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The Joseph Kennedy memorial Hurricane

This full scale Hurricane replica is the last surviving aircraft made for the classic 1969 film the Battle of Britain.

This Hurricane will be fully restored to its former glory, it is extremely well made on the principle of the original Hurricanes with a centre steel frame with wood formers and stringers covered with fabric. You will be able to see its restoration over the coming months with regular updates on its progress. It will then be displayed along side our Spitfire EN 398 as a memorial to Joseph Kennedy and the brave Pilots who flew these amazing and iconic aircraft during WWII.

The restoration will comprise of firstly removing all the old canvas which is rotten the removal of the fibre glass nose cowlings which will be replaced with alloy. The fibreglass coverings on the wings will removed stringers added and covered with fabric as per early original specification. The cockpit will be fitted with an instrument panel and controls including a working gunsight. The control surfaces on this hurricane all move and these will be operated by the stick. It will be given a new identity and painted in the colours of an early MK I Hurricane. At some stage in the future it may have a working engine fitted although this is a far more difficult proposition then our Spitfire EN 398  as it may need considerable strengthening and I do not want to compromise the original integrity of the airframe.

Joseph Kennedy

Was a pioneer aviator he passed out of Sandhurst on the 20th December 1917 and was commissioned in the 5th Lancers. Some time soon after joined the Royal flying corp as a pilot. Along with his brother Reginald Kennedy He went on to form one of the very first civil airlines with the Trost Brothers at Shoreham, Walcott airlines. The airline comprised of two Junkers f 13 s   G  AAZK and G AAGU. This man flew during a time when aviation was in its infancy, the first warplanes were flimsy and unreliable with a tendency to burst into flames at any moment, the life expectancy of a WWI Pilot early in the War was around five weeks by 1917 when Joseph joined it was 17.5 minutes. It is therefore fitting that this Hurricane remains a permanent memorial of this Great Man and all the other brave aviators of his generation.

Click here to see pictures of the Great Man himself in action

Never seen before personal images of the air war during WWI

The Hurricane is rescued from the snow

Safely at her new home

More snow in the foreground her new sister EN 398

Safely tucked away stripping of the old canvas reveals the quality of the original build. 

Hurricane Updated 31st January 2011

All the old paint has been removed ready for a new paint scheme and re covering.

The old wings were fibreglass and when stripped they were in a very poor state. The wood frames were very poorly made and it was decided to fabricate two new wings in four easy to handle sections in wood and alloy. Both wings have now been completed.

Original frame



New build






























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