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What's New 13


Welcome to the What's New section, every new addition to the website will be listed here. If you are purchasing three or more items please contact us for discounted delivery charges. 

 Please be sure to check What's New on a regular basis as new items are added daily. 

What's new 13 starts from 28th June 2017 for previous new listings see this link What's new 12

75 Years ago Hitler invaded Russia this signalled the last of the heavy air raids on Britain and the end of the Blitz . During the eight months of bombing by the Luftwaffe, London saw more than a million houses damaged or destroyed and 40,000 civilians killed. Britain started to ship tons of supplies including Hawker Hurricanes to Russia via the extremely dangerous Artic convoys. There are many pieces on this sight which took part in this momentous moment in History.


18Lb Shell recovered from the Somme (pg1 SAS )

French 47 mm Char B1 Dunkirk Tank shell (pg1 SAS )

German Half track Armoured window shutter Battle of Bastogne (pg1 SAS )

German Half track SDKFZ complete track link Normandy (pg1 SAS )

German Half track SDKFZ rubber shoe dated 1941 Normandy (pg1 SAS )

German PAK 40 Ammo spacer Bastogne (pg1 SAS )

German AV7 WWI 57 mm tank Shell  (pg1 SAS )

German Marder 2 tank Destroyer track Kursk  (pg1 SAS )

German maxim machine gun Spanner Somme  (pg1 SAS )

German MG 34/42 ammo loader Normandy. (pg1 SAS )

German Panzer II Tank track link Ardennes (pg1 SAS )

German Tiger tank Armoured window Normandy(pg1 SAS )

SS Totenkopf Panzer 4 type 5B track link Modlin Warsaw (pg1 SAS )


WW I Pitot tube for Nieuport 17 (pg 2 ins ASI 18) 


480 MPH Spitfire ASI  (pg 2 ins ASI Ref 4)

Mk I A Turn &Slip Indicator (Instruments page 15 Turn and slip 6 )

Boost gauge 20Lbs  (Instruments page 4 Boost gauge 43)

Spitfire 38 gallon fuel gauge (Instruments pg 8 Fuel gauges 2)

ME 262 and HE 162 fuel pressure gauge (instruments page12 Pressure gauges 2)

Luftwaffe fuel pressure gauge FL 20504-1 (instruments page12 Pressure gauges 3)

Vickers K machine Gun SAS (pg1 Arm)


P4 compass  (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 44)

 Remote Contactor 2 (pg1 instruments)

Battle of Britain Original Spitfire P 7350 crowbar (pg1 Can)


Spitfire Mk I/II Landing light control (pg1 light)


MG 42 Tripod AA Mount and complete set of accessories (pg1 SAS)


MK XIV Altimeter (Ins pg3 Altimeter 13 ) 

Spitfire emergency undercarriage blow down control (pg1 UC)

Lancaster Bomb selector Type H 5D/1333 (pg2 arm)

Irvin Pilots back pad type I Parachute and original carry bag (pg1 Pilot)

WW2 RAF Dinghy Survival Knife  (pg1 Pilot)

 Climb and descend indicator  (Instruments pg 5 Climb and descend 3)

MG 42 AA tripod mount (pg1 SAS)

Original canvas prop blade covers (pg1 prop)  

 Original Spitfire Undercarriage indicator (Page16 Undercarriage indicators 1A)

French Under carriage indicator  (Page16 Undercarriage indicators 12)


Heavy duty aircraft battery connector ( nos 2 page 43 ele connectos )

Complete Bomb Release Button (pg2 arm)

C Type Flying Helmet (pg1 pilot)

H Type Oxygen mask Helmet (pg1 pilot)

Cockpit dimmer switch 5C/1181 (Nos 7 Electrical switches page 2 ele)

Hurricane tail light (pg1 light)

L/R Beam Approach Indicator (Instruments pg 7 directional indicators and Art Horizon 11A)

Merlin 131De Havilland Hornet engine plate (pg1 pwr)

Merlin 724 Engine plate (pg1 pwr)

RAF Distance /time plotting tool (pg1 pilot)

 Yellow Oil Temp gauge (Page 14 temp gauges 6)

Wood WWI auxiliary British airship Propeller (pg1 prop)

Mk XG 6A/1191 Rev counter (Pg 13 Instruments Rev Counter 44)

1930s Hawker Throttle Quadrant (pg2 controls)


Volt meter 5A/1636 0-20 volts (Instruments 18 Volt and Ammeter 19)

Spitfire Wobble pump (pg1 fuel)


Allied tent remains recovered in Normandy (page 4 relics 20)

Luftwaffe Medical equipment bag (page 4 relics 23)

B26 D Day Rubber fuel tank liner (page 4 relics 25)

Battle of Britain Spitfire Blue Peter L1067 page 4 relics 29)

Battle of Britain Spitfire R 6793 airframe parts (page 4 relics 31)

B17 air see rescue life boat inspection panel (page 4 relics 34)

German Pickelhelme remains from the Somme near Deville Wood (pg1 SAS)

German J.P. Saucer and Sohn Gew 98 sniper rifle magazine from the Somme near Deville Wood (pg1 SAS)

 Two forks and numbered spoon Falklands war recovered from Argentinean Submarine (pg1 SAS)

Main wheel, bearing German panzer 4 recovered from Bastogne Battle of the Bulge (pg1 SAS)

Eagle removed from a grain sack found in a barn near Amiens left over from the German occupation in WWII (pg1 SAS)


 Merlin compressor (pg2 pwr)   

B17 B24 Ball turret position indicator (pg1 instruments)

Throat Microphone Type 2 MK II (pg1 SAS)

RAF throat microphone (pg1Pilot Equipment)

RAF Mk VIII goggles (pg1Pilot Equipment)


B17 ball turret Type A 1 Oxygen flow indicator (pg11 Oxygen gauges 39)

Large Twin Teleflex control (pg3 cont)


Coarse setting Bombsight MK IXA (pg1 arm)

Dornier 17 Bomb cradle (pg1 arm)

Canadian built Hawker Hurricane AF959 Top Cowling (pg 2 relic nos 1A)

V1 Engine Pipe (pg1 Rocket)

WW2 German AFN2 Ln.27002 Radio Homing Indicator (Instruments pg 7 directional indicators and Art Horizon 2)

Fuel Gauge Halifax Bomber (Instruments pg 8 Fuel gauges 25A)

MK VIII D Oxygen Regulator 1939 (pg11 Oxygen gauges 3)

Pressure head Pito tube (pg 2 ins ASI 35A)


BF 109 FW 190 ME 262 Altimeter (Ins pg3 Altimeter 29) 

Spitfire emergency undercarriage blow down control 2 (pg1 UC)

BF 109 E & HE 162 Jet (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 1A)

Coarse setting Bombsight MK IX equipment (pg1 arm)

Rolls Royce Griffon Header tank (pg1 Pwr)

Hawker Hurricane Fuel switch (pg1 fuel)

Engraved Merlin Piston (pg1 Pwr)

Spitfire Merlin Brass Oil separator 2 (pg1 Pwr)

Spitfire Mk IX MJ 170 (pg 2 relic nos 4)





































































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