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Spitfire Spares about us and how to use this website

Spitfire Spares is the biggest privately owned collection of World War II, pre war and WWI aviation related parts and collectables for sale on the net bar none we are well established and have a unrivalled personal customer service.

Payment is safe and secure using Paypal through PayPal you can use any accepted payment method and  Paypal can also offer a payment plan. If you wish to use an alternative payment method please contact us

We will not and never have collected or stored your information using cookies or any other form of data collection so no need to go through  the annoying process of cancelling marketing preferences. Cookies on your computer and phone can store pages which are out of date and you should refresh your browser regularly when visiting our website.

We cater for all Types of WWII and WWI aircraft and equipment along with a selection of other Militaria although our main interest is in aviation including both Allied and Axis.

Spitfire Spares has been around for over 20 Years and our website does not have the luxury of a search facility. That said we have made finding parts as easy as possible and they are all in sections according to their function and can all be accessed from the home page.

We also sell deactivated weapons and ordinance, PayPal does not allow anyone to use their facility for this kind of purchase and so an alternation payment method will be provided all the detail are on the deactivated and ordinance page.


We offer a personal quality service and ship Worldwide. Our shipping is estimated, if you over pay on shipping we will refund the excess or you can send a list of your requirements to gadlam@btinternet.com and we will supply you a shipping quote

If you have parts for sale.

 We also buy parts If you have an item for sale Contact US . Please keep your pictures to a suitable size to send by email.

We update our website regularly and new items appear on What's new which is available on the Home page

We can also add you to our mailing list which is sent out when we list new parts. If you want to join our mailing list please use this link

 You can also see our new listings on our Facebook page Follow Spitfire Spares on Facebook


Payment is quick and easy using the shopping carts you do not need a Pay Pal account the cart will automatically work out the shipping charge

Important information about contacting Us at Spitfire Spares click on this link.

Beware of fake items see this link

Contacting Spitfire Spares

Before contacting Spitfire Spares please read the following

All enquiries will be answered

Due to some customers and visitors not receiving replies from us I have decided to give some information which will ensure you get the service you require.

The main issues with some contacts is that we have been sent pictures taken straight from cameras without them being re sized, due the large volume of emails we receive this some times blocks our inbox and the messages are not received.

If you are not good at resizing pictures please contact us by email without any images attached

We are happy to do our best to identify parts for genuine collectors and customers of our website, we do NOT provide valuations or identifications for people wishing to sell their items on auction sites

We do buy items and will consider items offered to us

If you require contact in person please request a call back using this link stating the nature of your enquiry and a suitable time for the call our office hours are 9.30 to 3 pm Monday to Friday UK time

For these and any other enquiries  please contact us through this link

Graham Adlam

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