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What's New 6

Welcome to the What's New section, every new addition to the website will be listed here. If you are purchasing three or more items please contact us for discounted delivery charges.  Please be sure to check What's New on a regular basis as new items are added daily. 

Please note Pre War 1939 and 1940 dated instruments have been moved to a new page if the links under do not take you to the instrument you are looking for check the new page

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What's new 2011

Any of you who follow the progress of our Spitfire will know it recently had its gas guns fitted, my good Friend Barry Wallond artist and writer sent me this picture of his impression of the guns being fired for the first time ! I felt I had to share this with you.

There is a little bit of Jealousy as Barry Owns the second best Spitfire replica in the world, keep trying Baz!!.

The original photo was taken during the filming of First Light the story of Geoffrey Wellum.

Updated 8th January 2011

The first annual The Battle of Britain living History show 2011 will be held on the 11th and 12th of June 2011 on a site 3 miles from the Taunton Somerset junc of the M5. So far two Spitfires and a Hurricane replicas will be in attendance. If you have any WWII OR WWI replica aircraft, cockpits or wartime related displays including reanactors and are interested in attending Please contact me. We are hoping to attract some military traders especially aviation related traders and authors.
Also we are hoping there will be some veterans on site along with Military wartime vehicles. Although plans are still being developed two Battles are planned based on an airfield invasion.
On the Saturday night there will be a 1940s themed party
Your support is appreciated and welcomed.

 Click this link for details

The Joseph Kennedy memorial Hurricane

This full scale Hurricane replica is the last surviving aircraft made for the classic 1969 film the Battle of Britain.

 Click this link for details

Updated 17th January 2011

Reproduction Spitfire U/C indicator Mk III (pg1ins)

P8 Compass 1 (pg1 ins)

P11 Compass (pg10 ins)

 Bi Plane Spade Grip 2 (pg1 Controls)

Lancaster auto pilot control (pg2 cont)

Updated 18th January 2011

Spitfire Rocker Gun Button (pg2 arm)

Spitfire Wartime calendar (pg1 misc)

Updated 19th January 2011

Rolls Royce Merlin V1650 Engine (pg1 Pwr)

Very early Twin magneto switch (pg1 elec)

Rolls Royce Merlin V1650 Engine (pg1 Pwr)

Updated 31st January 2011

Hurricane Updated 31st January 2011

WWI RFC Mk II Quick period compass 1914 (pg23 ins)

Spitfire radio tuner (pg1 rad)

Updated 1st February 2011

New parts manual page

Spitfire Parts manual (pg1 manuals)

The Wolseley Aero engine instruction manual (pg1 manual)

Original WWI Griffons aeronautical series(pg1 manual)

Original WWI Clerget Aero Engines Instructions and list of parts.(pg1 manual)

Original WWI Griffons aeronautical series (pg1 manual)

Original WWI Clerget Aero Engines Instructions and list of parts.(pg1 manual)

RFC WWI Lodge aero Spark plug (pg1 Pwr)

Updated 3rd February 2011

MK I Projector Gun sight (pg1 gun)

1133 Radio Dyno power unit 2 (pg3 rad)

TR9  Radio Set (pg1 rad)

Lancaster R 1155B Radio receiver 3 (pg 1 rad)

 Dr Compass 2 (pg11 ins)

Updated 3rd February 2011

Bomb Release holder (pg3arm)

JU 88 Piston and con rod (pg2 pwr) 

Merlin Piston (pg2 pwr)

JU 88 Big End bearing (pg2 relics) 

Lancaster Call button light (pg1 light)

Reflector Gunsight Mk II S (pg1 Gun)

TR9  Radio Set (pg1 rad)

Lancaster Rev Counter (pg5 ins)

Mk FR XIV Spitfire Original fuel gauge (pg6 ins)

Lancaster Rotary switch(pg6 ele)

Updated 8th February 2011

Original Spitfire U/C indicator (pg1ins)

Lysander flap gauge (pg13 ins)

Ammeter  (pg13 ins)

BF 110/ JU87 Compass (pg13 ins)

Spitfire Pito tube III (pg1ins)

Lancaster Bomb Aimer auto pilot 2 (pg4 arm)

Battle of France Luftwaffe cup (pg1 misc)

Updated 1st April 2011

KI- Gass  Spitfire(pg1 fuel)

Mk Spitfire MK V fuel selector (pg1 fuel)

MK IX Spitfire Fuel Cock (pg1 fuel)

Pair of Merlin Mk III Rocker covers (pg2 pwr)   

Powered by Rolls Royce  (pg2 pwr)   

P47 Throttle (pg3 cont)

FW 190 BF 109 Rudder pedal (pg3 cont)

Harvard/T 6 throttle box.(pg3 cont)

Hawker Tempest throttle part (pg3 cont)

Original Hurricane undercarriage indicator (pg2ins)

Target Towing RPM Gauge Mk XIV (pg3 ins)

Early pre war Boost gauge(pg14 ins)

Oil Pressure gauge with cap(pg6 ins)

Mk IA Turn &Slip Indicator (pg7 ins)

Spitfire RPM Mk IX G 3 (pg7 ins)

Updated 2nd April 2011

Mk I Hurricane screen (pg1 Can)

P 51 data plate (pg1 air)

Updated 25th April 2011

Typhoon Rocket(pg1 arm)

ORIGINAL 37 Gallon Spitfire Fuel gauge (pg6 ins)

Mosquito/Spitfire 480 MPH(pg6 ins)

The West of England military vehicle driving competition taking place at the Battle of Britain living history show.

We are now inviting applications click here to take part.

Updated 17th May 2011

Updated 17th May 2011

P8 Compass 1 (pg1 ins)

Updated 16th June 2011

Pictures and video of the 2011 Battle of Britain living history show here

Updated 10th July 2011

WW2 RAF 1941 Pattern Mae West complete Lifejacket (pg1 pilot)

Original Gibson Girl box kite (pg3 rad)

Updated 2nd August 2011

 Rolls Royce Merlin Supercharger (pg2 pwr)

Rolls Royce Merlin part nos D15408 RR (pg2 pwr)

 Rolls Royce Merlin part nos D14233 2A  (pg2 pwr)

 Rolls Royce Merlin part nos D 12298/1 (pg2 pwr)

 Rolls Royce Merlin part nos D 16226 RR (pg2 pwr)

 Rolls Royce Merlin part nos D3615 (pg2 pwr)

Merlin B3 Vacuum Pump (pg2 pwr)

Updated 19th August 2011

Original Spitfire Spade grip(pg1 cont)

Me 163 Komet grip (pg1 cont)

20mm Cannon Flash eliminator(pg1 Arm)

Lancaster Bomb selector 1 (pg1 Arm)

 MK II Reflector Gunsight 2 (pg1 Gun)

Original Spitfire Gun Button (pg2 arm)

Original Compass Card Holder (pg3 ins)

Air position indicator (pg9 ins)

Updated 27th August 2011

Original Hurricane/Whirlwind Spade Grip (pg2 cont)

Airscrews part III book 1942 (man pg1)

Typhoon and tempest camouflage markings book (man pg1)

Mosquito camouflage markings book (man pg1)

 Spitfire Rev Counter 6 (pg7 ins)

 Spitfire Rev Counter 7 (pg7 ins)

Mk X111 Altimeter (pg7 ins)

Avro York Fuel gauge (pg7 ins)

550 MPH ASI 2 (pg8 ins)

Hampden fuel gauge (pg 1ins)

Original Spitfire crowbar (pg1 Can)

Original Spitfire crowbar (pg1 Can)

Updated 28th August 2011

Fairchild AT-21 "Gunner". Throttle Box (pg5 cont)

The Battle of Britain living History show 2011

This article was featured in Gun Mart magazine link

Updated 6th September 2011

Spitfire Oxygen Bottle (pg1oxy)

Merlin header tank (pg 2 pwr)

Airship ballast bag (pg1 misc)

Early Merlin Exhaust stub (pg1 Relic)

Spitfire Seat Harness recoil unit (pg2 pilot equ)

Reflector Gunsight Plug and socket (pg1 gun)

Bomb Release holder 2 (pg3arm)

Scramble Bell (pg1 misc)

Vickers K Machine Gun (pg1 Arm)

Updated 27th September 2011

Rolls Royce Griffon Engine rocker covers (pg1 pwr)

Merlin/Meteor Engine(pg1 pwr)

Packard Merlin compressor(pg2 pwr)   

RAF Sector clock(pg2 misc)

50 call Anti aircraft sight (pg1 arm)

Updated 28th September 2011

RAF Bomber landing lamp (pg1 lighting)

Spitfire Documents and plans from Vickers Armstrong Technical Representative (pg1 misc)

P11 Compass  (pg1 ins)

8 Day Clock (pg1 ins)

Beaufighter Undercarriage Pump(p1 U/C)

Kollsman Altimeter (pg2ins)

Kollsman Altimeter 2 (pg2ins)

Air pressure gauge 1 (pg3 ins)

Air pressure gauge 2  (pg3 ins)

Mag feed ammeter white face (pg3 ins)

Oil pressure gauge  (pg3 ins)

Updated 29th September 2011

Mk VIII oxygen regulator (pg6 ins)

 Hurricane charging regulator switch(pg1 ele)

TR9 Radio selector (pg1 rad)

Updated 3rd October 2011

Grumman Avenger throttle box (pg3 cont)

Hawker Hurricane rudder pedal assembly Count Manfred Beckett Czernin (pg1 relic)

Hawker Hurricane landing light set (pg1 lighting)

Original Spitfire crowbar clips (pg1 Can)

Spitfire MK I Mirror  (pg1 Can)

Updated 6th October 2011

Mk XVII Spitfire tail fairing and MOD plate(pg1 air)

B 17 E data plate (pg1 air)

MK I Hurricane/Spitfire K Gass 1940 (pg1 fuel)

KI- Gass 1 Spitfire  (pg1 fuel)

Watch Holder MkI(pg8 ins)

Spitfire radio tuner (pg1 rad)

Mk I Spitfire/Hurricane 400 MPH ASI (pg12 ins)

Lancaster T1 Bombsight 3 (pg1 Arm)

Reproduction Spitfire Cockpit label 2 flap and fuel labels (pg 21 ins) 

Updated 14th October 2011

V2 Oxygen Alcohol burner cap  (pg1 Rocket)

V1  Engine part 1 (pg1 Rocket)

V1  Engine part 2   (pg1 Rocket)

V2 ring structure (pg1 Rocket)

V2  sender unit  1 (pg1 Rocket) (pg1 Rocket)

V2  sender unit  2 (pg1 Rocket)   (pg1 Rocket)

V1  Fuel pressure pick up point  (pg1 Rocket)

V2 Oxygen Alcohol burner cap injector(pg1 Rocket)

V2 Fuel line(pg1 Rocket)

V2 Various components (pg1 Rocket)

V2 wiring loom (pg1 Rocket)

V2 wiring loom (pg1 Rocket)

Hurricane V7375 control column mount (pg1 relic)

Mk VIII Oxy reg from Spitfire R6603 (pg1 relic)

Updated 17th October 2011

Shell case fragments from VI strike at Wickford Essex (pg1 Rocket)

Mk IXA Bombsight 1939 2(pg4 arm)

V2 part motor casing  (pg1 Rocket)

Updated 19th October 2011

Spitfire frames (pg1 air)

Avro Tutor Rev Counter (pg7 ins)

1930s Smith Rev counter (pg7 ins)

Updated 27th October 2011

Latest events in 2011 attended by EN398

Ipswich marina 2011 FAA Pilot Rich with EN398 link

Aircraft and Vehicles available for hire at Spitfire Spares link

Vickers FB 9 Gun Bus full scale replica link

Directional indicator (pg 4 ins)

300 MPH ASI (pg 4 ins)

Bomb aimer, navigators stopwatch (pg 10ins)

Chipmunk Compass mount (pg11 ins)

Signal light lenses (pg 1 light)

Spitfire radio tuner 3 (pg1 rad)

R.F Unit 3 for Gee  (pg1 rad)

Original Spitfire control column bracket (pg1 cont)

Vickers Wellington tail fairing (pg1 air)

Updated 7th November 2011

Village Inn Cathode Ray tube 3 (pg3 gun)

Village Inn Cathode Ray tube 4 (pg3 gun)

P11 Compass 2  (pg1 ins)

Original pipe clip 1 (pg1 air)

A-3/Navy Mark 3 Giro Control (pg6 ins)

American Seat Co seat  (pg1 Pilot)

Updated 8th November 2011


  This is the  SAS section on these pages will be hard to find parts to convert and supply your wartime SAS vehicles including armaments along with a range of equipment used by the famous SAS. LINK

Updated 14th November 2011

Watch Holder Mk I black(pg8 ins)

Metal MK II Watch Holder (pg8 ins)

1930s Compass card holder (pg3 ins)

Complete Spitfire stick top (pg2 cont)

Lancaster crew thermos flask (pg1 Pilot)


Chipmunk Compass mount (pg11 ins)

Mk II Reflector Oval Gunsight (pg1 Gun)

RAF Fighter Command Groups Map WW2 Battle of Britain Spitfire Hurricane Defences map (pg1 Pilot)

RAF survival knife(pg1 Pilot)

Vickers K spare magazine (pg1 arm)

Mk XIV a Altimeter (pg8 ins)

Reproduction Mk I Spitfire Gun Button alloy ring (pg 2 arm)

Updated 15th November 2011

Communication receiver type PCR (pg3 rad)

Wood WWI Propeller (pg1 prop)

Spitfire Engine mount part (pg1 air)

PRU camera control (pg2 misc)

Updated 17th November 2011

Late Spitfire/Mosquito Radio Tuner  (pg3 rad)

Windscreen for European SAS Jeep (SAS) LINK

NEW 21st November 2011

‘S’ for ‘Sugar’ Martin Willoughby Barnes Wallis and Bomber Harris link

8 Day Clock (pg1 ins)

RAAF Oxygen regulator (pg3 ins)

Lancaster Flap indicator (page 6 ins)

Hydraulic system plate  (pg 21 ins) 

Oxygen page updated link here

WWII B-17 Flying Fortress .50 Calibre Ammo Box (pg3 arm)

.50 Calibre Ammo Box (pg1 SAS)

Original Thompson sub machine gun manual   (pg1 SAS)

WWII B-17 Flying Fortress lower turret control (pg3 arm)

Updated 22nd November 2011

Original Spitfire Undercarriage lever (pg1 UC)

Mustang P51,seat harness reel (pg1 Pilot)

Directional Gyro Sperry. (8 pg20 ins)

Upward ID lenses  (pg1 light)

D F Aerial tuner (pg 2 rad)

R.1155 Radio receiver (pg 2 rad)

Gipsy Queen handbook (pg1 man)

Glycol tank for a Bristol Beaufort (pg1 pwr)

Lancaster bomb Fuzing control (pg2 arm)

Lancaster bomb jettison control (pg2 arm)

Type E radio suppressor (pg 2 rad)

Updated 3rd December 2011

Sea Mosquito/Firefly Radio Selector (pg3 rad)

Lancaster crew thermos flask (pg1 Pilot)

Aircrew thermos flask 1(pg1 Pilot)

Aircrew thermos flask 2(pg1 Pilot)

WWI Gnome Rotary Engine Cylinder (pg1 Pwr)

RFC WWI  aero Spark plug (pg1 Pwr)

20mm Hispano cannon magazine (pg1 arm)

Original 50 cal links (pg3 arm)

20 mm cannon mount (pg3 arm)

B17/B24 K 10 Compensating Gunsight (pg1 gun)

Original Spitfire Door panel (pg1 air)

Hurricane Oxygen Economiser (pg 1 oxy)

Hurricane landing light lens and frame (pg1 light)

Cockpit Light 1,2 ,3 ,& 4  (pg1 light)

Updated 13th December 2011

Lancaster J type switch (pg3 rad)

Heavy Bomber radio/radar selector  (pg3 rad)

B17 Flying fortress recognition light control (pg1 light)

Original Hurricane Gunsight mount (pg1 Gun)

Early round Oil Temp Gauge (pg 4 ins)

Oil Pressure gauge MK XIIc (pg5 ins)

Updated 14th December 2011

Bagnold Sun Compass (pg1 SAS)




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