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Fake's on the market

I have created this page to warn my customers and visitors of potential fake items which are being produced by dishonest and undesirable characters who seek to make money by ripping people off. it is also available to my customers and visitors who may be have been victims of these thieves and to give you a platform on which to warn others. If you have had an issue please contact me an I will highlight the issues you have suffered.

It also serves to raise your awareness of this issue and to get you to ask the right questions before buying.

Faking, of things like combat reports,  and other paperwork is rife especially on auction sites whose hosts take very little interest in whether item descriptions are historically accurate. Many items particularly those who claim to have provenance associated with the Battle of Britain or famous aircrew should be treated with extreme caution. It should not put you off buying, but ask questions, in most cases it will be immediately obvious if a seller has something to hide. Do your homework and  research there is plenty of information on the web and in books, quite often fakers make blindingly obvious mistakes with the History.

You can rest assured if you buy from Spitfire Spares I have spent many years building up a good reputation and do everything in my power to check the history and description of the items I sell. If in the unlikely event that something you buy from Spitfire Spares is not as described through error you will be immediately refunded in full.

The following concerns a German grip that I bought and offered for sale on my site. I made a serious error in buying this item as my knowledge of German grips is limited and its not something I usually purchase because it is outside my field of knowledge. Its not a mistake I will make again and was immediately removed from sale as soon as I received the information emailed to me shown under. I have contacted the seller who did not act like someone who had sold something in error it was clear to me he had plenty to hide and blocked me from contacting him. He lives in Plymouth and his name is Daniel Potts.

received by me by email

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your "Me163" Grip is not Me163...nor is it original. This is a copy that was carefully repainted by a seller in the UK by the name of "superfeedback99" on eBay. They take reproduction or ground dug items, "restore" them, and paint them to look original, attaching original buttons to make them look original. No German grip had a red primer, followed by RLM66 grey - they were all anodized. The electrical codes painted on each grip were specific to each aircraft type.  None of the codes painted on yours are Me163.  In this case, "superfeedback99" painted them using a combination of Fw190 and Me109G and Me109K codes...which is a MASSIVE error.  The button on the front is for the late Me109G only. Yours does not have a data plate, and the only grip that did not have provisions for a data plate was the KG13C...which in this case it is certainly not. This is the 4th grip I have seen them make with the same fake markings and fake paint...





















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