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Illustrated books published during World War II were produced by the British government to inform people about the progress of the war and the home-defence operations.



The Rigging, Maintenance and Inspection of Aircraft Nos 38 (pg2 books)

Here we have a Pitman's Guide to The Rigging, Maintenance and Inspection of Aircraft ("A" Licence)

This is one of many Manuals published by Pitman's for Ground Engineer Licence Applicants

This Book was Published in 1941 and was written by E.J.C Speller A.F.R.Ae.S




Inspection of Aero Engines during Manufacture, Overhaul and Test Nos 39 (pg2 books)

Here we have a Pitman's Guide Aero Engines, Inspection of  during Manufacture, Overhaul and Test ("C" and "D" Licences)

This is one of many Manuals published by Pitman's for Ground Engineer Licence Applicants

This is the Ninth Edition and was published in 1942




Inspection of Aircraft after Overhaul Nos 40 (pg2 books)

Here we have a Pitman's Guide Aero Engines, Inspection of  Aircraft after Overhaul  ("B" Licences)

This is one of many Manuals published by Pitman's for Ground Engineer Licence Applicants

This is the Fourth Edition and was published in 1941



Electricity in Aircraft Nos 41 (pg2 books)

Here we have a Pitman's Guide to Electricity in Aircraft

This is one of many Manuals published by Pitman's for Ground Engineer Licence Applicants

This is the Second Edition and was published in 1942



The Aircraft Bench Fitter Nos 42 (pg2 books)

Here we have a Pitman's Guide for the Aircraft bench Fitter

This is one of many Manuals published by Pitman's for Ground Engineer Licence Applicants

This is the Second Edition and was published in 1941

Spot them in the Air Nos 44 (pg2 books)

Published by the Daily Mail



Pitman's Camouflage Simply Explained Nos 47 (pg2 books)




British Aircraft Nos 50 (pg2 books)

British Aircraft is a book By R.A.Saville-Sneath

It Shows the Different Types of Aircraft and engines being used by the British

This is Volume 2 and was First Published by Penguin Books in 1944



British, German and Italian Aircraft Nos 51 (pg2 books)

Aircraft Identification book with 320 Drawings and Photographs

Published by Hutchinson & Co Ltd


Elementary Aeronautics Nos 53 (pg2 books)

The Science and Practice of Aerial Machines

Written by Albert P Thurston

This Book has 126 Illustrations

Published 1911




Aeroplanes & Engines (AirSense) Nos 54 (pg2 books)

For those Engaged in or Interested in Flying

Written by W.O. Manning

Second Edition

Published 1941 by Pitman's



The Aeroplane Nos 55 (pg2 books)

Griffins Aeronautical Series

Written by A Fage

Fourth Edition

Published 1917 by Charles Griffon and Company

Henson and Stringfellow (Science Museum 1931) Nos 56 (pg2 books)

Their work in Aeronautics

The History of a Stage in the Development of Mechanical Flight

Written by J.B Davy

Published 1931 by HMSO




The Link Trainer Nos 57 (pg2 books)

Aeroplane Maintenance and Operation Series, Volume 8

General Editor E.Malloy

With Sixty One Illustrations

Published 1941 by George Newnes Ltd


Landing Legs, Wheels and Brakes Nos 58 (pg2 books)

Aeroplane Maintinance and Operation Series, Volume 3

General Editor E.Malloy

With One Hundred and Twenty Nine Illustrations

Published 1941 by George Newnes Ltd


The Care and Maintenance of Aircraft Nos 59 (pg2 books)

The Association of Engineering and Shipbuilding Design

Second Edition (Revised)

Published in 1932 by Airways Publications Ltd


Aeroplane Design AESD Nos 60 (pg2 books)

The Association of Engineering and Shipbuilding Design

Written by R. Rodger

Published by George Newnes Ltd in 1932


Aircraft Servicing Manual Nos 61 (pg2 books)

Written by C.F. Preston and G.W.Wiliamson

Published by Paul Elk Ltd 1945


Airship Wreck Nos 62 (pg2 books)

Written by Len Deighton & Arnold Schwatzman



From Bleriot to Spitfire  Nos 63 (pg2 books)

From Belriot to Spitfire

Flying the Historic aeroplanes of the Shuttleworth Collection

Edited by David Ogilvy



Fighter Command 1936-1968 Nos 64 (pg2 books)

Fighter Command 1936-1968

An Operational & Historical Record

Written by Ken Delve

This is a comprehensive reference to the structure, operation, aircraft and men of Fighter Command. The main sections of the book include a general historical introduction and overview, operations, operational groups, aircrew training and technical details of each aircraft type. Lengthy Annexes cover personnel, the squadrons in World War II, orders of battle for each wartime year, maps of airfield locations and numbers of enemy aircraft downed.



Flying Legends Nos 65  (pg2 books)

 A photographic study of the great piston combat aircraft of WWII

Written By John Dibbs

The Second World War triggered the greatest technological leap in aviation since manned flight began. In the short space of six years, military aircraft were taken from open cockpit biplanes on a summer's day, to fighters that were encountering the compressibility problems associated with the sound barrier, while conquering the skies of 40,000 feet plus. The necessitudes of the conflict focused the industries of the global powers, which achieved dazzling results. Represented in this splendid volume are images of these aircraft-the last of the gladitorial steeds. The award winning air to air photography of John Dibbs is complemented by a selection of breathtaking archives from the conflict, which can only truly illustrate the spirit and humanity behind these "Flying Legends".



History of the RAF Nos 66 (pg2 books)

Written By Chaz Bowyer

Published by Crescent Books, New York, 1977



Mosquito Wooden Wonder Nos 67 (pg2 books)

The Pan / Ballentine Illustrated History of WWII

Written By Edward Bishop

Published by Ballentine Books Inc


Osprey Series - Mosquito  Nos 68 (pg2 books)

Fighter/ Fighter Bomber Units of WW2

The second volume in the trilogy of Combat Aircraft titles devoted to de Havilland's 'wooden wonder', this book focuses on the Mosquito fighter/fighter-bomber variants, and their users. From its earliest development phase, the aircraft was considered as much a fighter as a bomber, and this was duly reflected when the original 1940 Air Ministry order for 50 Mosquito bombers was modified to 20 bombers and 30 fighters. This volume is the first of its kind exclusively dedicated to the fighter/fighter-bomber variants of de Havilland's classic World War II (1939-1945) aircraft.

Written By Martin Bowman

Published by Osprey Publishing

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Mosquito  Nos 69 (pg2 books)

In this exciting new title the author tells the story of the aircraft, De Havilland Mosquito and those who flew it. Enshrined in history as the wooden wonder , the de Havilland Mosquito was arguably the most beautiful aircraft ever built and also to fly. Loved and respected by its flight crew and opponents respectively, it is one of the iconic aircraft of World War 2. Although originally designed as a bomber for the RAF, its performance rivalled that of most fighters of the time and the Mosquito undertook a range of duties unsurpassed by any other military aircraft - daytime tactical bomber, night-time high altitude bomber, day and night fighter, photo - reconnaissance and pathfinder. The original conception of the Mosquito was unusual - to make use of the spare capacity in Britain's furniture making industry to construct a wooden aircraft - but once the aircraft took to the skies it was an immediate sensation. It could carry a huge range of hardware yet keep speed and manoeuvrability and its construction gave it ruggedness and an ability to bring its crew home. The aircraft is associated with some of the most famous names of World War 2 - such as Guy Gibson and Leonard Cheshire - as well as some of the most daring operations of the war, such as the low level daylight raids on Amiens prison in 1944. On the Gestapo headquarters in the Hague in 1944 and the Gestapo headquarters in Copenhagen in 1945. In addition the Mosquito flew thousands of everyday pathfinder, bombing, night fighter, photo - reconnaissance sorties with great precision and a far lower rate of losses than most other aircraft. Combining 150 superb historical and present day photographs with in depth and descriptive content, this title is sure to be a hit amongst aviation enthusiasts worldwide.

Written By Mark Nelson

Published by Midland Publishing



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Mosquito at War  Nos 70 (pg2 books)

First hand accounts and over 200 photographs show the Mosquito at war...The Mosquito was a daring concept. That an unarmed bomber constructed almost wholly of wood and relying on pure speed, could evade the immensely powerful air defences of Nazi Germany by night let alone by day was completely against contemporary Air Force thinking and war experienc. Te result was and an aircraft that became one of the most successful Fighter and Bomber of WWII

Written By Chaz Bowyer

Published by Midland Publishing



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BattleBags  Nos 71 (pg2 books)

British Airships of the First World War

Battlebags is the first book to record and describe in detail every single airship built or used by Great Britain during the First World War. The background to each class is given together with details on individual airships, including where they were built and stationed, their known crews, plus technical information and particulars of notable flights and total hours flown. The author, Ces Mowthorpe, also describes the development of the airship in the years leading up to the First World War and the part it was destined to play in the years that followed

Written By Ces Mowthorpe

Published by Sutton Publishing Ltd


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Raymond Baxter's Farnborough Commentary Nos 73 (pg2 books)

Written by Raymond Baxter

Published by Patrick Stephens Ltd

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Who Destroyed the Hindenburg Nos 74 (pg2 books)

In May of 1937 the great German zeppelin Hindenburg made world-wide news by exploding just as it began to moor at Lakehurst, New Jersey, after one of its frequent Transatlantic flights. Luxuriously built, carrying 50 passengers in great comfort across the Atlantic in two days, the big ship was the pride of Hitler's Third Reich. But its flights were made under the constant threat of sabotage or crank mischief in those tense, strife ridden days leading up to the second World War. In fact the very fatal flight of the Hindenburg that May was preceded by warning letters, supernatural dreams of disaster by a German in Milwaukee, and the belief on the part of the Gestapo someone was trying to destroy the ship. The consequent explosion, the inquiry, the possibilities of sabotage, and the whereabouts of the survivors today are the close concern of the author. Although an interesting book, its subject is of only academic interest years later.

Written by A.A Hoehling


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My Airship Flights Nos 75 (pg2 books)

In the history of the airship no other flyer can have had a richer record of experience than Captain Meager; his association with them spans from the decision of the British Admiralty in the early part of 1915 to build some small airships to act as submarine scouts, right through to the last flight of R.100 and to the tragedy involving R.101 which followed a month later in the autumn of 1930

Written by Captain George Meager

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Aircraft Stability & Control for Pilots and Engineers Nos 76  (pg2 books)

Written by Squadron Leader B. Dickinson

Pitmans Aeronautical Series

Owned by W/Cdr Peter Henley with his Name inscribed on the Front Cover



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The Flying Cathedral Nos 77 (pg2 books)

The Story of Samuel Franklin Cody

Written by Arthur Gould Lee

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The Mighty Eighth in Colour Nos 78 (pg2 books)

A Good Book for any aviation enthusiasts who find 1942-45 one of the most dramatic and interesting periods of aviation history, as this covers the US Air Force deployment and operations in Europe in support of the Allied air war effort. Enthusiasts crave every item of information from this era, particularly photographic images.

Prized above all are the extremely rare but totally genuine colour photographs of life in the Eighth Air Force. For the air force veteran who lived through these exciting times and 'remembers in colour', most of the printed records he is offered are reproduced in black and white and are thus always slightly disappointing. Now, uniquely, these veterans have access as never before to over 400 evocative colour scenes of the years when the Eighth Air Force stationed its men and aircraft in Britain. Here are the images of personnel and weaponry on and off duty, with each and every British base fully covered through authentic period colour illustrations.


The job of collecting this wealth of magnificent colour material has been the work of one man the only one who could have succeeded so completely. Roger Freeman has become recognized internationally as the leading historian of the Eighth Air Force and its time in Europe. His three Mighty Eighth books and related titles have sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide, and as a result he is widely consulted by veterans groups, film and television companies and fellow historians as the reliable source of information on this subject.

The Mighty Eighth in Colour presents its subject in wholly genuine colour for the first time ever and will delight everyone who has an interest in this great period of wartime history.


Written by Roger Freeman


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To Ride the Storm Nos 79 (pg2 books)


The Story of Airship R.101

When on its first overseas flight R.101 crashed at Beauvais in northern France only hours out of Cardington, the nation was stunned, Sir Peter Masefield, over a period of nearly 40 yrs. with his profound knowledge of Aviation and remorseless but sympathetic curiosity have enabled him to produce a solution.

Written by Sir Peter G Masefield

Zeppelin Nos 80 (pg2 books)

The German Airship Story

A collection of unpublished archive photographs portraying the development, testing and deployment of this invention, which served both military and civilian aviation needs

Written by Manfred Griehl and Joachim Dressel

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Zeppelins Over England Nos 81 (pg2 books)

The German Airship Story

This is the story of the first air raids in history and of the part played by the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Service in defeating its raiders. It is a finely-told record of London under fire and of how a few young daredevil airmen in primitive aeroplanes saved the capital. Written with authority and fully documented, this book gives the first complete picture, from the enemy side as well as our own, of the epic duel between the huge powered balloon, a lighter-than-air leviathan, and the clumsy aircraft with pilots who fought from open cockpits.

Written by Kenneth Poolman

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Staff Duties in the Field Nos 82 (pg2 books)

Published by the War Office 1969

Outer stiff card. All papers with ring pulls. Various annexes. Provides a huge amount of details - Communications, Codes, Security, Ammunition, Roads,  etc and various charts.

Contained in a Loxit Binder


Mosquito Nos 83 (pg2 books)

Witten By Bill Sweetman with Illustrations from Rikyu Watanabe

Published by Janes Publishing Company 1981


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Aeroplane Instruments (Part II) Nos 84 (pg2 books)

Aeroplane Maintinance and Operation Series Volume 12

Dealing with K.B.B and K.B.B-Kollsman Instruments and the Operation of the Smith Autopilot

With One Hundered and Ten Illustations

You Will Receive a Hard Copy of the Original Book. The cost of reprinting these is expensive but the quality is hard bound and a new copy of the original.

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Click on the Pictures to Enlarge


Luftwaffe at War 1939-45 Nos 85 (pg2 books)

The Luftwaffe at War 1939 - 45

A Pictorial History

Written by A. Galland, K Ries and A Ahnert

Click on the Pictures to Enlarge

This is signed by Three Veterans of WW2

Squadron Leader Kenholt DFC

Reinhard Kraus a Stuka Pilot form 13 Staffel

Unfortunately I Cannot Make out the  the Third Signature

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Fighters Over Russia Nos 86 (pg2 books)

Fighters  over Russia

Part of the Luftwaffe at War Series

Written by Manfred Griehl

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Sky Battles Nos 87 (pg2 books)

Sky Battles, Sky Warrior

Stories of Exciting Air Combat

Written by Alfred Price


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Osprey FW190 Modelling Manual Nos 89 (pg2 books)

Osprey Modelling Manual 20 examines the Focke-Wulf 190, which entered Luftwaffe service in 1941.

It would serve out the war as the best of all German fighters and fighter-bombers, and its variants would include Kurt Tank's extreme Ta152 tank-buster version (4 x 20mm, 1 x 30mm cannon). With detailed step-by-step model photography, specially commissioned walkround photography, scale drawings and wartime shots,

These books will provide all the details needed to model the most common A8 version as well as the long-nosed FW190D and other variants. There is a full roundup of the models available on the market, details of where you can see the real thing, a select bibliography, and survey of websites of interest.




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