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The following links list parts specific to the aircraft type listed. Many parts on WWII Aircraft were generic  i.e. used in other aircraft types and these will be found in the pages listed above.




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What's New 12


Welcome to the What's New section, every new addition to the website will be listed here. If you are purchasing three or more items please contact us for discounted delivery charges. 

 Please be sure to check What's New on a regular basis as new items are added daily. 

What's new 12 starts from 13th October 2016 for previous new listings see this link What's new 11

75 Years ago Hitler invaded Russia this signalled the last of the heavy air raids on Britain and the end of the Blitz . During the eight months of bombing by the Luftwaffe, London saw more than a million houses damaged or destroyed and 40,000 civilians killed. Britain started to ship tons of supplies including Hawker Hurricanes to Russia via the extremely dangerous Artic convoys. There are many pieces on this sight which took part in this momentous moment in History.

13th October 2016

Gloster Meteor RPM Gauge  (Pg 13 Instruments Rev Counter 21)

Gloster Meteor RPM Gauge  named to aircraft WA 594 (Pg 13 Instruments Rev Counter 11)

Smiths industries Rev Counter A.T.R.C (Pg 13 Instruments Rev Counter 27)

Mk IV B Rev Counter (Pg 13 Instruments Rev Counter 28)

Merlin Fighter Rev Counter 6A/1191 (Pg 13 Instruments Rev Counter 30)

Rev counter from Vickers Valletta WJ 477 (Pg 13 Instruments Rev Counter 38)

14th October 2016

Warner Scarab engine reproduction (pg1 pwr)

Halifax Control Yoke (pg1 cont)

Smiths Rev Counter 6A/2122 Tachometer (Pg 13 Instruments Rev Counter 41)

Kelvin Hughes Tachometer 6A/6094  (Pg 13 Instruments Rev Counter 42)

Barr and Stroud MK II reflector Gunsight base (pg1 Gun)

Mk II Reflector Boxed Night Fighter Gunsight (pg1 Gun)

MK II Reflector Gunsight bulb holder and plug (pg1 Gun)

MK II Reflector Gunsight top (pg1 Gun)

14th October 2016

Cylinder head temp gauge (Page 14 temp gauges 16)

Hurricane P2985 Merlin part 4 (pg1 relics)

RAF Escape Axe (pg1 Pilot)

Wartime electrical contact testing precision tool ( Nos 43 Electrical Misc pg 1)

19th October 2016

BF 109 6713 Flown by Adolf Galland shot down 1941(page 4 relics 41)

Spitfire R6603 Sergeant Pilot D. Corfe shot down 18th September 1940 (page 4 relics 42)

FW 190 789 shot down by Pierra Closterman 27th August 1943 (page 4 relics 43)

Battle of Britain Hurricane V 7375 shot down 31st August 1940 Sergeant H J Merchant (page 4 relics 44)

20th October 2016

BF 109 E Josef Volk shot down 11th November 1940 (page 4 relics 45)

Hurricane V 7375 shot down 31st August 1940 Sergeant H J Merchant (page 4 relics 46)

Spitfire P 9372 Shot Down 9th September 1940 Pilot Officer W C Watling (page 4 relics 47)

7.62mm Bullet cases dated 1939 and 1940 (page 4 relics 48)

WWII Barrage balloon material (page 4 relics 49)

31st October 2016

Air Ministry 8 Day clock (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 1)

Lancaster Beam approach gauge (pg1 instruments)

Lancaster Suction gauge (instruments page12 Pressure gauges 14)

US Airforce1st Lieutenant Officers Jacket 15th Air force (pg1 Pilot)

Spitfire photo album (pg1 Misc)

Turn and Slip indicator (Instruments page 15 Turn and slip 7 )

RAF WWII radio jack A/M 10H/2205 (pg 1 rad)

Spitfire main wheels (pg1 U/C)

Seafire Mk.III NN618 Spinner back plate (pg 2 relic nos 45)

1st November 2016

WW2 Military Stop Watch  (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 52)

Spitfire compass tray (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 45)

1st December 2016

340 Knots ASI (pg 2 ins ASI 51)

Lancaster Bomb distributor (pg1 Arm)

 RAF WWII Fighter G45 short lens Camera Gun (pg1 Arm)

Cigarette case presented by Earl and Countess  Mountbatten Avro Lincoln MW 102  (pg2 misc)

Pre war players cigarette cards national Flags (pg2 misc)

1938 players cigarette cards Royal Air force (pg2 misc)

                                                                                                                                               Pre WWII flying Helmet (pg1 Pilot)

                                                                                                                                        Lancaster flight engineers labels (pg 21 ins) 

                                                                                                                  Fighter/Spitfire Magneto switch 2 (Nos 10 Electrical switches page 2 ele)

P4 Heavy Bomber compass  (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 61)

P8 Spitfire/Fighter compass (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 62)

Mk IV B  6A/778 Rev counter (Pg 13 Instruments Rev Counter 42)

Mk IV B  6A/778 Rev counter (Pg 13 Instruments Rev Counter 43)

Spitfire bullet proof windscreen (pg1 can)

8th December 2016

Hawker Typhoon trim assembly 2 (pg1 cont)

18th January 2017

 Climb and descend/clinometer from 1930s Hawker aircraft (Instruments pg 5 Climb and descend 1)

Vickers fuel cock (pg1 fuel)

Pre war 1930s Morse Key 2 (pg 1 rad)

27th January 2017

Spitfire MK I Original rudder pedal *(pg1 cont)

Original Spitfire fuel cap * (pg1 fuel)

MK IX Spitfire battery tray*(pg1 air)

 A new page in 2017 Aircraft Seats and seat parts

Original MK I/II Spitfire Seat part 12 * (pg1 Seat)

Spitfire Tail Leg 2 * (pg1 UC)

Spitfire blow down bottle *(pg1 UC)

Rubber band powered Spitfire 1 (pg1 misc)

Rubber band powered Spitfire 2 (pg1 misc)

Kiel Kraft glow fuel powered control line Hurricane (pg1 misc)

30th January 2017

Lancaster Control yoke  (pg1 cont)

2nd February  2017

Original Spitfire nose cowling from Spitfire SM 234  MK XVI * (pg1 air)

Original MK I Spitfire areal attachments * (pg1 air)  

WWI RFC Wheel (pg1 U/C)

Lancaster prototype tail leg *(pg1 U/C)

Spitfire Tail Leg 3 *(pg1 U/C)

Spitfire spinner back plate * (pg1 Prop)

Spitfire 50 Calibre tube *(pg1 air)

7th February  2017

Wartime Japanese compass (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 6A)

10th February  2017

Hydraulic pressure gauge (instruments page12 Pressure gauges 31)

21st February  2017

Sherman Tank tracks recovered from the Arnhem/Nijmegen area of Holland .(pg1 SAS)

Dornier 17 Door  (pg 1 Relics)

BF110 wheel door   (pg 1 Relics)

HS 126 Luftwaffe recon aircraft tail plane (pg1 air)

Junkers JU 88 Aileron(pg1 air)

7th March January 2017

Spitfire Fuel tank cock single lever  (pg1 fuel)

Rotax Type M 2601 Hand primer pump   (pg1 fuel)

Armstrong Whitworth Whitley MK I Pilots seat Pilots seat 13 (pg1 Seat)

FW 190 main wheel (pg1 U/C)

FW 190 undercarriage leg (pg1 U/C)

Hawker Tempest radiator flap control  assembly  (pg1 cont)

20th March  2017

Spitfire Fuel tank cock twin lever  (pg1 fuel)

Repro flap valve for Spitfire panel NEW FOR 2017 (pg2 cont)

 37 Gallon Spitfire Fuel gauge (Instruments pg 8 Fuel gauges 19)

21st March  2017

Battle of Britain class Steam locomotive Spitfire name plate (pg1 Misc)

12th April  2017

Rolls Royce Griffon Engine rocker cover (pg1 pwr)

Original Compass Card Holder (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 9)

Early round Radiator Temp Gauge with capillary 2 (Page 14 temp gauges 12)

                                                                                                                              35 Gallon Fuel gauge (Instruments pg 8 Fuel gauges 21)

                                                                                                                                                                            Spitfire Fuel push button (pg1 fuel)

                                                                                                                                                    KI- Gass 4 (pg1 fuel)

                                                                                                                                                  Spitfire areal mast (pg 1 rad)

                                                                                                                                               Original Spitfire crowbar (pg1 Can)

                   27th April  2017

Spitfire Parts Manual (pg1 manuals)

Spitfire radio Access panel *(pg1 air)

1933 A T Speedometer Co Ltd 8 day clock fitted to 1930s Bentley' Blowers  (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 63)

1930's Smiths Clock 160.923 (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 64)

                                                                                                                                                                 28th April  2017

Original Spitfire firewall *(Pg3 air)

                                                                                                                                         Original Spitfire engine cowling *(Pg3 air)

                                                                                                                             Original Spitfire Wing leading edge skin with gun ports *(Pg3 air)

                                                                                                                        Original Spitfire lower wing panel with 20mm cannon ejection chute *(Pg3 air)

                                                                                                                                                                        4th May 2017

                                                                                                                             2 Pin Plug and Socket 5C/598 5C/599 ( nos 2 page 34 ele connectors )

                                                                                                                             Spitfire MK II Gunsight plug and socket ( nos 2 page 34A  ele connectors )

                                                                                                                              400 MPH Record Electrical company LTD ASI (pg 2 ins ASI Ref 10)

                                                                                                                   L/R Beam Approach Indicator (Instruments pg 7 directional indicators and Art Horizon 11A)

                                                                                                                                                          Harvard Gunsight sun screen (pg3 gun)

                                                                                                                                                                Pilots harness dated 1938 (pg2 pilot)

                                                                                                                                                                Pilots harness dated 1938 2 (pg2 pilot)

                                                                                                                                                                            8th May 2017

                                                                                                                                                                  50 Calibre Anti Aircraft Mount (pg1 Arm)

                                                                                                                                                               Spitfire MK IX Cannon Cowlings *(pg1 Arm)

                                                                                                                                                                              15th May 2017

                                                                                                                                                                Spitfire undercarriage selector  (pg1 cont)

                                                                                                                                                                               RAF signal light 2 (pg1 light)













































































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