)

Mosquito Cannon Cowlings (pg2 arm)

Fairey Swordfish wheels (pg1 UC)

Spitfire/Hurricane main wheels (pg1 UC)

Beam approach gauge (pg9 ins)

25th August 2009

Early Spitfire Rev Counter (pg7 ins)

25th August 2009

21 minute DVD now available containing dozens of pictures, video of reanactment, engine runs including night time running, and two of Winston Churchill most famous speeches. The History of Johnnie Johnson's Spitfire EN 398 and the creation of the Spitfire spares replica EN 398. pg1 Mk IX Replica Spitfire

26th August 2009

TR9D Radio set (pg 1 rad)




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