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What's New 14


Welcome to the What's New section, every new addition to the website will be listed here. If you are purchasing three or more items please contact us for discounted delivery charges. 

 Please be sure to check What's New on a regular basis as new items are added daily. 

What's new 14 starts from 17th January 2018 for previous new listings see this link What's new 13


Original Hurricane Pilot seat 8A (pg1 Seat)

480 MPH Spitfire ASI  (pg 2 ins ASI Ref 4)

B 24 42-7638 Big Banner Emergency bomb release handle (pg5 Armaments)

Hawker Typhoon Throttle lever (pg1 cont)

Hawker Typhoon Throttle part (pg1 cont)

Hawker Typhoon Coffman starter control (pg1 cont)

Hawker Typhoon Fuel selector with mounting bracket (pg1 fuel)


Lancaster Aerial (pg 1 rad)

RAF 1154 M Radio A/M 10D/1587 (pg 1 rad)

Irvin MK I Parachute 15A/691 (pg1 pilot)

RAF Wartime pilots harness Helmet (pg1 pilot)

WWII Luftwaffe Rocket fired anti Bomber cable  (pg1 arm) 


WWI RFC Palmer Aero Wheels and axle (pg1 U/C)

480 MPH ASI reproduction 4 AR (pg 2 ins ASI Ref 5)

Mk I Spitfire/Hurricane 400 MPH reproduction ASI 5 AR (pg 2 ins ASI 17)

30 gallon Smiths fuel gauge 12 volt (Instruments pg 8 Fuel gauges 22A)

Halifax DT 645 (pg1 Relics)


Short Stirling N 3654 (pg 3 relic nos 28A)

Short Stirling N 3654 (pg 3 relic nos 28B)

Short Stirling N 3654 (pg 3 relic nos 28C)

P47 Elevator  Battle of the Bulge relic (pg 3 relic nos 36)

Hurricane Part 8 (pg2 air)


Mk II A Smiths 8 day clock  (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 62)

Ground /Flight Switch (Nos 34 Electrical switches page 2 ele)


Lancaster T1 Bombsight (pg1 Arm)

RAF MK III Low Level Bombsite (pg1 Arm)

Watch Holder Mk I White (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 30)

Watch Holder Mk I Black (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 30A)

RAF Sidcot Suit Thermal liner and Waistcoat  (pg2 Pilot)

Electrically heated boots for use with the 1940 pattern Sidcot suit. (pg2 Pilot)

Battle of the Atlantic P6 Compass (Pg 5 Clocks and compasses 44)


Air Temp Gauge 6A/1636  (Page 14 temp gauges 22)

MK XIV Altimeter (Ins pg3 Altimeter 13 ) 

News Chronicle Enterprise Dinghy Cross channel race Calais to Dover P8 Compass (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 16)

                                                                                                                                                       P6 Compass  (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 16)

USAAF Airpath Compass with mounting bracket. (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 16)

Climb and descend indicator dated 1954 (Instruments pg 5 Climb and descend 5)

MK VIII  Oxy Regulator Reproduction (pg11 Oxygen gauges 2)

Early aircraft throttle lever (pg3 controls)

Gipsy Moth Trim control  (pg3 controls)


Pratt and Whitney Twin Wasp R-1830 Piston (Pg1 Pwr)

The Joseph Patrick Kennedy drone Engine part (Pg1 Pwr)

Lancaster auto pilot control (pg2 cont)

Lancaster radiator shutter control panel (pg2 cont)

Ultra Electronics Speech Unit Sarah (pg 1 rad)

Spitfire radio tuner (pg 1 rad)


Original Spitfire wing leading edge * (pg1 air)

Mk I/II Spitfire Mirror stalk in L99 aircraft Alloy (pg1 Can)

Spitfire Side screens (pg1 Can)

RCAF Mk XIV Altimeter (Ins pg3 Altimeter 20 ) 

60Lb Rocket cap (pg1 arm)

 Pito tube MK VIII (pg 2 ins ASI 36A)

Radio Plug  5CY/93307457 ( nos 6 page 3 ele connectors )

Radio Plug  5CY/4376457 ( nos 6A page 3 ele connectors )

USAF Air Temp Gauge Lewis engine company (Page 14 temp gauges 23)


Early round Radiator Temp Gauge (Page 14 temp gauges 12)

Early round Oil Temp Gauge (Page 14 temp gauges 14)

B17 Flying Fortress USAF Cylinder head temp gauge AN 5795-6 (Page 14 temp gauges 15)

Air Temp gauge 6A 1486 (Page 14 temp gauges 17)

Battle of Britain Bomb Aimers stop watch (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 11A)


Bolova 6B/234 Pilot/Navigators watch  (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 1)

48 Spitfire airframe parts on a new page (Pg 4 Airframe ) 

Merlin III Hurricane cockpit plate (pg1 pwr)


MK I Spitfire  Madsen Cannon Dunlop Fire and cocking units* (pg 2 arm)


Starter Switch For a Grumman Avenger Type 645  (Nos 18 Electrical switches page 2 ele)


Hawker Typhoon/Tempest canopy (pg1 Can)

Air Temp gauge (Page 14 temp gauges 8)

Red Navigation Wing tip Lights (pg 1 Light)

Blue Navigation Wing tip Lights (pg 1 Light)

Hurricane tail light 2 (pg 1 Light)

Battle of the Somme French shrapnel shell (pg1 SAS )

Air Ministry 8 Day clock (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 3)

40 Gallon twin tank fuel gauge (Instruments pg 8 Fuel gauges 31)

Fuel Pressure gauge long cap (instruments page12 Pressure gauges 16)

Merlin XX Engine plate (pg1 pwr)

French Potez 54 aircraft data plate  (pg1 pwr)

WWI reproduction Turn and slip (Instruments page 15 Turn and slip 8A )

Bullet belt (pg1 Arm)


Spitfire airframe parts numbers 50 to 68 (Pg4 air)


Mk III A Smiths time of trip clock (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 3A)


Hawker Hurricane Emergency boost control 1  (pg1 fuel)

Air Ministry 8 Day clock (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 3)

Lancaster Bomb Computer  (pg1 Arm)

Spitfire Identification friend or foe destruction box (IFF)  (pg3 rad)

Kollsman Altimeter (Ins pg3 Altimeter 21 ) 


Daimler Benz DB601-A Valve with Battle of Britain History (pg1 pwr)

B17 Flying Fortress Window frame 1 (pg1 air)

Dornier 17 Access panel (pg1 air)

JU 87 B Stuka Access panel and data plate (pg1 air)

JU 188 Window frame (pg1 air)

Spitfire X4036 234 Squadron Rudder Pedal (pg 1 Relics)

Original Hurricane Dunlop patent applied for AH2040 Spade grip. (pg1 cont)

BF 109 and FW 190 Fuel cap fuel cap (pg1 fuel)

BF 109  and FW  190 oil cap (pg1 fuel)

Browning .303 Booster (pg1 Arm)

WW2 Military Stop Watch  (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 52)

Mk II A Smiths 8 day clock   (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 52)


K Gass  Battle of Britain dated (pg1 Fuel )


Sea Fury TF 956 Control Column (pg5 cont)

Sea Fury TF 956 Control rod (pg5 cont)

Sea Fury TF 956 20mm ammo feeder (pg5 Armaments )

MK II Oval Top Battle of Britain reflector Gunsight (pg1 Gun)

Hawker Fury Spade Grip 1936 2 (pg1 cont)


Triple switch box (Nos 38 Electrical switches page 2 ele)

Dowty Undercarriage indicator switch (Nos 3A Electrical switches page 2 ele)

Jettison switch5D/556    (Nos 76 Electrical switches page 2 ele)

Fighter/Spitfire Magneto switch (Nos 10 Electrical switches page 2 ele)

Original Fighter Gun Button (pg2 arm)

Luftwaffe Navigational sextant FL 23750 (pg2 pilot)

Original Lancaster undercarriage indicator  (Page16 Undercarriage indicators 14)

Luftwaffe air bottle dated 1939 (pg1 oxy)

Hawker Hurricane Canopy (pg1 Can)


Barrage balloon Control Gauge  (Pg 13 Instruments Rev Counter 15A)

Bristol Blenheim R3912 Trim unit (pg 3 relic nos 6)

Reproduction Lancaster yoke (pg4 cont)

Merlin XX prop control unit (pg 2 pwr)

US Army Airforce Bubble Sextant (pg1 Pilot)

Pilots strap 6F/273 (pg1 Pilot)


Barr and Stroud Oval top Gunsight 1939 Mk I (pg1 Gun)

Original Spitfire crowbar (pg1 Can)

Flexible RPM drive 1(Pg 13 Instruments Rev Counter 3)

JU 88C-6 control knob (pg1 cont)


Piston Merlin Compressor(pg2 pwr)

Rolls Royce Griffon Engine rocker cover (pg1 pwr)

Japanese 81mm Type 100 Mortar (pg1 SAS)

Mk I A Turn &Slip Indicator (Instruments page 15 Turn and slip 2 )

Hurricane Part 40 (pg2 air)

Hurricane Part 41 (pg2 air)


MK VIII C Oxy Regulator  (pg11 Oxygen gauges 1)

MK IXF 480 MPH Spitfire ASI  (pg 2 ins ASI Ref 3)

MK IXF 480 MPH Spitfire ASI  (pg 2 ins ASI Ref 4)

480 MPH ASI Spitfire  (pg 2 ins ASI Ref 4A)

Sopwith Camel FI Pressure head Pito tube (pg 2 ins ASI 35A)

Airspeed Oxford  Fuel gauge (Instruments pg 8 Fuel gauges 17A)

Original PRU Spitfire/Seafire  48 gallon fuel gauge. (Instruments pg 8 Fuel gauges 18A)

Original Spitfire 37 gallon furl gauge. (Instruments pg 8 Fuel gauges 18)

Hawker Hurricane landing lamp control lever (pg4 cont)

FW 190 Luftwaffe Altimeter  FL 22320 (Ins pg3 Altimeter 2 ) 

Me 262 He 162 Fuel pressure gauge (instruments page12 Pressure gauges 34)

FW 190 FL 20555 Manifold pressure gauge (instruments page12 Pressure gauges 34A)

FL 20342 Luftwaffe BF 109 Temp gauge (Page 14 temp gauges 20A)

Spitfire/Hurricane Oxygen bottle 1 (pg1oxy)


50 Calibre gun mount  (pg1 Arm)

Vickers fuel cock (pg1 fuel)

Heavy duty fuel cock (pg1 fuel)

Lancaster master compass mounting bracket (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 3C)

Rolls Royce Griffon Valve (pg1 pwr)

Spitfire main wheels (pg1 U/C)

Spitfire undercarriage leg (pg1 UC)


Reproduction Spitfire Cockpit Frame 1A (pg 2 air)

Spitfire Canopy emergency release ball *(pg1 Can)

MK IV Auto control lever Avro Lincoln (pg2 cont)

Spitfire slipper/drop tank  (pg1 fuel)





























































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