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What's New 25


Welcome to the What's New section, every new addition to the website will be listed here. If you are purchasing three or more items please contact us for discounted delivery charges. 

 Please be sure to check What's New on a regular basis as new items are added daily. 

What's new 25 starts from the 16th May 2023 for previous new listings see this link What's new 24


Elgin Pocket Watch 1943 (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 76)


Switch EAP 12913 (No 105 pg 2 Elec Swit)

Rev Counter (pg1 pwr)

Rotax Ltd Connector 5CW/4389 (No 61 pg 3 Elec Conn)

WW2 Gas Mask (pg1 SAS)


Bank-Climb Gyro Control US MK 4 Auto Pilot (Instruments pg 7 directional indicators and Art Horizon 19)

Type P11 Compass  (Pg 5 Compasses and Clocks 75)

RAF WW2 Life Jacket Light (pg1 light)

Lamp Instrument 5CX/7904 (pg1 light)

Lancaster Bomb Aimer Auto Pilot 3 (pg4 arm)

3 Pin Plug 5C/892 MK II Gunsight connector (No 60 pg 3 Elec Conn) (No 60 pg 3 Elec Conn)

Crow Bar Clip (pg1 air)

Thompson Submachine Gun Magazine holder (pg1 SAS)

Electrical Switch Magnetic Relay Type F (No 64 pg 1 Elec Misc)

Lancaster T1 Bombsight Lever (pg 2 Arm)

MK R Pre Selector Gear (pg1 prop)

Undercarriage Rotax Switch Type D1201 (No 104 pg 2 Elec Swit)

Micro Switch 5C/1789 (No 103 pg 2 Elec Swit)

Micro Switch CRL2/254 (No 102 pg 2 Elec Swit)

Jettison Guard & Switch Mounting Assembly (pg21 ins)

Original Holster (pg 2 Arm)


MK I Spitfire Fuel gauge 30044/1 (Instruments pg 8 Fuel gauges 81) (Instruments pg 8 Fuel gauges 81)

Rolls Royce Griffon Engine Rocker Cover 1 (pg1 pwr)

Mk I Dated 1941 Artificial Horizon (Instruments pg 7 directional indicators and Art Horizon 18)

B24 R-1830 Twin Wasp engine relic (Pg1 Relics)

Piston Provost Rudder pedals  (Cont pg2 No 11)

IFF Remote Contactor 4 Type 3 (No 20 pg1 instruments)

 Pilot Harness 5 (pg1 Pilot)

Pilot Straps 1 (pg1 Pilot)

Plate adapter 6A/3305 (pg21 ins)

Electrical Switch Bracket (No 63 pg 1 Elec Misc)

Lancaster Bomb selector 3 (pg2 arm)


Switch 5CW/7542 (No 99 pg 2 Elec Swit)

Switch 5CW/7543 (No 99B pg 2 Elec Swit)

Switch 5CW/5826 (No 99C pg 2 Elec Swit)

Switch 5CW/5823 (No 99D pg 2 Elec Swit)

Luftwaffe automatic switch FL E 5000 01 (No 100 pg 2 Elec Swit)

Push button 3180-1 (No 101 pg 2 Elec Swit)

Flap lever Hymatic (Cont Pg 6 No 32 )

Accumulator cut out Type D  (No 60 pg 1 Elec Misc)

J Stone and Co Pile assembly (No 61 pg 1 Elec Misc)

Two digit counter (No 62 pg 1 Elec Misc)


Red Navigation Wing tip Lights (pg 1 Light)


Hawker Sea Fury seat adjuster TF 956  (Pilots seat 14 pg1 Seat)

Spitfire seat part  (Pilots seat 15 pg1 Seat)

JU 88 control crank (Pg1 Relics)


Vickers Fuel Cock (pg1 fuel)

Oxygen pressure gauge (pg11 Oxygen gauges 43)

Type R Gyro Gunsight control (Pg1 Gun)

Cover 5CW/5795 (No 59 pg 1 Elec Misc)

Hook Nut 22C/2968 (No 58 pg 1 Elec Misc)

Switch 10F/13238 (No 98 pg 2 Elec Swit)

Switch 5CY/5082 (No 97 pg 2 Elec Swit)


Mk I A Turn &Slip Indicator (Instruments page 15 Turn and slip 2 )

2 Pin Plug 5C/1104 (No 59 pg 3 Elec Conn)

Lamp Holder 5A/2019 (No 56 pg 1 Elec Misc)

Rockers Brush (No 55 pg 1 Elec Misc)

Set of 4 studs (No 54 pg 1 Elec Misc)

37A 3582 Set of 5 Screws (No 53 pg 1 Elec Misc)

Fairey Aviation Fuse Box (No 21 pg 4 Elec Fuse)

Circuit Breaker 5CY/5330 (No 96 pg 2 Elec Swit)

Cover Circuit Breaker 5C/3888 (No 52 pg 1 Elec Misc)


Avro Shackleton Control Yoke (Control Pg1 No 29 )

Martin 250ce mid upper gun turret emergency hand crank (Pg2 Arm)


Martin 250ce mid upper gun turret ammo feed motor (Pg2 Arm)

MK II Night Fighter Reflector Gunsight (Pg1 Gun)

DH Hercules hatch (Pg1 Air)


Mk IX Spitfire throttle (Cont pg1 No 25)

Mosquito brake lever (Cont pg3 No 27)

Harvard Control Column (Cont pg3 No 28)

Hurricane landing light control (Pg1 Relics)

Spitfire Palmer rudder pedal strap (Cont pg2 No 10)

Mk IX Spitfire throttle (Cont pg1 No 25)


Spitfire 480 MPH ASI  (pg 2 ins ASI Ref 64)

K14A P51 Gyro Gunsight (pg1 Gun)


Crank Pliers (Pg1 Misc)

Voltage Regulator (No 51 pg 1 Elec Misc)

Connector 5C/995 (No 58 pg 3 Elec Conn)

Connector 5C/3945 (No 57 pg 3 Elec Conn)

Socket 5A/1986 (No 56 pg 3 Elec Conn)

Socket Type 105 (No 55 pg 3 Elec Conn)

Connector 5C/483 (No 54 pg 3 Elec Conn)

Connector 5X6068 (No 53 pg 3 Elec Conn)


Percival Provost T1 Chain (Cont pg3 No 25)

Spitfire Door Catch (pg1 air)

Sutton Harness Buckle (pg1 pilot)

Perspex Square Glass for MK II  Gunsight (pg1 Gun)

Airspeed Oxford Pilots seat (Pilots seat 13 pg1 Seat)

Transformer ZA.6968 (No 50 pg 1 Elec Misc)

Bomber Magneto Switch (No 95 pg 2 Elec Swit)

Switch 5CW/5823 (No 94A pg 2 Elec Swit)

Prop Feathering Switch 5CW/6499 (No 93 pg 2 Elec Swit)

Flame Detector Switch A 5C/4543 (No 92A pg 2 Elec Swit)


3 Pin Plug (No 52 pg 3 Elec Conn)


Reproduction.303 muzzle  (pg2 arm)

A .303 Gun Mount (pg1 SAS)

Frazer Nash Turret Rotation Unit 2 (pg2 arm)

Voltmeter (Instruments 18 Volt and Ammeter 30)

Wavemeter (pg1 rad)

4 Pin Plug Type (No 51 pg 3 Elec Conn)

Plug Type 174 (No 50 pg 3 Elec Conn)

GEE Radio Receiver Type R1355 (pg1 rad)

MK XIV Switch Box (No 91 pg 2 Elec Swit)

Switch (No 90 pg 2 Elec Swit)


Arnhem C47 relics (pg 1 Relics)

Copy of original Wartime Hurricane II Flying manual AP1564B Vol 1 No 131(pg1 manuals)

50 Cal Browning Solenoid (Pg1 Arm )

Sperry Turret Hydraulic unit 645176 (pg2 arm)

 Frazer Nash Turret rotation unit 1 (pg2 arm)


Repro Spitfire Cowling Stiffeners (pg1 air)

Aerial Camera (Pg1 Misc)

JU88 Engine Mount (pg 1 Relics)

 Merlin Part (pg1 Pwr)

1941 Browning 303 Turret Machine gun (Deactivated and ordnance pg1)


Connector block 5C/431  (No 49 pg 3 Elec Conn)Radio plug  (No 49 pg 3 Elec Conn)

Radio plug  (No 48 pg 3 Elec Conn)

Flying helmet microphone jack type 3800 (pg1 pilot)

50amp shunt 5Q/4342 (No 48 pg 1 Elec Misc)

100amp shunt 5Q/24969 (No 47 pg 1 Elec Misc)


Lancaster Master Compass (pg 5 Clocks and compasses 74)


Plug and Socket 5X (No 47 pg 3 Elec Conn)

Gyro Gunsight recorder magazine Gunsight (pg1 Gun)

Spitfire Fuel pump suppressor (No 46 pg 1 Elec Misc)

Switch (No 89 pg 2 Elec Swit)

MK VIII F Pressure gauge (instruments page12 Pressure gauges 47)

Type E Suppressor (pg1 rad)

Heavy Duty Block Connector (No 46 pg 3 Elec Conn)

Resistance Relay Box (Pg1 Arm )

Switch Delay Action (Cont pg6 No 31)

Switch (No 88 pg 2 Elec Swit)

Dunlop Valve Wiper Control (Cont pg6 No 30)


Accumulator Cut Out Box Cover (No 20 pg 4 Elec Fuse)

Twin Magneto switch and frame (No 87 pg 2 Elec Swit)

Magneto Cage (No 86 pg 2 Elec Swit)

2 Pin Socket (No 45 pg 3 Elec Conn)

Oxygen pressure gauge (pg11 Oxygen gauges 42)

2 Pin Plug (No 44 pg 3 Elec Conn)


Lancaster 580 Gallons Fuel Gauge FG 483 (Instruments pg 8 Fuel gauges 80)

Shakelton Four engine fuel priming switch 1 (No 28A pg 2 Elec Swit)RFC Leg Compass (pg 5 Clocks and compasses 73)

USAAF  Type DE -12  Compass (pg 5 Clocks and compasses 72)


Spitfire front Screen (Pg1 Can)

MK XIV Bombsight sighting head (Pg1 Arm )


Luftwaffe Master compass FL 23331 (pg 5 Clocks and compasses 71)

Avro Anson Control column and Yoke  (Cont pg3 No 25)  

Merlin Valve New (pg1 Pwr)

ME 262 BFP (pg 21 ins) 

















































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