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What's New 3

Apologies to our customers and visitors 11/04/08

We are currently moving premises this should have gone smoothly but thanks to the total incompetence of BT (British telecom) we have been offline for ten days with no access to email. My apologies to all our customers we are now back online and working as fast as we can to catch with your orders and enquires. BT were supposed to move our internet services on the 9th of May but they cut us off on the 30th of April. Having spent hours just trying to speak to someone there was nothing that they would do to help us. Their customer service is the worst I have ever come across and I am just disgusted by their complete lack of interest in their customers. I was promises over four call backs which never came and was transferred around to different departments and even cut off several times. I would  advises anyone who is thinking of using them DON'T DO IT. The minute their is a problem you are in trouble. If is wasn't for the fact this site has so many links to my BT email I would cancel my business with them like a shot. Once again my apologies and please bear with us while we catch up.

Best regards

Graham Adlam

Welcome to the What's New section, every new addition to the website will be listed here. If you are purchasing three or more items please contact us for discounted delivery charges.  Please be sure to check What's New on a regular basis as new items are added daily. 

Items listed before 05/11/07 on next page


 Spitfire fuel pressure gauge(pg1 ins)

Suction gauge(pg3 ins)

ASI 320 MPH (pg5 ins)

Frequency tester (pg1 rad)

MK III Navigation computer(pg3 pilot)

ME 109 Bomb Release (pg4 arm)

Early WWII Morse key (pg3 rad)


Our Mk VIII Replica runs see video here 04/11/07 Video now working 06/11/07

More picture's 10/11/07


The Merlins on power plant page two are no longer available. I am afraid they were sold privately without my knowledge, my apologies to all of you who have made enquiries but I was selling them for a customer who did not keep me informed.


We get many requests for parts we have in stock. With the large volume of emails we receive it is difficult and time consuming to retrieve customers requests after a few weeks. To improve our service your requests will appear on a special page, if a part you require becomes available you will be contacted.  This service will be online in a few days


  240 MPH ASI 1941 (pg3 ins)

RPM Indicator for a RR Kestral (pg5 ins)

KI- Gass 1 Spitfire(pg1 fuel)

Reflector Gunsight Bulbs (pg1 gun)


Spitfire control column chain guards (pg3 cont)


Welcome to the NEW Wanted page

As promised I have added a new wanted page hopefully it will help us find those rare parts we need

Click here to see the NEW wanted page


DH Hornet Pilot Seat(pg1 Pilot)

Lancaster drift recorder (pg1 pilot)


A26 Invader Rudder Pedals (pg5 cont)

Spitfire Remote contactor control box (Pg2 Rad)

TR1143 Radio tuner (pg2 Rad)

B24 Liberator IFF Radio destruction Control (pg 1 rad)

Lancaster R 1155 Radio receiver 1 (pg 1 rad)

Lancaster R 1155 Radio receiver 2 (pg 1 rad)

Venturi tube 2 (pg2ins)


Short Stirling Fuel gauge (pg1 ins)

Mechanical Ican navigation computer (pg3 pilot)

Mk XIII Altimeter (pg2ins)

Jaegar Rev counter (pg2ins)


Barracuda fuel gauge (pg 18 ins)

Canadian Lancaster Mk X A.S.I (pg 18 ins)


Lancaster Hydraulic tank (pg1 Hyd)

240 MPH ASI 1942 2 (pg3 ins)

Radio Control Box (pg 1 rad)

36"Telephoto lens (pg 1 Misc)


Lancaster Fuel gauge (pg7 ins)

Carb Temp Gauge(pg7 ins)

AS-F ND623 Lancaster Turret Canopy (pg1 arm)

Box Junction 5B/3698 (pg3 rad)

Downward ID Lamp(pg1 light) Green, orange, blue and red now available

Avro Anson for sale click here

Important News. 12/01/2008 Breaking Hurricane project

As there has been no serious interest in our Hurricane project it will be split up and listed on the website. Each component will be listed individually including the Merlin XX. The parts will be listed in "what's new"  under their respective categories in aircraft parts.  This will take a few weeks and there will be some extremely rare items as seen on the Hurricane restoration page.


Hawker Hurricane Canopy (pg1 Can)

Hawker Hurricane Fuel gauge (pg 6 ins)

Hawker Hurricane Fuel switch (pg 6 ins)

Hawker Hurricane Fuel cock plate (pg1 fuel)


MK VIII Oxy Regulator (pg7 ins)

Hawker Hurricane oxygen cradle (page1 oxy)

Spitfire Oxygen Bottle (pg1oxy)

Hawker Hurricane Pilots seat(pg1 Pilot)

Hawker Hurricane main wheels(pg1 UC)

Hawker Hurricane main wheel Spat (pg1 UC)

Hawker Hurricane undercarriage legs (pg1 UC)

Hawker Hurricane tail leg (pg1 UC)

Hurricane side Fuselage Frame's (pg1 air)

Hurricane Top Fuselage Frame's 2 (pg1 air)

Hurricane Rear underside Fuselage (pg1 air)

Hurricane Radiator Cowling (pg1 air)


Mae West life preserver 1945 (pg2 Pilot)

Spitfire Chassis indicator(pg1 controls)

Spitfire 8lb Boost Gauge(pg8 ins)


Rolls-Royce Merlin Carburettor (pg1 Pwr)

Merlin/Meteor Engine(pg1 pwr)

De Havilland Prop hub (pg1 prop)      


Lancaster, Mosquito Propeller Hub and spider (pg1 prop)

Magneto Cage(pg2 ele)


Spitfire Spares Mk VIII Replica Spitfire UPDATE

We will be listing lots of new Hurricane parts shortly.


Hurricane undercarriage indicator (pg2ins)

Hurricane centre section (pg1 air)

Hurricane Windscreen assembly (pg1 air)

Hurricane reproduction Spade Grip (pg2 cont)

Original Hurricane/Whirlwind Spade Grip (pg2 cont)

Original Hurricane Rudder pedals (pg2 cont)

A Pair of original Hurricane floor panels(pg2 cont)

An original Hurricane control column.(pg2 cont)


Merlin Piston 1 (pg1 Pwr)

MK XX Merlin Piston 1 (pg1 Pwr)

8th February 2008

Spitfire Prop blade (pg1 prop)

13th February 2008

MK XX Merlin Sump (pg1 Pwr)

MK XX Merlin Crankcase (pg1 Pwr)

Merlin single stage induction tube (pg1 Pwr)

MK XX Merlin inlet manifold 1 (pg1 Pwr)

MK XX Merlin inlet manifold 2 (pg1 Pwr)

Merlin Generator (pg1 Pwr)

Engraved Merlin Rocker Cover (pg2 pwr)   

13th February 2008

Merlin Crankshaft (pg2 pwr)

Merlin Two Speed supercharger (pg2 pwr) 

Merlin Coolant Pump(pg2 pwr) 

Merlin Coolant Pump 2 (pg2 pwr) 

Merlin Inlet pipe (pg2 pwr) 

MK III  Merlin Camshaft(pg2 Pwr)

Merlin V Drive (pg2 Pwr)

Merlin Reduction Gear (pg2 Pwr)

Merlin XX restoration

Hurricane Engine Mounts (pg1 air)

Lots of Hurricane brackets (pg1 air)

Mosquito for sale 18 February 2008

19th February 2008

 Hurricane control trim unit .(pg2 cont)

 Hurricane Flap indicator (pg2 cont)

Hurricane Throttle assembly (pg2 cont)

Hurricane Undercarriage selector part (pg2 cont)

Bomber type mag switch (pg1 elec)

22nd February 2008

Spitfire U/C indicator (pg1ins)

Morse Key (pg 1 rad)

23rd February 2008

Hurricane Radiator Cowling (pg1 air)

Hurricane access panel (air pg2)

Hurricane access compass tray (air pg2)

F.E Bottom and middle brackets (air pg2)

Hurricane Bracket A86631 & A72711(air pg2)

Hurricane Part A40480 & A38768-2(air pg2)

Hurricane Part A83475& A28822 (air pg2)

Hurricane Part A61610-1(air pg2)

Hurricane Part A70994&A70992 (air pg2)

Hurricane Part A99616 & A97939-1 (air pg2)

Hurricane Rudder pedal mounts (air pg2)

Hurricane fuselage bracing wire connectors (air pg2)

Hurricane Mounting tube bracket DD (air pg2)

Hurricane Part B91653-1 (air pg2)

Hurricane Bracket A76456&A72214 (air pg2)

Hurricane Control Column mount (air pg2)

Hurricane part A86631 x2 (air pg2)

2nd March 2008

Aircraft and projects for sale

This is a new page set up to advertise aircraft and projects that our customers wish to sell. Projects appear from time to time on auction sites, they charge you a listing fee and a final valuation plus you are limited with pictures which all cost extra. We will advertise your aircraft and projects for free with as many pictures as you like until  sold. We will broker the deal and weed out the genuine buyers from the tyre kickers.

Advertise your aircraft or projects here page here

10TH March 2008

Browning .303 Mk II Browning (pg1 Arm)

18TH March 2008

FN-50 Mid Upper Lancaster Turret canopy (pg1 arm)

Lancaster FN 5 Front Turret (pg2 arm)


19TH March 2008

Browning .303 Mk II Browning (pg1 Arm)

31st March 2008

Spitfire Gun Sight Dimmer switch (pg1 ele)

MK I Projector Gun sight (pg1 gun)

Spitfire Oil Pressure gauge (pg1 ins)

5th April 2008

TR9 C Radio Set (pg1 rad)

19th April 2008

Bi Plane Spade Grip (pg1 Controls)

T.1154 Radio (pg 2 rad)

R.1155 Radio receiver (pg 2 rad)

Westland Whirlwind tail wheel (p1 U/C)

Upward ID lamp base (pg1 light)

25th April 2008

NEW Thunderbolt recovery 25th April 2008

2nd June 2008

Spitfire U/C indicator (pg1ins)

 Kestrel Camshaft (pg2 Pwr)

Rolls Royce Kestrel Supercharger(pg2 Pwr)

Updated August 9th 2008

Having now fully moved I will be posting some pictures of the new premises. We now have everything together on one site. It has taken the best part of 3 months to move  unpack and reorganise the thousands of parts. We will be offer some exiting new services at our new location. I have allot more stock to list and am now hoping to fully update the site over the next few days.

Reproduction Mk I Spitfire Gun Button (pg 2 arm)

Updated September 4th 2008

Lockheed Neptune Rear Turret (pg2 Arm)

Updated September 5th 2008

Spitfire Altimeter (pg7 ins)

Mk XIII Altimeter B(pg2ins)

Dowty Prop Feathering Switch  (pg1 controls)

Mosquito Flap and Hydraulic controls (pg1 cont)

Updated September 11th 2008

Triple Brake Gauge(pg3 ins)

 Mk IXE 380MPH ASI (pg5 ins)

Vickers Air/Fuel Cock (pg1 fuel)

Mk IX G Rev Counter (pg7 ins)

Spitfire Undercarriage indicator(pg8 ins)

Spitfire Mk I/II Spade grip(pg1 cont)

Bristol Blenheim/Beaufighter Control Yoke (pg3 cont)

Hampden Rev Counter C (pg7 ins)

Updated September 12th 2008

Spitfire Gun Sight Dimmer switch (pg1 ele)

WWI Turn & slip indicator (pg4 ins)

Updated September 14th 2008

Tiger Moth Climb& Descend Gauge (pg9 ins)

Updated September 15th 2008

Spitfire Triple Brake Gauge(pg9 ins)

Early Type Oil Temp (pg9 ins)

Hurricane RAD Temp Gauge 1937  (pg9 ins)

Forum without attitude

Just to remind our visitors and customers that we have a forum. To be honest I haven't used it for quite a while but will make the effort to get it going again and hopefully make some improvements to its operation. Some of the popular aviation forums can be intimidating  places. We wont care, if you do, or don't know how many rivets are in a Spitfire, everyone is welcome and can contribute from the complete novice to the skilled specialist. You can advertise your websites, trade, buy or sell commercially or privately as long as it related to Historic aviation.  If Spitfire Spares are involved in a project and we have quite a few cooking you will see it here first. If only a small number of our visitors use the forum it will soon be buzzing. Here is the link  You can also find a link on the bottom left of the home page. Sign up its free.


Updated September 16th 2008

Wobble pump 2 (pg1 fuel)

 MK I Hurricane/Spitfire K Gass 1939 (pg1 fuel)

MK I Hurricane/Spitfire K Gass 1940 (pg1 fuel)

Updated September 18th 2008

Well the forum seems to have suddenly disappeared? Not sure why am currently looking into it.

Working again LOL. I am working on a more effective forum with image hosting so bear with me.

Rolls Royce Kestrel Carburettor (pg2 pwr)

Rolls Royce Kestrel Magnetos (pg2 pwr)

Updated  25th October 2008

Original Hurricane undercarriage indicator (pg2ins)

MK VIII Oxy Regulator A (pg3 ins)

20Lb Boost Gauge (pg 4 ins)

MK IX D Rev Counter (pg 4 ins)

Updated 10th November 2008

MK VIII Oxy Regulator D (pg3 ins)

Spitfire Oil Pressure gauge (pg1 ins)

MK III D Navigation computer 2 (pg3 pilot)

Triple Brake Gauge 2 (pg3 ins)

P10 Compass in box (pg6 ins)

Spitfire radio tuner (pg1 rad)

Lancaster Bomb selector (pg1 arm)

Bofors anti aircraft sight ring (pg1 arm)

Inspection light 2 (pg1 light)

IFF destruction push button (pg1 ele)

Undercarriage switch (pg1 ele)

Bomb release switch on panel(pg1 ele)

Updated  15th November 2008

Chipmunk Fuel Gauge (pg14 ins)

Original Spitfire Gun Button (pg2 arm)

Lancaster Z Friendly Fire Equipment boxed (pg3 gun

Hurricane RAD Temp Gauge 1936  (pg9 ins)

Spitfire Oil Pressure gauge brown (pg1 ins)

Lancaster Oil Pressure gauge black (pg1 ins)

Spitfire Oxygen Valve 1 (pg1oxy)

Early Type RAD Temp (pg9 ins)

Updated  18th November 2008

Suction gauge(pg3 ins)

Climb and Descend indicator (pg3 ins)

Updated 8th December 2008

Lancaster Radio Operators chair (pg2 Pilot eq)

IFF destruction push button (pg1 ele)

Typhoon A.S.I. 600 MPH (pg 15ins)

Hawker Hurricane Fuel switch (pg1 fuel)

De-icing panel switch (pg1 ele)

Updated December 11th 2008

Merlin Exhaust Stub (pg1 pwr)

Browning .303 Flash eliminator(pg1 Arm)

Altimeter for Link Trainer (pg2 ins)

Mosquito main Wheel (p1 U/C)

Mosquito Brake drum (p1 U/C)

Mosquito Main Wheel Tyre (p1 U/C)

Tail leg (pg1 UC)

Merlin XX restoration update

Updated December 12th 2008

TR9 Radio control (pg1 Rad)

Directional indicator (pg 2ins)

Spare instrument glass kits (pg 2ins)

Undercarriage Pump (p1 U/C)

Cockpit lamp(pg1 light)

Lancaster trim wheel (pg1 cont)

DFM Memorial Medal (pg1 pilot)

Aircrew Europe Star Repro Medal (pg1 Pilot)

Updated December 13th 2008

Filler tube (pg 1 Misc)  NOW moved to Pilot equipment have a read of its corrected description and have a good laugh at my ignorance LOL

Updated December 30th 2008

Spitfire IFF Destruction Casing (pg1 ele)

Hawker Hurricane panel plan(pg1 air)

Waco CG-4A glider compass (pg 2ins)

Happy new year to our customers and visitors

Thank you for your support and contributions in 2008. I hope you all have a happy new year We look forward to continue to expand our services in 2009.

Updated January 10th 2009

Halifax Radio Operators chair (pg2 Pilot eq)

Updated January 16th 2009

16Lb Boost gauge 1940 (pg 4 ins)

16Lb Boost gauge (pg 4 ins)

Oil Temp Gauge (pg 4 ins)

Voltmeter (pg 4 ins)

Updated January 19th 2009

Mk XV Seafire propeller Blade (pg1 prop)

Merlin ID Plate (pg1 Pwr)

Updated January 20th 2009

Merlin Fuel Trap (pg1 fuel)

Merlin Spitfire Fuel filter 2 (pg1 Fuel)

Merlin Spitfire Fuel filter 3 (pg1 Fuel)

                                        20mm Ammunition Counter (pg1 ins)

                                           Chipmunk Canopy (pg1 canopy)

20Lb Boost gauge(pg9 ins)




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