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The following links list parts specific to the aircraft type listed. Many parts on WWII Aircraft were generic  i.e. used in other aircraft types and these will be found in the pages listed above.



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Welcome to the reference section. This is for information, with contributions from Spitfire spares members.

Pictures of members panels and info for the Warbird enthusiast.

We are featuring Aircrew and veterans of WW2 in memory of their great bravery and sacrifice. If you have a story to tell Please forward it to us and we will put it on the website. 

                                Detail supplied by Competition winners Blue Two and Olivier (Saburo) Richard .


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1) Fairey flycatcher (repro) S1287 By OS

1. I don't like this type of cockpit personally. Credit where it's due
to the restorers, but this is just too much of a mixture of "period" effects
and modern instruments, pen holders, a g-meter, letraset instructions etc.
This one took a bit of working out!
                     REPLICA FAIREY FLYCATCHER  S1287  G-BEYB By BT



2&3 ) Supermarine seafire S17 SX137 by OC

2. Ah, a real cockpit! Obviously Spitfire variant, but not a lot to go
on. You can just make out the small late type fuel gauge, but the giveaway
is the cylinder priming pump bottom right, making it a Griffon powered type.






                         3. The airframe presumably of the above cockpit. A Griffon powered
Seafire with a four blade prop must be F.15 or F.17, and the bubble canopy
as above makes it F.17 (Mk XV11)
                     SUPERMARINE SEAFIRE F.17   SX137 By BT




4) Sopwith Pup (repro) N6452 by OC

4. Nice tableau.  Dihedral on the top wing, so it's not a Camel, it's
                     SOPWITH PUP    N6452 BY BT




5) Supermarine Walrus I  cockpit L2301 By OC

5. Well, this looks more like a boat than an aircraft. A man could go
down the front and open that circular hatch. It's WW2 vintage, single
engine, and which manufacturer made THOSE rudder pedals? It has to be...




6) Hawker sea fury  FB-11 WJ231 By OC

       6. What do I need to say?
       HAWKER SEA FURY  FB11    WJ231 By BT



7&8) Westland Wyvern TF-1 VR137 + Rolls-Royce Eagle engine By OC

7. An interesting type although not really successful. This is the
early version; only about ten built of a total of 127.
                    WESTLAND WYVERN TF.1    VR137 BY BT


     8. A close up of the reason for the demise of the TF1. A twenty four
cylinder sleeve valve engine driving contra rotating props, and apparently a
dog's dinner, quickly replaced by the turboprop Armstrong Siddeley Python of
the TF.2
                    ROLLS ROYCE EAGLE 3550 HP ENGINE BY BT




9) Fairey Barracuda II DP872 Cockpit By OC

9. This panel is nearly complete! Check out E-bay for those missing
                    FAIREY BARRACUDA 11    DP872 BY BT





10)Yokosuka Ohka 11- 15-1585 By OC

10. You don't want to be on the receiving end of this.  And you
definately don't want to be flying it! It's a Japanese suicide aircraft.
              YOKOSUKA MXY-7 Ohka BY BT



11)Mikoyan  MIG-15 bis (Lim-2) 01420 by OC

11. One of the types the Fleet Air Arm were up against in Korea. And
that looks like Natasha Kaplinski flying it.
                    Mikoyan-Gurevitch MiG-15     GBMZF By BT





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