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Wanted Page

Listed Here is Items that we are looking to purchase if you have any items available please contact us

Click on the pictures to enlarge them

Hawker Hurricane Control grip (pg1 cont)

This is an original Hawker spade grip complete with its original brake lever and parking brake all in excellent original condition. Everything functions as it should do the firing button depresses turns and locks.

AH 2040

Click on the pictures to enlarge them

Click on the pictures to enlarge them

Spitfire undercarriage selector (pg1 cont)

This is a very rare Spitfire undercarriage selector used for lowering and raising the undercarriage.  All the gearing works and the lever moves freely, the valve block is corroded see pictures but the valve in the block does move in and out so the internals appear to be OK and other than the corrosion on the side the block appears in excellent condition..  This piece is extremely rare and the first I have had for sale.


Click on the pictures to enlarge them

Seen in situ in a Spitfire under.


Wanted if you have one available in any condition please contact me

Hurricane control column top (pg1 cont)


This is an original  Hurricane column top  in excellent condition and corrosion free.


Click on the pictures to enlarge them


Seen in situ in a Hurricane cockpit under






Out of stock more always wanted contact me


Click on the pictures to enlarge them

Spitfire control column top (pg1 cont)

This is a Spitfire Spade control column top complete with sprocket in excellent condition and corrosion free.

Out of stock more wanted contact me

Out of stock more always wanted contact me


Original Spitfire trim unit (pg1cont)

This is a superb original Spitfire elevator trim unit, in good original condition. From looking at the drawing it appears to be complete apart from the back plate and cable. This like all original Spitfire parts is extremely rare and the first to appear on this site.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them

Complete serviceable units available in Pilot Equipment link here 

Spitfire Harness release (pg2 cont)

This is a genuine Spitfire harness release, it is a common design used on several types of aircraft for releasing the seat harness in an emergency but this one actually carries the Spitfire part number. Mounted on the RHS of the pilots seat.

Part number 300 35

Seen in situ in a Spitfire above centre.

Out of stock more wanted email me

Original Spitfire flap lever (pg2 cont)

This is superb original Spitfire flap lever. The valve operates. This is possibly the rarest item on the Spitfire instrument panel.



Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Hawker Typhoon seat frame (pg2 controls)


This is a seat frame and seat adjustment from a Hawker Typhoon in great condition the button does depress and it functions well.

 I believe these are pretty much the same as the Hurricane seat frame and may work for both aircraft.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Out of Stock More Wanted Contact Us

Click on the pictures to enlarge them

Avro Anson Control Yoke (pg1 cont)

Here is a control yoke and sprocket from an Avro Anson.


The Avro Anson earned its nickname of "Faithful Annie" by serving the RAF from 1934 to 1968. The Anson Mk.I was a low-wing monoplane with retractable landing gear, a first for the RAF The construction, was conventional: the wing was made of spruce and Bakelite-bonded plywood, and its fuselage of steel tube with fabric and plywood covering. Originally the Anson's were painted with a shiny aluminium dope, but after the outbreak of war camouflage paint was applied. The cockpit with its large windows gave a good view all around. The engines were Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah IX radials, with two-bladed metal propellers. The Anson had a crew of four: pilot, bomb aimer, gunner, wireless operator. The General Reconnaissance version had a manually-operated gun turret with a single .303 gun, and a fixed gun in the nose. The air gunners were volunteers drawn from the ground crew, who received an additional shilling a day to their pay. Two 100lb bombs could be stowed internally, and external racks could carry eight 20lb bombs, flares or smoke generators.

Out of Stock More Wanted Contact Us

Out of Stock More Wanted Contact Us

Original Hurricane Rudder pedals (pg2 cont)

Once again a superb and extremely rare original set of Hurricane rudder pedals in restored A1 condition. also included original stalk fixings.

Click on the picture top left to enlarge

Seen under in situ in a Hurricane under.


Click on the pictures to enlarge them

AH 2040


Out of stock more always wanted contact me

Mk I Hurricane spade grip (pg1 cont)

This is a mint condition early MK I Hurricane spade grip. This grip was the forerunner of the WWII Spade grips using  push button firing as apposed to the paddle type levers used on the earlier 1930s Bi Planes. Practically all grips used in RAF Wartime fighters were based on this design in one form or another through the War. This particular grip has the Dunlop "Patent applied for" legend stamped on it and is extremely rare. This grip was only used on the MK I Hurricane and was made of aluminium alloy as apposed to magnesium used in the later grips reducing their weight. This grip is as good as it gets complete with an original brake lever and parking break catch. The parking brake catch is the only piece with any corrosion being made of steel, this is inevitable on something which dates from the late 1930's. The covering which is often in poor shape is original and in as new condition on this grip.  I see no reason why this grip should not fly again subject to the required checks.

Click on the Pictures to enlarge them

Click on the Pictures to enlarge them

F 24 Spitfire Spade grip (pg1 cont)

This is a Dunlop Mk II control grip. It was the first major development in the design of spade grips for many years and intended as an interim measure until the introduction of the upright or stick grip necessitated by the introduction of ejection seats. This grip was used in a wide variety of aircraft from the last and fastest of the late piston engine fighters to the new breed of jets.

 Aircraft that used this grip were the  Hawker fury, Spiteful, Vampire, Meteor IV, Balliol T 1, Spitfire F 22, F 24.


The Spiteful was a powerful, well-armed and extremely fast piston-engine fighter that appeared just too late to serve during World War II. Test pilots generally found it good to fly, but never in the same league as the sweet handling of the Spitfire. Its square laminar-flow wing was optimised for high-speed flight but also led to the type’s major snag: vicious low-speed handling, with a nasty stall. This was partly improved by various airframe changes, but these degraded the upper end of the flight envelope such that the production aircraft was little faster than the preceding Spitfire F.22/24.

Spitfire F 24

 Nevertheless, in 1947 the Spiteful F.16 with a Griffon 101 reached 494 miles per hour (795 kph), a record that still stands for piston-engine aircraft in Britain. The end of World War II , coupled with the obvious potential of jet aircraft, killed off any hopes of the Spiteful being built in large numbers, with the original RAF Order of 650 aircraft being reduced to just 22, some of which were sent straight to the scrap yard. The same fate ultimately befell many of the naval Seafang derivative, which may have had a fighting chance of serving operationally with the Royal Navy if it weren’t for Hawker’s superlative Sea Fury.

Sea Fury

Meteor MK IV

Out of stock more wanted contact me

Currently out of stock we are always looking to purchase Grips contact me.

Original Spitfire Spade grip(pg1 cont)

Here is the ultimate Spade Grip for the Spitfire collector. A very rare item with the twin cannon and MG rocking gun button. This grip is totally original including the brake lever. The gun button functions perfectly. the safe works and the rockers move as they should.  The grip itself is in superb condition the covering being AI with no cracking.

This grip was fitted specifically to all Spitfires that were armed with 20mm cannon, so basically from MK V right onwards.


Dunlop Reference AH 8068  

Click on the pictures to enlarge

Click on the pictures to enlarge

Click on the pictures to enlarge

Canadian Mosquito Dunlop Gun Button  (pg1 Arm)

Here we have a Electric Gun Button Manufactured by Dunlop Canada

This Carries the Dunlop Part Number AHO16610

This was Used in Canadian Built DeHavilland Mosquito

There is some Damage to the Bottom of the Button which can be seen in the photos but would not be visible when mounted on a Grip

Seen in situ in the DH Mosquito Cockpit


FW 190 BF 109 Rudder pedal (pg3 cont)

This is an original rudder pedal in good condition used in a variety of late war Luftwaffe fighters. This pedal was only fitted to Fighters most notably the FW 190 and late model BF 109's. It also includes its mounting block.

Focke Wulf 190

Out of stock more wanted contact me



Out of Stock More Wanted Contact Us

Hawker Tempest throttle part (pg 3 cont ) 

You can see the attachment for the cable ends on the grip. left.

This is part of the throttle from a Hawker Tempest which converts to the Mk II Ace maker giro Gunsight, the gunsight range control was controlled by twisting the throttle which a cable attachment to the Gunsight.

Lancaster Air Mileage unit (pg4 cont)

A/M 6B/249

Used by the navigation in conjunction with the true coarse indicator in the Lancaster.

Out of stock more required contact me



Lancaster suction cock (pg4 cont)

A vacuum pump is fitted each inboard engine on the Lancaster, one operates the six vital instruments on the blind flying panel, the other operates the Mk14 bomb sight.  In the event of failure of the pump supplying the blind flying panel the changeover cock can be operated and the supply is robbed from the bomb sight and diverted to the vital flying instruments.  It is not possible to operate instruments and bomb sight from one vacuum pump. The portion seen on the panel is normally painted red.


Seen in situ in a Lancaster under

Out of stock more required contact me

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