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Welcome to the reference section. This is for information, with contributions from Spitfire spares members.

Pictures of members panels and info for the Warbird enthusiast.

We are featuring Aircrew and veterans of WW2 in memory of their great bravery and sacrifice. If you have a story to tell Please forward it to us and we will put it on the website. 

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Spitfire Spares Members Spitfire projects 

Here are some photos of Gary's Spitfire Project

See our Forum

  Here are some pics of the project, there are plenty more but I'm sure this gives a good idea of what is going on.

     Most of the pictures are self explanatory, but the ones of note are, the seat is an unrestored original, the leather is still soft and pliable too, it also has the original base armour plate in place too. The rudder assy bits are all new build from plans as are a lot of the airframe bits, i have got most of the plans for the airframe so this is making it a lot easier, most of the cockpit bits are accounted for now with only a few bits missing, I am currently constructing a control column all new build.

                   The fin assy is made from templating old bits and such. The unrestored rusty parts in the *rusty Bits* photo include wingtip mounts, flap ram tubes, main spar stainless for the stabiliser etc. The cockpit bracketry is all new build using old bits as templates as well as some plans. The new aileron pulleys are made from corroded originals as can be seen from the picture.

            The oil tank is MKV as used in Spitfires with volkes filters under the nose, thus it is not an external unit . An interesting note here is the RAAF had a single skin produced locally to cover the bottom nose with the volkes filter removed as opposed to the twin skins and bottom of the oil tank making up the profile as all early MK''s usually have, (I have a copy of these plans and will be making mine to this spec) I'll dig out some photo's of this setup when I can. 

            In the windscreen work picture you can see the original bottom edge at the top with my repro below in mirror image, not bad for a first attempt even if I do say so myself

        The MK46 engine is in storage at present and is interesting in that it is green in colour not black, I don't have any idea what this exact colour is but will reproduce it as best I can asc I am told it is original and proper. I'll get some photo's of him one day when I manage to get him out of storage.

          All for now, cheers,






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